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How To Sell Kindle Book on Amazon For Beginners - Step-by-step

How To Sell Kindle Book on Amazon For Beginners - Step-by-step

Selling book on Amazon can be a 6-figure business if you do it well, I have seen a lot of people publish as many as 6 to 7 books a week, and today I am going to show you the 7 step strategy for creating, researching and selling a book on Amazon

1. Get A KDP Account

This is how you sell your book/upload and it ends up on Amazon, you can go to, create a free account, it allows you to publish your book, get up to 70% royalty, sell them in a lot of major countries, within 24-48 hours your book would appear in the store from where you publish it.

It's a great way to make money, it's easy and free to sign-up and you are getting on one of the free retailers in the world.

2. Find A Niche You Could Rank In On Amazon (Nonfiction is easier)

Once you have your account, you need to find a good niche you can rank in on Amazon, 

To find your niche, first of all i want to recommend to start with nonfiction, if you want to do a fiction book you are going to probably want to write a book that at least a hundred pages, because people expect something that would keep their attention for a long time and you are going to make up everything.

As far as nonfiction, it bases off of research, it bases off of fact, it is much easier to find information to put in your book and it's much easier to create a smaller book and have them do really well.

  • If you are just starting out, nonfiction is really good.

To find a good niche their is a few things you can do, for example, let say you are looking for a book and you type in How To in the search bar on amazon

When you type in "how to" you would see what comes up, basically you are looking for things that are pin-point for people or something that is a huge passion for people, things that do really well for mass publishing book and making an income from them with Kindle are typically things that have strong emotional connection to people, things like

  • How to quit smoking
  • How to stop drinking
  • how to read a book

Things that people really struggle with day today and they are looking for a solution that work, those type of book sell really well.

If you don't have an idea on what you want to do yet, type in "how-to" in the search engine and type in each letter, like q, p, o, w, s, f, on "how to q"

You would find the most popular searcher for

  • how to quit smoking
  • how to quit drinking
  • how to quit sugar
  • and a lot more
  • "How to w"

Basically, you are just going down the keyboard, this helps me to come up with great ideas without having to think of something or take an hour just to come up with some idea.

Once you find some ideas that are related to a customer, you need to work on finding keywords to figure out if you could actually rank for those topics.

3. Keyword Research

There are a few tools I want to recommend to you for keyword research

Keyword Planner 

You can just create a free google adword account and use the keyword planner, you can type in your subject for example "how to quit smoking" it would come up with things you can do.

Keyword Tool

If you want to use amazon keyword tool specific, you can go to and type in "how to quit smoking" then you can click on Amazon, because you have a different option like google, youtube, bing, app store,

When you click on Amazon, it will come up with the top result, but you have to pay to see search volume, cost per click, competition, the thing is, you may not need to do that, you can combine with keyword planner, by taking the top result on and then go to keyword planner to see the competition and search volume, I don't see a reason to get the pay version, but you might, if you want, you can get all in one place.

You can use them together with the keyword planner and the for Amazon and find some great subject.

4. Get A Professional Book Cover

Instead of wasting your time doing it yourself, unless you are an artist who is really good at photoshop, or you can use Fiverr to get your book cover done, they would design a great cover for you with only $5

If you want to design a book cover that wants to change the world and read by millions of people, I recommend, it would cost you a hundred dollar to get a book cover from them, but if you want to write a book that would change life then 99design is the best option.

5. Write A 15 Page Book At Minimum

You can do really well by having a 15 page book if you have high-quality information in it, to make sure you do well, you need to have your title and a great cover done, you need to start your book with low cost like $0.99 and you can test how the book does before you add more content to it.

That is what a lot of the best book marketer do on Amazon, they write a short version of the book, but still, include a lot of quality content, but they don't make it a longer book unless people are buying it.

  • They test the market before they expand the book

If you want to have the book writing for you, maybe you want to do some research and have somebody to actually take the time and write it for you which is something that people who mass produce on Amazon do, they don't write their own book because is time-consuming.

You can use a freelancer site like upwork and then hire people to be a ghostwriter, when you go to upwork you can type in ghostwrite, then try to get somebody who will write a book for you without been necessary credited as the writer.

You can go through and find the most qualify and who you can afford, it would save you a lot of time, of course it would cost you some money, or you can just write it yourself, do some research, read the top blog post on the subject and try to summarise it and do a 15-20 page book by yourself.

6. Get Reviews And Market It

When you start with a low price you would get more review, anyone that read the book world leave a natural review, but you also need to promote your book, don't do what other people do, don't pay people to do review, and also don't get your family member to do review.

For example, people use to go on Fiverr and buy ebook review, Amazon as crackdown this method, you can't pay people to do a review, you also can't get a family member to do a review.

A review is what rank your book, along with the keyword that we talk about, you can look for top reviewers on Amazon by using google search

You can reach out to them, maybe give them a gift card so that they can get the book for free and they can review it for you. 

7. Increase Price After First 10 Reviews

Once you are in the top position, you can race the price to $2.99, you don't want it to be too high depending on what type on the book it's, but you want to make sure that you have as many reviews as you need before racing a price.

That is how you sell your book on Amazon, I hope this article was helpful

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