Sunday, 18 August 2019

How To Choose A Good Lawyer - Step To Follow

All lawyers are not the same, I have seen people ask this question all the time, they say how do you find a good lawyer? And how do you know a good lawyer from a bad?, Well, let me give you some hints

1. Advertising

Any lawyer who advertises on TV is not the right lawyer for you. That is a lawyer that is going to just want your case to try to settle it quickly to put money in their pocket, and not represent you fully which is what is needed when you are injured in a case. 

2. Know Who You Are Dealing With.

You want to make sure that you are dealing with a lawyer, most of these firms have caseworkers and those caseworkers have incentives to settle your case and they get paid more money for settling your cases early, regardless of the value, so you have to be very careful about who you are dealing with. Make sure you go in and have an interview and talk to a lawyer, find out if that lawyer has success in trial, now, that may seem very odd to you because 95% of the cases don't go to trial and I am sure you heard that from your neighbors and from lawyers you may know. Why do you need a lawyer that goes to trial, well, the reason is that, when you are using an insurance company or a corporation, they only worry about the money, they don't care about your case, they don't care about who you are, they don't care about your injuries. So, make sure that your lawyer has success at trial. 

3. Check Out That Lawyer

Also, check out that lawyer, 
  1. Has the lawyer been grieved, 
  2. Has that lawyer had a malpractice claim, 
  3. Has that lawyer does it gotten awards or she gotten awards

You can find that out and their sources, super lawyers, best lawyers in American, legal 500. there is a lot of services that could give you that information, that is really important when you choose a lawyer. When some lawyer file their cases and when the defendants, when the corporations and the insurance companies see their name, they know what their track record is, they know what kind of success they had. This is another thing, you can go to the lawyer's website, and if they are not talking about the cases they've handled and the successes that they've had.

Guess what, they haven't had any, otherwise, they'd be on there, so choose your lawyer very carefully, it's a huge decision, all lawyers are not the same, do your homework.

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