Thursday, 14 March 2019

5 Best Investments To Make In 2020

Let's talk about 5 different investments that you can consider getting into for this year. Without wasting more time I will quickly get into the 5 best investment you can make for this year

1. Stock Markets

Stocks, ETFs, Mutual funds are the very generic basic investments that most people think about when they think about investing. I am not going to spend too much time on this specific investment route because I talk a lot about this on this website, I want to get to the other topics. If you are more interested in learning about the stock market read 
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2. Peer To Peer Lending

Let me just sort of explaining what peer-to-peer lending is, it's actually very self-explanatory, you as a person are lending money to somebody else and they are going to pay you back, you're sort of acting as a bank so you're cutting out the bank and you become the bank. One of the most common lending opportunities out there would be something like lending club, this is a very large company and one of the largest within that space for peer-to-peer lending. I am not an affiliate with them anyway, I've never used peer-to-peer lending and I am not going to pretend like I have. But I thought it was worth enough to put it on this list because I have heard some really great things about it and I have seen in person some of my friends where they've made about five, six or seven percent returns annually on peer-to-peer lending. You certainly can make money with it, there is a lot of risks involved with it but you just have to be smart with what you're doing, when you're doing peer-to-peer lending there's going to be people that you can choose who has good credit and then people who don't have such good credit

3. Investing In Yourself

There are actually a couple different ways you can go about this but let's talk about the first one which is going to be 

Investing Into Your Human Capital

This is going to be something like reading books, investing in online courses, some courses can be total scams and just a complete waste of money, you will pay $2,000 and it's not going to bring you a return. But there are some courses out there that can be very effective and very useful and really can teach you so much that you can go out and actually make more money from that $200 that you might have to spend on a course, you can flip it and make $20,000 

Investing in Your Physical Appearance

Another round you can go about investing in yourself is by investing in your physical appearance. You probably know the very common saying Dress for Success and this is actually so incredibly true. You can actually make some money and this is sort of an interesting way to think about investing, because it does not appear to be investing, but you can take some of your money you can go out buy a suit and get a nice haircut. Look better, get a gym membership, and make yourself look more presentable and it can really help you out in the long run, Dress for Success this means so much in the real world.

4. Real Estate

Consider getting into real estate is one of the most time-proven investments on this list I mean people have been investing in real estate for thousands of years and it's definitely a time-proven method for accumulating wealth, some of the most famous people in the world have accumulated their wealth by real estate

5. Start A Business

The number one way to grow your money is something you can go from literally $50 and turn in into $500, this is the only method on this entire list of 5 different investment routes that you can take that you can truly grow from almost nothing to so much money. The other 4 routes that I mentioned in this article a lot of them take a lot of time to get started but starting your own business is the one route that you can take that can really have explosives of growth. Now you will also have to invest time into this so you're not just investing money but you're investing time and that's sort of a big thing that not a lot of people have. But starting your own business can be an amazing opportunity for you especially if you're starting with not a lot of money I think if you're starting with $100 or $500 this might be quite possibly the best route to take out of all these different 4 options

If you already have a couple million dollar laying around maybe you don't really care about starting your own business, you just want to sort of maintaining your wealth you could go with some of the other options like a stock market, bonds. But I think if you're starting with almost nothing this is truly the route that you can take to really have explosive of growth and have the best chance at accumulating wealth

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