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8 Step To Getting A Cheaper Car Insurance

8 Step To Getting A Cheaper Car Insurance

I am going to be talking a lot of issues that I get asked all the time and that is car insurance. How to get cheaper car insurance as a young driver, as we all know the price of car insurance at the moment is so higher compared to the car you bought. 

I am going to try and give you some tips to bring that price down so you can afford a better car or put more money if you want to buy your car.

I will be covering 3 areas, one of them being 

  1. Things to know about car insurance.
  2. Why the prices are how they are.
  3. Things you might already know that brings your price insurance down and things you might not know that could bring your car insurance prices down.

Here are some things you should just know about insurance in general. It is basically based off 4 things.

  1. Your Age
  2. The car you are trying to buy
  3. Your location
  4. The number of claims that the full group had in total

The reason car insurance is so higher at the moment is 1 to 6 people that just pass their test, crashes, their car within the first 6 months.

You can see why car insurance companies are going to be charged so much for first car drivers and younger drivers because they have not got the experience and statistics says they are going to crash that car probably in 6 months.

Some of the major things that play a role in how much your insurance would be your
  1. Postcode
  2. Rougher areas where cars are known to be stolen from. It will naturally be a higher amount to pay.
  3. Your job plays a huge role in what you do. Because you might travel more to your job, so there is more chance of you being an accident.

A lot of people think it is better to tell your insurance that you keep your car in a garage when you might not. What this is actually doing at the moment is pushing up the prices of the insurance when you say it's kept in a garage, because lots of people are getting caught when they want to claim on their insurance and they haven't got a garage.

Prices for cars being kept on the road or on a private driveway or sometimes even cheaper than keeping in a garage.

Play Around With Your Job Title

It doesn't mean lie and says that you work at retail which is quite cheap compared to say like a railway worker, what you can do though is change your job title which still revolves in the kind of industry you are in. For an instant, my friend is a stage lighting technician and when he put stage lighting technician the insurance prices bumped up.

But he is actually based in a warehouse, he is a warehouseman, and the prices go down, so he leaves it as warehouseman instead of a stage lighting technician, and it's still technically the same thing, if you know what I mean he is not lying

He works in a warehouseman it's just a stage lighting technician, I think this is because as a warehouseman you are driving in front of the warehouse that is it. But if they are thinking are these are full-on stage lighting technician, that is you have to travel to venues or festivals. So there is more chance of an accident when traveling around.

Try to play with your job description and it's still your actual job description, but you just have to think about it sometimes and kind of see what works, but one try if it doesn't work put another and if it still reflects what you do and if it's cheaper stay with that one.

Multi-car Policies

If you are in a household with more than one car say you live with your parents or you've got a partner that has more than one car at that household, you can get a policy together and slit different basically, for instance, they are paying 400 pounds for their policy and you would pay 1100 for your policy, but together you can get a policy for around 1100

You are going to be saving money in the long run and you could still let them pay their bit, how much it would be and you could pay the extra which would still be cheaper.

Increasing Your Car Security

Which is always a good thing, there is a lot of big companies at the moment they are offering really good security systems and insurance companies love this because if you are got better security the chances of your car get stolen are a lot less likely and thieves will tend to go for the easier car to steal, so that will bring your policy down. So check out some best Vichle tracker below

Buy Dashcam

These are relatively cheap, if you have a dashcam in your car and you have a crush, you can see who's reliable because you've got a camera showing it was either yourself or it was someone else. That will bring your policy down. Check out dashcam, they are very cheap.

Using Facebook Group or Youtube

You can get a deal on those networks that will give you a 10% off your insurance if you just quote their discount code as well, there were a few facebook pages like Fiesta ST page, they had a discount code of some insurance companies, just looking around on facebook, youtube for anyone as insurance because 10% of 1000 pounds to 2000 pounds is going to be saving you a fair amount of money especially with the extra tips I am giving you.

I hope you got something out of this

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