Monday, 1 July 2019

The Top 5 Apps That Pay You To Watch Videos For Free

The Top 5 Apps That Pay You To Watch Videos For Free
Do you have a smartphone? Well, if you do I'm going to show you how you can make money watching videos and doing absolutely nothing with your smartphone. 

All the 5 apps that we're going to talk about in this article can be download at your smartphone play store.

1. CheckPoints

The first app that we're going to check out today is You can earn money watching videos and doing a special offer with this app. You can also make money by visiting the store in your local city

You open up the app and then you walk into a store and then you can earn point which can be later redeemed for cash, you don't have to buy anything you just have to pick up your phone, open up the app and go to different items and scan them and you can make money doing it.

Checkpoint is also going to pay you for referring your friend, you can redeem your point for a gift card.

2. App Trailers

This app is all about making money watching videos on your smartphone or tablet. Sign up quickly using your email and you can also sign up using your social media account.

Once your email is confirmed you can start watching videos and earning a free point. you can earn about 

  • 5 point for every video that you watch, 
  • You can earn 50 points just for signing up for the app 
  • You can also earn a 100 point just for referring your friend

You can cash out with Paypal or gift card 

3. Rewardable

To find out more information just go over to This site is going to pay you for completing the short task in your daily life. essentially they are going to pay you for things that you are already doing.

The app is going to give you task base on your location so most of the task was only take about 5 minutes to do, the task will pay you from $1 all the way up to $20 for each one that you complete

After the task is complete you can withdraw all of your earning with Paypal, so there is no point here, this is just direct cash into your PayPal account. 

4. YooLotto

With yoolotto, you can earn around $5 or more just by running video on your phone. Just turn your phone on, run the video and you make money for doing that.

You can also make money by performing a different task with this app and you can earn cash as well. 

5. Panel App

This is over at, you can easily earn through sweepstake and gift card just for letting the app run in the background of your phone, so you really don't even have to do anything using this app, you can just install it, let it runs and start to earn a point which you can later redeem for cash.

the company is really most interested in your location, they are going to give you point base on that. 

Once you have build up your point with panel app, you can cash out with Paypal or you can redeem the point for an Amazon gift card.

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