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60 Side Hustle Ideas You Can Start Today

60 SIDE HUSTLE Ideas You Can Start Today

I am so excited to go through this list but I am also very scared because I really don't want this article to be so long, so I am going to try to blast through them while also giving a very brief explanation of each idea of them are self-explanatory. You should know that I have done at least 17 of these side hustle in my recent years of wanting to become more self-employed.

Being able to have a life of financial and time freedom does sometimes come with a cost or maybe just comes with a little bit of hustle. But these ideas are plentiful enough and some of them are easy enough that you don't have to have an advanced degree in order to start making some extra money on the side.

1. Rent Out Spare Rooms in your Home

You can rent out on sites like Airbnb and it's a great way to make some extra money while you are just running with your full-time job or business. check out Airbnb places to stay and things to do.

2. Freelance Writing

I have done several freelance writing gigs for different financial companies and other companies, writing for their blogs, this is something that you can easily do on the nights and weekends or when you have free time even during your full-time job.

Just find the company you want to write for at

Find the contact information for their blog manager and send them a couple of pitch ideas.

3. Copywriting

This is a little bit different than blog writing because it's writing copy for companies in their brochure or for their website or their things that are going to go out in different types of advertisements.

It helps to be pretty knowledgeable about the industry that the company is in and it also helps to be an eloquent or have a lot of personality behind your writing. You can find a copywriting job at upwork

4. Start a Blog

Through your own content channel, there are many different ways that you can make money on the side. via ads or sponsored content or maybe just selling your own things. It's an easy way to turn a hobby into some sort of profit.

By the way, when I say easy I actually mean there is a ton of work involved. But if you really love doing it then you can kind of make some money by indulging in one of your hobbies.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is selling someone else's product but gaining a commission off of that and a lot of people will do this on their own blog or even if they don't have a blog maybe they have an email list or just a big social media audience and it's a great way to sell things that you personally use and love

But it's a different companies product and then get a kick-off of those sales because you are recommending it to other people to your own audience.

6. Create An Online Course

Around one of your own areas of expertise. Again another thing I have done utilizing my online platform to create something that is going to help my audience members in managing their money which is my area of expertise.

7. Social Media Manager

Another quick and easy thing that you can do in your free time especially if you are knowledgeable or you have just developed your own expertise around social media from living in this world that we now live in

There is a lot of companies that are still struggling with figuring out with the social media game and if you have some sort of knowledge, you can easily help them out in earning some income for it. 

8. Start a Podcast

With a podcast, there is a lot of different ways that you can make money. You can either have your audience contribute a small amount via a site called patreon, so you can keep your podcast running, you can do some sponsorships or advertising through your podcast and a bunch of other ways you can make money.

9. Start YouTube Channel

Again another platform where you can utilize your audience to help you create sort of income even if it's small income plus youtube gave the certain criteria that you need to meet will offer you a source of income via the ads they place on your channel

10. Take Surveys Online

There is a lot of company out there that will pay people to take surveys because other companies need to get some customer and they are trying to find people that are willing to take the time out of their day to take surveys so that they can make their products or their services better

They pay the survey companies which then go out and find people to take surveys and give them a small amount of cash in exchange for their time.

I would not say that this is my favorite way of making money via a side hustle but it is something that I did when I left my job and was starting my own business and I needed to make a little extra money on aside.

But again I am not really proud of it and it did almost feel like a waste of time but I wanted to mention it here because it is a way to make money.

11. Staff Tradeshows

This is something that I do about twice a year for one specific company but there are lots of companies out there that specifically just hire talent to staff for some of their clients at various trade shows.

There are trade shows and conferences that happen so many times a day in various places around the world and they need people who are comfortable speaking in front of an audience and educating the audience members on the produce or their service that company might be offering.

12. Nanny or Babysit

Pretty self-explanatory you should be able to do this on your nights or weekends and if you enjoy children then it is a great way to make money while you are just getting your child time in.

13. Edit or Proofread Blogs

You can write blogs but you can also be an editor or proofreader. Another way to just be a freelancer online especially if you have some sort of expertise an English degree or you are just good at writing. 

