20 Profitable Small Business Ideas With No Investment

Small Business Ideas

Are you looking for starting a business without any investment? Then this article is for you. Because in this article I will list down the top business idea you can start with no money, so without wasting much time let quickly go straight to the main content.

1. Pick an educational topic and start blogging on it. You can easily start blogging in food, fashion, travel, pet care, technology and in that area where you have good knowledge

2. Create a video tutorial and sell it. You can sell your courses on course merchant, udemy, skillshare, open-sesame, and your own website

3. Start shooting good amount of photographs and sell it on photo selling website. You can make millions if your photo goes viral

4 Start your freelance writing business as a content creator. You must need skills for writing an article in the English language

5. Create a membership website and get paid per membership. You can make $1000 to $2000 per month income; if you work on your website properly

6. Ebook writing business on any specific topics. Here, you have to write books for other content creator or book publishers. Many digital marketers will provide you with work for writing books with resale rights

7. Start a virtual assistant business. Much like a regular assistant, virtual assistants can also handle all scheduling tasks. .... Outside of works, virtual assistants can still be on the clock. They can maintain daily tasks of your personal life like scheduling appointments with your doctor, sending gifts on your behalf, and answering phone calls.

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8. Buy and sell website or domain by ranking it in search results

9. Write and publish your own book

10 Provide any service on fiverr.com in which you're expert

11. Start an Amazon affiliate marketing

12. Keyword research and google ads consultant

13. Graphic designing business

14. Even management business

15. Freelance bookkeeping business

16. Video creator or video spokesperson

17. Voiceover service provider

18. Online teaching on any topic

19. Writing song and scripts for videos ads

20. Micro niche blogging


20 Profitable Business Ideas with High Profit

  1. Start a wholesale of seafood
  2. Start a men's branding jeans wholesale business
  3. Start photography equipment wholesale business
  4. Start a wholesale of children's education materials
  5. Start a wholesale business of chemical and paints
  6. Start a wholesale business of lightings and electrical fixings
  7. Start a wholesale of paper and stationery products
  8. Start a wholesale of plastic products
  9. Start a sport, fitness, gym product wholesale
  10. Start an engineering and industrial wholesale supplies
  11. Start a homemade craft, paper bags wholesale business
  12. Start herbal and ayurvedic products wholesale business
  13. Start a wholesale of soft drinks business
  14. Start a wholesale of sunshades and eyeglasses frames
  15. Start a towels, handkerchiefs, napkins, and table clothes wholesale business
  16. Start a wine wholesale business
  17. Start a wholesale business of shoes, sandal, slipper, and belts
  18. Start a wholesale of jewelry and fashion accessories
  19. Start a safety and security product wholesale business
  20. Start a wholesale of kitchen equipment and products

Hope you can find any business idea on this list


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