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Best Video Editing App for Android - Top 3

Best Video Editing App for Android - Top 3

Here's our round-up of the best video editors for Andriod right now, including a review of the leading options and our top pick for which one takes the title of best video editing app on Andriod.

There are many options out there, like,
  1. Adobe Clip
  2. Quik
  3. PowerDirector
  4. Inshot
  5. KineMaster
  6. Youcut
  7. ActionDirector
  8. Wevideo
  9. Vivavideo

But the biggest thing you will find is that most of the apps out there are not really video editing apps, they will let you maybe trim off the start or the end of the clip and maybe throw a filter on, or it's completely theme-based or template-based, where you don't even get to control the edit, you just tell it which clips you'd like to include and it will go ahead and cut something for you.

That is not really video editing, but the apps on our shortlist, the ones that we are about to cover are standout editing apps that will actually let you edit your videos and have full control over them just like you would on a desktop computer.

From all of those, our shortlist is made up of 
  1. InShot
  2. KineMaster
  3. PowerDiredtor

Now, let's take a look at each one of these in a little bit more detail.

1. KineMaster

Which is, again, another easy to use, so much powerful video editing app. The interface is really intuitive and easy to find everything and it's definitely not going to be overwhelming. It's got a great feature set and there's lots of advanced control in there, things that you only see in more professional video editing software. 

The app itself does have in-app purchases, so you can buy extra transitions, effects and titles and those sorts of things and there is also an iOS version of this as well. So, if you are someone that has a mix of devices, some Andriod, iOS, then you can actually get the same app and have the same experience on both of those.

It also does support different video sizes and formats, but once you have selected your size and you've started to create your video, you actually can't swap between them once your project is started.

Free = Watermark

The free version of kinemaster does have a watermark or branding on it when you go to export your video, but you can pay to remove that and any ads that are in the app, paying either 

  1. Per month: $5.20
  2. Yearly: $42

But, again, considering what you are getting access to, this seems like an absolute no-brainer for someone that is serious about creating videos on their Andriod device.

KineMaster then would be a great option for someone either beginner or right through to advanced, that wants more advanced editing features and more control over their editing.

2. InShot

The app itself is free, but there are ads in it, there are ads while you are editing that appear on the side of the timeline area, but also, before you go to do things like, save your video out. Now, if you do wait for the ad to play before you save out your video, then your video is going to be exported without any watermarks or branding, 

But obviously, you can pay to remove all the ads and if you are going to be using this a lot or you going to be using this for business, then I definitely think it would be worthwhile.

There are 3 pricing options you've got when it comes to upgrading to the pro version,

  1. One Time Fee: $43 (That we give you access to the pro version for life)
  2. Monthly: $4.39
  3. Per Year:  $13.99

Overall I think inshot is a great option for someone who just wants to make simple edits.

3. PowerDirector

Noce again, it's another powerful video editing app on Andriod with an interface that is surprisingly simple and easy and intuitive to use. Even if you are an absolute beginner, it's going to be really easy to jump into PowerDirector, easy to find everything and to get up and editing fast.

You've also got the option with in-app purchases to purchases things like extra transitions, titles and effects and all those sorts of things, and it also links with the Pc version of PowerDirector.

If you are a PC user and you've got Powerdirector on your PC, you can start your edit on your Andriod device using this app and then you can transfer to your PC and finish editing over there. Just the same as with KineMaster, Powerdiredtor does support different video sizes and different formats, but once you have actually started editing your project, you can't switch between them.

If you start out editing your video down for youtube and then decide that it's going to be better off on something like Instagram stories and you want to convert it from widescreen to portrait, then that is something that is going to be rather difficult to do without starting over or exporting it all and importing it back in.

  1. Free = Watermark
  2. Free = 720P

The free version of PowerDirector does have a watermark, and you are limited to 720P, so you can't export 1080 with the free version.

To remove the watermark and unlock all the features, you either pay

  1. Per Month: $7.50
  2. Monthly - 3 Month Access: $5
  3. Yearly: $53

That is for best video editing apps for android devices.

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