14. Consulting

If you have some sort of area of expertise that you can hone there is a lot of companies out there who would gladly hire someone just for a specific project or a period of time to get their knowledge but then don't necessarily need them on full time, so yes there are ways to join consulting companies and do consulting as your full time job

But there are also ways you can just be kind of this one-off consultant and help specific companies with the needs that they have and you could do it easily on the side.

15. Join a Fouse Group

This is something I did once but it ended up paying really well and they pretty much just wanted to know my opinion and my expertise on a specific area of knowledge that I had. Very similar to survey companies

There are lots of research companies that do market research for other companies who want to create a new product or a service and want to know what the opportunities are there in the world, because of this we need to host focus groups and they need people to be in the focus groups so they can really gather some great high-quality data.

16. Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer

Some people do this as their full-time job but I have personally done it as a side hustle just because I am particularly passionate about being a fitness a group fitness instructor and educating people and helping people get fit.

17. Emergency Step-In on Old Jobs That you Had in the Past

The last one I believe I said I have done the first 17. This is something that I have personally done as a side hustle or a sideway to make money. I have worked with various different companies in different areas and I have seen opportunities come up where someone leaves and they just need help for a couple of weeks or month to get back on track or to train old employees.

I have been willing to stop in on the job, help them get their feet back on the ground, they pay me and then I happily say goodbye when my time is up.

Alright, like the fact that I don't have as much expertise in the side hustle ideas number 18 through 50, we are just going to blow through the list.

18. Sell Stock Photography

If you have a hobby of taking photos and you have a nice camera that creates some high-quality photos then you can actually just sell your photos online and there are tons of businesses and blogs out there that need photos for their content.

19. Graphic Designer

There is a lot of company like and designcrowd where it is easy to just do some one-off things as a graphic designer instead of having it as your full-time job if it just isn't your full-time job.

20. Website Design

Whether you have no in front end development or back end or any other kind of development. You can help someone bring their website dreams to life.

21. Voiceover or Voice Acting

This is something I personally have always wanted to do especially voice acting, "I am not kidding" so if you have some tips or ideas then comment at me below. There are opportunities out there to do voiceover work like or where you can post yourself as a freelance voice-over artist and people are actually looking to hire people to do voice-overs for videos, podcasts, etc.

22. Pet Sitting

Self-explanatory, very easy to do on nights or weekends.

23. House Sitting

There are actually people out there who will pay you to stay in their house to make sure that all the things are running. A house is a big investment and when there are humans, they own multiple homes and they leave their one of their homes for many months it is important for them to know and have the peace of mind that their home is still in tip-top shape.

24. Dog Walking

Going back to the whole pet situation number 24 is to do dog walking. Instead of pet sitting in someone's home just talking their pet out, you can find more of a long-term side hustle by walking dogs in the neighborhood or a local town that you live in.

25. Mow Lawns 

If you are in the midwest this is a great summer job and then in the winter.

26. Plow Driverways shovel sidewalks

Especially if you live in the midwest or the east coast or the upper northwest, you can snowplow for people's driveways and sidewalks, a great early morning side hustle if you have the equipment and you are able to help out early in the morning to get people out of there homes so they can go to work for the day.

27. Drive For Lift or Uber

Take people around if you have a car you have a way to make money.

28. Caregiving

Our population is aging and there is plenty of people who want to stay in their home but maybe don't see it is possible because there is plenty of things that they feel like they need to take care of, and they are not able to do that as well as they use to, from someone actually just clean their home and pick up- actually delivering them their medications and so on.

Especially if you have a background in nursing or other types of medicines, this is a great option for a side hustle.

29. Clean Homes

I just found someone the other day on Taskrabbit who as a side hustle cleans houses in his free time or the off days of his full-time job, you like to clean and you are good at cleaning and you don't mind cleaning then it is a great way to make some money.

30. Tutor 

You can be a tutor in so many different subjects. There are lots of people out there who need help learning math, science, English, art, music, whatever it is that you are fairly talented at, you could probably be a tutor of someone at any age level. 

31. Virtual Assistant

This is a side hustle that you can do from anywhere even your own bed. Lots of entrepreneurs and business people need help managing their email, managing their schedule, booking gigs, doing anything under the sun.

