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5 Tips To Get Started in Video Production

5 Tips To Get Started in Video Production

I am going to be sharing my 5 best tips, when it comes to the creative industry, whether that is video, film, design, there is a lot of different paths for building your influence, your skills, and career. But I want to share some tips from my personal journey.

1. Volunteering Or Interning.

The way I actually got started in video production, was volunteering and interning at a church. And the cool thing about interning and volunteering as I didn't have any money. So maybe you can relate to being broke and not being able to invest in gear. I was able to get my hands on the gear that the church-owned. So I was able to get the experience, get the editing software, all of these different things so I could improve my skills.

Your goal here with number one is to get experience in your specific area. Maybe ask the question, is there somebody who is actually doing wedding videography or photography in your local area that you could reach out to and say, "Hey, can I assist you, could I follow you and shadow you for a shoot? "I'll carry your bags, I'll help out, I won't get in the way."

That is one of the quickest ways to level up your experience fast. 

2. Say "Yes" To Everything Including Unpaid Work.

Does that mean work for free? It does, because again, early on you really want to master your craft. And I am not saying that you should only ever do free work. But when you are just starting, you want to get as much experience as possible. You can do either sometimes free work, even low paying projects because you need to get your portfolio to build and get your experience going.

3. Build Your Portfolio.

If you are just getting started, I want to encourage you to make sure you are building your portfolio online. It's not because anybody was expecting you to upload videos there, but you want to have a place where your body of work could be collected.

So ask yourself, where are you building your portfolio online? Is it a Youtube channel? Or maybe it's like a Behance account, or there are these other options for building up your body of work.

As you can see from these first 3 tips, it is all about getting as much experience as possible. 

4. Study the Greats In Your Niche

Identify the best of the best in your industry, in your specific topic. Maybe the best of the best photographers, but not necessarily general photography. If you don't want to do landscape photography, but you want to do weddings. Who are the best of the best wedding videographers and photographers in your niche that you can follow, learn from?

And additionally, you should be doing this while you are going through all the first 3 tips. Like while you are producing work, always be learning. Make a commitment to lifelong learning. 

There is something about acknowledging and figuring out who are the greats in your industry, and how can I study and learn from them. I think a huge commitment to investing in your own education when it comes to mastering your craft, is very important.

  • I talked about 5 tips, but those first 4 go under phare one, which I really believe is mastering your craft phase. The thing is, you don't want to start marketing a bad product. And when you are creating video or you are doing photography, it's not that you can't get started at wherever you are and start charging.

But there is something about reaching a level of mastery first, and then the marketing is a lot easier. Again, the best marketing in the world on bad content will never work. So phase one is focused on those first 4 tips, and master your craft.

Then phase 2 is getting the word out. So you ask, "How do I get the word out" about my new business?" And one tip that I will give here,

5. Use Social Media And Youtube

These are free platforms where you can publish your work, build your influence, and have that lead to new business, and new people discovering you to hire you. Again, the content itself has to be good. People watched the video and said, "I want that same quality. I want a wedding video like that. That was step 1, and step 2 is making sure that they could find you.

Whether that is the email address, having formed on your websites. So then emails come to you that says, "Hey can I hire you." 

Another example is if you really want to grow your influence with photography, be on Instagram and be mastering Instagram, studying Instagram, and posting amazing video clips, photo clips. Every bride is pretty much on Instagram.

If you want to grow your wedding photography/videography business, master these social media platforms, and that would be my number one tip for getting found in your city.

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