5 Steps to Get Your First 100k YouTube Subscribers


You want to start a youtube channel, huh, well, welcome to the world of being youtube, now you get to stay up late writing scripts and spend your days staring into a blank wall and talking into a camera. It's a pretty cool life I have today, every new youtube has the goal of hitting a 100,000.
There's no secret sauce to youtube or some secret recipe that if you do this and this you're going to skyrocket to 100,000 subscribers, it doesn't work like that.
Here are 5 things that I think are super important to growing and getting your first 100,000 subscribers on youtube

1. Find Your Voice

What are going to make videos about, and what value can you provide your viewers. Your viewers won't know if they should subscribe to your channel if your videos don't relate to each other, because if you have one video about dog breeding and another video which is a four-minute time-lapse of the Sun setting, they won't know what your channel is about and they won't know if they should subscriber to you or not.

We want to be able to expect something so are you teaching us something? Are you a comedy channel or vblogger, your niche can be anything and once you figure out what direction you want to go then you have to be different than the other YouTubers
  • Here's the thing, over 400 hours of content are uploaded to youtube every single minute so if you want people to watch you instead of just scrolling right past you, you have to be different and give people a reason to watch you.
I know a lot of people like to say you should copy what other successful YouTubers do, but there's is a way to copy people when it comes to content. Instead of doing the exact same things as them, watch the content and get inspired by it and then make it your own.

Add your own spice and flavor to it, don't just do exactly what other people do because again, you need to give people a reason to watch your channel.

2. Partner With Other Youtube Channels

Collaborations are when you work together with another youtube to create content and then you promote and recommend each other's channels. Find another youtube channel with the similarly sized following and a similar audience as you and then you work together to create content and promote one another.

A common misconception about doing collabs is that if I recommend people to go to a different channel then people are just going to leave and watch somebody else then I'm going to fewer views, and that's actually not true. 

Your subscribers are going to be thankful for the recommendation and they'll come back to you for more.

3. SEO or Your Search Engine Optimization

This is how you tell google or youtube what your video is about, that way they know when they should put your video in the search results. The first thing you need to do is write relevant text that explains what your video is about in the caption or let say in the description box

You don't want to just write the same keyword again and again so that way your video appears for a certain search term because youtube is smart and if they feel like you're trying to play them they're actually going to lower your search results

You also don't want to write a word-for-word transcript or what you're saying, this used to be popular and a lot of YouTubers used to do it but from what I've read this is actually hurting people's rankings now, so don't do that.

You want to write a summary that tells youtube and google what your video is about and then you want to use the meta tags to tell google and youtube exactly what search terms you want your video to show up for.

The best way to find the right tags to use is by seeing what other popular youtube in your niche are using, you are not going to start and messaging YouTubers like hey what tags are you using cuz they probably won't tell you and they're going to think that you're creepy

You can use an app called Vid IQ to tell you that, if you don't have vid IQ or something similar you need to get it, vid IQ has a free version and then they have an upgraded version if you want all of their features.

It'll give you a bunch of analytics on your own videos and other people's videos and you can see what tags they're using so you can use them on your own videos.

4. Cross Promotion Channel

Share your your video on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, and mail it out to your mailing list if you have one, not only does this give you more views on your videos but youtube will see that your video is being shared and they're more likely to push video that is being shared outside of youtube
Youtube get paid when people come on to channel and watch videos, so if people are sharing your video outside of youtube they'll be more likely to promote it.

5. Make Me Want To Click Your Video

You can spend weeks scripting and recording, editing, uploading an awesome video, but unless your thumbnail and your title make me want to click it, nobody's going to watch it.

Thumbnails with faces work the best, especially when you can see somebody eyes and you don't want your title to be too long either you only want it to be like a phrase or two and you want the viewers to get interested in it so they have to click it to watch the rest.

You have to look at this from youtube's perspective, youtube makes money when people watch youtube videos, so if people are watching your content, again and again, they'll see that they're making a lot of money from your video so they'll be more likely to push your videos to other people.

The best way to improve your content is to examine channels that you like to watch, see how they do their lighting, they're editing, their cards, they're scripting, their background music, see if these are things that you can apply to your channel

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