If you are fairly savvy with technology then you can be a virtual assistant just by having access to a computer.

32. Bookkeeping

If you are good with numbers and you don't mind working in various kinds of accounting software or just picking the one that you love, helping businesses and get their books together could be a full-time job, but it also can be a great part-time job and if you have a knack for accounting and keeping things very organized then bookkeeping could be a really good option for you.

33. Dropshipping

A lot of people do this through They are essentially selling goods on the internet but they don't actually hold the inventory of the goods. There is a warehouse somewhere probably in a different country that holds these goods and the person is just in charge of selling it and then taking the difference of the sale price to the inventory price.

People have made a lot of money on it.

34. See Crafts on Etsy

You can find a great online market or in-person market to sell your awesome stuff.

35. Write and Sell a Book

Books don't bring in a ton of income but they can lead to even more advanced opportunities like public speaking or creating an online course or just having a great money-making blog after the fact.

36. Handyman

You can be a handyman on TaskRabbit, so if you are good with fixing the stuff you can offer up your services through companies like taskrabbit> You can get hired by a local resident who could use your help.

37. Tech Setup and Support

There are so many people out there who are not technologically savvy and if you are kind of grown up in this age where technology comes really easy for you, you can help these people set up their technology from their smart home system to transferring file from an old computer to a new one.

To get their phone rebooted to connecting all of those technologies together. You can be that point person.

38. Resume Review

Especially if you have a background in HR or you have just been really successful like getting hired for various jobs, you probably have a knack for knowing what needs to be a resume and how you can help people who are desperately looking for jobs trying to get hired with maybe their resume for their cover letter.

39. Start Coaching

Coaching is a broad term in this day and age you could either be a sports coach at your local school because that is a side hustle and it usually pays, not much but it usually pays. 

40. Tech Flipping

There is a lot of technology out there that a lot of people don't want anymore but other people would happily take. You would find cheap computers that people were selling online because maybe they were just upgrading to a new one.

41. Emcee or D.j. Events

If you have quite the personality and being on your feet presenting then this might be a great option for you.

42. Tour Guide

Depending on where you live, if it is interesting you know a lot about it, you can give tours in your town.

43. Peer-to-peer Lending

There is plenty of people out there who don't quite qualify for loans from the bank. They are seen as too risky and so there are peer to peer lending sites, meaning, someone who has some money that I am willing to part with, will loan through this peer to peer site and a little bit of higher interest rate than a bank might be willing to offer a person out there who maybe not have the best credit.

44. Dividend Investing

When you do invest in the stock market there are lots of companies or funds that pay out dividends on a quarterly or an annual basis and this can help you make some money in cash that you can then use to either reinvest to make money in cash or just use for your own personal desires.

45. Baking or Catering

If you have free time and you love to cook or bake on nights or weekends then you could help someone run their own event.

46. Translation or Transcription Service

If you do speak multiple languages then this is a perfect one for you, in the same breath, you could also do transcription services. There is a lot of podcast and videos out there that would be much more enhanced if they had even just an English transcription.

Even if you only speak one language, you could do a transcription. Transcribe that video or their podcast into a written format.

47. House Flipping

Buy a house, fix it up, sell it at a higher price, make some money. If home repair is a hobby for you and you like to do the design, then yeah, this might be a little risky but it could be a really fun and great side hustle.

48. Interior Design Service

This is totally a full-time job for a lot of people but if this is a passion project for you and you are willing to do it on the side for a small fee then you could offer some people who might not be able to afford these full-fledged interior designers.

49. Personal Shopper

Believe it or not, there are plenty of people out in the world who hate shopping for themselves and you can do it for them and 

50. Rent Out Equipment

There is a risk here whether you have a camera, a nice camera that someone would happily be able to use for an event or a special occasion or you have a dump truck and a company could really use that for a specific project.

You can easily start renting out your own personal equipment to people who might need it for one-off thing but not want to totally go all in and buy it.

Those are the 50 side hustle ideas that I have for you. If you have any more ideas I love to hear what they are in the comment section below. 

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