Thursday, 1 August 2019

5 Things To Do Before Quitting Your Job

5 Things To Do Before Quitting Your Job

Quitting your job and going to your business full time is everybody dream. And today we gonna be looking at 5 things you should do before quitting your job.


1. Think About Taking Another Job

This might sound too difficult because we are talking about quitting your job and going full time. 

The reason you have a job is to learn, to make income and pay your bill. If you are not making an enough from your own business and you need to get a job, then are you learning enough in the business that you're in right now? Are you learning the skills that will help you with your own company? 

If not, then be looking at how you can get those skills somewhere else. You can look for a company that has about 10 employee or less that is in the industry that you want to be in. A company you look up to and inspire to learn from, go and work for them.

So, when you decided to start your own company, you'll have all the tools, experience, and all the contact to do so. If you are not getting those tools, experience, and contact in your current job. Then look for a different job first.

2. Figure Out Your Business Idea

One of the greatest thing about being in the industry that you love is that you get to see how businesses work. You get to see where the opportunity is, whenever you hear frustration from your customer base and the company you're working with can't handle that situation. That is an opportunity.

You can think for yourself, is something for me here, can I help this customer on the other side or can I turn this into my own business.

when you are working in the industry, you have to pay attention to where the holes are, where the market opportunity is, and where the key point is.

3. Have A Plan

You need to have a plan, you need to think about once you have your idea how would you build a business around it. How you gonna get new customers, market yourself, how you gonna service the customer that you get in. What your social media plan gonna be, you start to have a plan.

I understand something about planning, the plan is not gonna be perfect. A lot of time people spend too much time on the plan, they plan and they never do. Once you start to be in the business your plan will change, it doesn't mean the planning process is not valuable.

You need to have a plan, do your research and give yourself some confidence that this thing will work before jumping on it.

Basically, you want to get to the point where, if somebody presents this thing to you, you would want to invest in it,

4. Run The Number

The part when you leave your job to go into your business full time is when you can make enough from your business to pay off all your bill. You need to know how much it cost you to live your life every month.

Am not talking about buying an expensive car, going out to have a fun expensive trip.

It's just the basic, food, the internet, mortgage, or rent. You know what you have to make every month from your business to survive, and if you can get to that point as a part-time entrepreneur, then you know, you can quit your job and spend full-time working on your business, now that you have enough to cover your basic. 

Now that you are spending more time on your business, you can grow it up and earn more as well.

But you can't do that until you know that number, so ruin the number to know how much you need to survive and how much you are making from your business.

5. Start On The Side

You need to get started, don't just have this idea and do nothing about it, don't just have a job, learn about the industry and then wait for some magic moment to start. You need to start immediately because is gonna take a while before you get your company off the ground.

Take everything you learn from your job and put it into your own business and not waiting. Because a lot of people have this great idea when doing their job, maybe their job sucks or great, but they still sit-down there doing anything with it.

The hardest part is, you have this big vision, and you know you can't do it right now. A lot of people just sit on the idea, they sit on the vision. 

When you stick to the vision and say, this is the big thing I want to do, but am starting here. And then you take a step, another step until you get there. You are thinking big and act small, Most people think big and act zero. So you need to find a way to start today.

That is my takes on the 5 things you need to do before you quit your job, and am very sure you grab something from it.

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