How to Check Your Credit Score For Free

Credit Score

Will are going to look at how to check your credit score and credit report for free online. Now there are some websites that will let you check your credit score for a fee, in my opinion, you should never need to use these.

There are enough free options out there for a free credit score and credit report, first of all, many credit cards give you access to some kind of credit score that can give you a rough idea of where you're at, like the credit wire system from Capital One

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Capital One's credit checker used to be really inaccurate but it's got a lot better since they updated, it gives you a credit cards score and some information about factors affecting your score although I wouldn't call this a full credit report

Credit report

If you have an American Express, Bank of American or Discover card, you can access your FICO score on their websites, actually in the case of discovering you can use their system to check your score even if you don't have a discover card

FICO score is the type of score that about 90% of lender use to make their decisions, so let's have a look at a couple. 

Here's my score on American Express, I get access to it through having the American Express SPG credit card

Credit Score

You can see it just gives you the score not much other info and it's higher than the score I have from Capital One

Now let's look at the discover system, I don't have a discover card but you can just go to, you will have to create an account and provide your social security number

Let's have a look, 760 same from American Express, you can see discover gives me a bit of other info about how many accounts I have, open utilization etc and the factors pulling my score down

Credit Score

Now let's look at a resource that gives you a free credit score and credit report., there are other sites that do this like creditsesame but credit karma is the one that I've always used so let's have a look at that

Credit Karma gives you a score from two different credit reporting bureaus, like Transunion, Equifax

You can see these scores are different, that's because different banks and credit card companies report through different bureaus

Credit karma actually gives you a full credit report from these two credit bureaus, I'll put the section about hard credit inquiries below so you can see why my Transunion score is slightly higher less hard pulls from Transunion

The credit report you get on this site contains a lot of information, I can't really show it on screen because I'd have to blur half of it out anyway because it's all personal information so you wouldn't get to see much of it

But take my word for it it's a useful credit report

Credit karma only checks two bureaus, there is one more called Experian and you can get a free credit report from their website

If you want a FICO score from them you have to pay $4.99 and it isn't really necessary since you can get it for free elsewhere. But this site is useful for checking how many hard pulls you have on your account since Experian is one of the three major credit bureaus and although banks aren't that open about which agency they use 

Chase and Amex have been known to favor experience an experience often ends up showing the hardest pulls

There are a few online resources for checking your credit score, I will put all the link below, 

Discover Credit Score Checker:
Credit Karma:
Experian Credit Report:

hope that helps on your road to developing your credit and  please comment below about any experiences you've had checking your credit score as well


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