5 Side Jobs To Make Extra Money

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In this article we are going to go over 5 different side jobs that you can utilize to make some extra money, as you can do these before work, after work, and during your lunch break, it doesn't really matter you can do this any time of the day, these are very flexible in terms of hours

Some of these you probably haven't heard of, but they're also not going to be some of these different ones where you see people talking about where you're making $0.05 for Amazon Mechanical Turk or something ridiculous, these are all going to be usually at least $10 an hour or more

Some of them are even 10 to $25 an hour for some of these side jobs

These are very legitimate methods for earning money I've utilized a few of these and I know other people who do some of these as well so I can really vouch for most of these methods for making money.

1. Utilizing A Service Called Instacart

This is sort of like Uber eats or a GrubHub, but what you are doing is you're actually delivering groceries, you're actually shopping in the store and delivering groceries to somebody and you'll get paid for it.

You can do this really almost a full-time gig by delivering groceries to people but you can also do this very part-time, you get to choose your own hours, the paid is pretty decent from what I've heard.

You don't necessarily need a car for this I believe you can use a bike but I'm entirely sure you might want to fact-check on that, but if you don't qualify for instacart, look Uber eats, GrubHub, there are so many different services out there in the gig economy where you deliver food or other types of items 

2. Teaching English Online

There are few different sites for this, you could use something like cambly. I used cambly where you can teach English online, with cambly you're only going to make a little bit over 10 to $20 an hour by teaching English online

Usually, its just conversations that you're having with them and they're just getting better at English and they want to have some practices. It's pretty laid-back, you sit in your bed and make money online by just video chatting with somebody who's probably on the other side of the world trying to learn your language

3. Utilizing A Website Called Clarity.fm

I actually just got onto this site and what you can do with this is if you have any experience in entrepreneurship or you've started a business in the past or you have some type of marketing experience or SEO, there's a lot of different options behind this website 

But you can essentially become an expert and people can call you at a certain rate and then you can give them advice and you could lay in bed and talk to somebody and get paid 60 to $100 an hour to give them advice and be an expert in that particular field.

It's something you might want to look into if you find yourself in one of this categories listed on their website, then maybe that's something you would want to explore as an option because it's obviously a very very flexible option for most people.

Because you can be anywhere in the world and be able to get on the phone with somebody and give them advice for a fee.

4. Dog Walking App 

This is honestly one of my favorite side jobs that somebody could utilize and that's by utilizing a dog walking app. this would be something like Rover or Iwag! I'm not affiliated with them and they're not paying me to mention them at all, but these just seem like a really cool method for earning income

You can get typically between like 12 to $16 per dog that you walk and so you actually get these dog walking assignments on the app, you'll go walk the dog, have fun with the dog and this is just really kind of a win-win situation

You get to hang out with the dog for thirty minutes to an hour and you get paid around 12 to $16. You can do this for long periods of time if you'd like or you could just do it during your lunch break before work or after work.

You can find Rover or Iwag on the app store. It's a really cool way to hang out with a dog and also paid for it and work on your own schedule

5. Utilizing A Website Called Care.com

When people think about care.com they think is for babysitting, they don't want to babysit people, but you can actually also do dog sitting and dog boarding as well and there's all kind of different housekeeping options on there

You can just go on to the site and check it out because it's not just for babysitting, there are so many different options for care.com and my brother girlfriend actually got a job through that and it's pretty part-time, it's flexible and you can really find some cool opportunities and really get some good networking as well

For example, if you have some extra room in your house and you don't mind boarding some dogs, you can get paid $200 to board a dog for a week through care.com, there are all kinds of different options behind that but I think it's a cool website and you might want to just check it out and see what you can find on there, it's very flexible and it might be just an awesome opportunity for you.

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