Friday, 26 July 2019

Best Method To Make Money Online For Beginners

Best Method To Make Money Online For Beginners

There are 2 killer way to make money online and if you ignore this two method you could be really struggling for a very long time trying to achieve that laptop lifestyle that you really want. What I want to talk about is one of the things that I love to do, I want to be able to travel and go where I want to go and still have that income coming in, that is why I want to show you just two methods.

What is the 2 best way to make money online? I would say that this is the only two way should be focusing on, and there is actually a third way which I don't recommend and that is trading time for money. for example, doing freelancing, doing data entry job, you are actually working online per hour, but what you are really doing is that you are trading time for money, and it's really hard to make huge money with something like that.

Right now I want to give you the only two ways I would recommend to make money online

1. Paid Traffic

If you already have money, you can invest in advertising to drive traffic to an offer, to a product, maybe something like e-commerce product, something that you are selling, if you can pay for traffic to do that, then that is amazing.

Because there are people who are making millions of dollars doing this, but a lot of people do not have the money and the income to pay for advertising and get involved in a business like that.

2. Free Traffic

Whit free traffic, what you are going to be doing is to create content on a regular basis, but it's not instant traffic right away, especially if you are just getting started, but it is something you can start and it can slowly grow, when it comes to content, once you put the content on the internet it would be there forever.

People can find it even 5-10 years after, and you can still generate contact, lead, and sales from that content. That is free traffic.

What method are you going to choose? 

Do you have the money to invest in advertising to drive traffic to a particular product, course, affiliate product or offer, do you have the money to do that? If you don't, then you are going to need to create content, that is what I am doing right now on this blog, this actually cost me nothing to do.

I just open my notepad then start writing, that is content, and then people read the article, but people that read it giving me free traffic, then what I can do is that I can direct people to an offer or something that am exciting about, or to another article that I want my reader to see.

If you don't choose one of this method, then what are you going to do?

What is that thing that you are looking for? Because if you are looking for that magic bullet, some secret that is out there that is going to help you generate a bunch of money without doing anything, you just sit-down having that money coming on autopilot. It doesn't really exist, you have to take action and you have to believe in yourself that you can really do this.

You have to make a decision, if you don't have the money then create content so you can generate free traffic because that is the best thing, it's evergreen, you don't have to worry about watching statistics and wondering where the money goes or losing money.

As beginners who want to make money online, you have to think about that, you can create content on facebook, twitter, Pinterest, etc.

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