8 Highest Paying Jobs Without A College Degree

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In this article we're going to take a look at 8 different jobs that don't require a four-year college degree, I think we have a slight problem within our society where it seems as though 95 percent of high school students are being highly pressured into attending four-year universities, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that it's very important for people to go to four-year universities and get bachelor's degree

But there's a lot of people who aren't really being shown these opportunities for some of these jobs where you can get straight out of high school or after just two years of community college and you can be earning close to or upward of a hundred thousand dollars per year. That's what we're going to share in this article. 8 different jobs that don't require a four-year degree

1. Web Developer - $74,110

Web developer on average make about $74,110 per year and this typically will require you to have an associate's degree then you could become an apprentice under some other web developers but essentially you're creating websites and working on graphic design within those websites for clients mostly businesses that do need to have very professional-looking websites

The top ten percent of web developers are making upward of a $100,000 per year and it doesn't require a four-year degree

I don't want to make it sound like it's an easy job it's certainly something that takes a lot of skill and a lot of time to build up over time but you don't need to have that four-year degree in order to make some decent with a web development company

2. Real Estate Agent/Broker

Become a real estate agent it doesn't require you to go to college you do have to pass a couple of exams depending on what state you're in but it does not require a college degree and it's something that if you're extroverted or if you have a great personality.

All real estate agents make $400,000 per year, know, a good portion of them make a little bit less than that I think the average salaries for real estate agents is somewhere in the $45,000 range and the top 10% make about$109,000 per year as a real estate agent.

The next category is going to require a little bit more work with your hands and I tried to keep this list in a way where some of them are going to be desk jobs and others are going to be a little bit more manual labor

3. Boilermaker - $62,260

This is sort of like welding in a sense you're going to be making a lot of Vettes, ships, and the average salary for boilermakers is somewhere around $62,000 per year, the top 10% makes upwards of about $87,000 per year as a boilermaker

This is difficult work but it's something that you can learn through an apprenticeship, it definitely helps to have some welding experience as a background, so you go to a technical school for welding and then become a boilermaker and get some nice job offers out there and you could probably become part of a union as a boilermaker

4. Electrician - $54,110

This doesn't mean that if you start as year one as an electrician you're going to make $54,000. you're probably going to make less than that but over time you can build it up and that's probably why the top 10% of electrician make somewhere around $90,000 per year as an electrician

This is something you can do straight from technical school into the workforce, you can go from high school while doing technical school in high school straight into the workforce as an electrician and make a pretty decent amount of money

Definitely working with your hands you're going to involve a little bit more risk you're dealing with electrical currents obviously there's risk involved but it's certainly something that could pay pretty well

5. Become A Register Nurse - $70,000

There's a reason why I really think that this is an interesting route to go because a registered nurse is going to be growing in the future, we're talking double-digit growth in the next 10 years for register nurse, there's going to be a very high demand for register nurse

That's why they're going to be making &70,000 per year on average with some of them making upwards of $100,000 per year as a registered nurse and you don't have to go to a four-year school for this as you can get an associate's degree for nursing or you can go to other programs, you might want to look into this a little bit further

I'm not an expert on this and I'm not going to pretend like I am, but I know that you don't have to go for a four-year school to become a register nurse and make a pretty decent amount of money.

6. Elevator Repair - $77,130

We have millions of elevators in this world but most companies and most office owners are not going to want to hire their janitor or their custodian to fix an elevator, this is something that could really cause a lot of damage, it could kill people if you don't do it right so you want somebody who's professional and can take on that liability and the responsibility to fix elevators

You can become someone who repairs, maintains them, trust me if you've ever lived high-rise building, it sucked in terms of elevators, it breaking every other day and the elevator repair people come in every day to fix it and they were making a lot of money

That is why they're making about $77,000 per year with the top 10% making upwards of a $150,000 per year as an elevators repairmen or someone who is installing and maintaining them

How do you actually become an elevator repairman, one of the best ways is to become an apprentice for some of these companies, you can seek them out if you have some type of background in this area

7. Paralegal  - $50,100

You're going to make about $50,000 per year, the upper 10% are going to make upwards of $80,000 per year as someone who is going to be assisting attorneys and lawyer, most likely doing some research for them maybe setting up a meeting for them, but in general, just assisting a lawyer, 

How do you become a paralegal? You're going to want to go a two-year school probably in your local community college or your city college and get that associate's degree to become a paralegal

8. Dental Hygienist $74,000

In order to become dental hygienists you're generally going to have to go to school for two years in your local community college or your city college, there are people who go for four years and you could do that as well but a lot of them go for just two years and they'll get that associate's degree and they can become a dental hygienist

Like I said on average $74,000 per year, with the top 10% making upwards of a $100,000 per year

Those are the 8 on this list if you enjoy the article don't forget to drop a comment.


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