Sunday, 18 August 2019

How To Check Your Annual Credit Report Online For Free

First and foremost the most important reason why we look at our credit report instead of our credit scores is that a report is actually what the score is based off, and so what the reports are going to tell us are the different types of inquiries that are going to be on your report 

If you are not aware, there are three major credit bureaus. 

  1. TransUnion
  2. Equifax
  3. Experian

If you are not aware by law, these three major credit bureaus actually have to give you a free credit report once a year and so what I do like to recommend to people is every 4 months to look at one of these credit bureaus, and so if you start with let's say in January with transUnion, 4 From there in May you can look at Experian. Then 4 months again in September you can look at Equifax and then by that point in January again you will hit that one-year mark with TransUnion. So, that can help you make sure that there are not some crazy discrepancies in between that whole year instead of just waiting once a year to actually look at your reports.

When you actually go to the websites which are going to be called

When you go there in the very bottom it's going to say fill out a request for a free credit report, it's going to ask for your personal information and some questions to make sure that it is you requesting this report. Once you actually get the report for that one credit bureau, just go through it to make sure there's noting whack that doesn't make any sense because if they are on there, you want to make sure you contact that Bureau and inform them right away, say hey this is not something I inquire or did, so you want to get those rectified as soon as possible. You can also look at the different inquiries that you put on there based off of the things that maybe you're requesting your credit card or looking at a home loan and you also want to look at the things that are negatively impacting your credit report which can be delinquencies or something that just hasn't been paid in a very long time.

The reason why this is really important to do every four months is because this will help protect you from that identity theft that we're talking about, if you've heard a lot of stories, there's a lot of data out there with your personal information so you want to make sure that you're protecting yourself in your financial future from any of that kind of stuff happening by those thieves getting that information and utilizing it against you, because a lot of people don't monitor their own identity.

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