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Do Not File Bankruptcy Before Reading This!

Do Not File Bankruptcy Before Reading This!

If you are going to do bankruptcy, chapter 7 is going to get rid of all your debts, if you haven't filed in the past 10 years I will recommend you do a chapter 7, however before you even do a bankruptcy I would suggest you see a credit professional that can probably help you get through that debt without having to file because in my humble opinion I believe that bankruptcy is equivalent to a plea bargain

What I mean by that is this, you can do a plea bargain just like if you get arrested for some sort of crime whatever you committed it or didn't know you were fraudulently accused of doing it, whatever, a lot of times the prosecutors like your attorney or whoever person is helping, they'll push for a plea bargain, plea bargain meaning could be a few different things, people who understand law know this more than I do

They will do everything just to make sure you get out of jail but you are still under watch, but it'll hard for you to get a job for some places unless they're specifically designed to hire people who are ex-felons or whatever they normally don't hire people who have records because once you a plea bargain you admit to guilt and basically that's a strike on your record background 

You can't purchase a gun, you can't work certain jobs like I just mentioned, you can't apply for housing or food stamp, etc, those are the thing, you are free but you can't do anything that you normally do before, you still restricted, you still being watched and monitored

  • Bankruptcy is the same thing, they get rid of your debt ah hallelujah I'm done I don't have to pay these phones calls anymore all these threatening messages, credit collection agencies that's great you're done you don't own the debt blah blah blah

But you can't apply for anything you want, you like it but you don't really love it, let say you got this car, you're not really happy and because of that you have to accept what you get and because you just accepted what you've gotten, that is it. They got you, you don't get the car you want

It does not matter how great your credit is after the bankruptcy, the fact you have that blemish on your credit report kills your chance of getting credit with those banks and banks don't mess with it

  • If you were to do a bankruptcy do a chapter 7, do a little bit of research a little bit of information and then do the bankruptcy on your own, you don't have to hire attorneys, if you're a self-employed person and you have to do a bankruptcy you can always file as indigent which means you don't earn any income

You're indigent, you don't make any income file your own information, there are people you can go too that can help you along the way to file in your own bankruptcy, you just pay the court filing fees and whatever the fees they told you to pay and you out the door, do your own bankruptcy you represent yourself, it's not difficult

If you're going to do a bankruptcy it's okay to do it on your own we've to stop being afraid of learning to do things,

  • If you want to do a bankruptcy do chapter 7 as there no need to do chapter 13 or anything else unless you got a home you're trying to save and that home has to be the almighty home that grandma left you and it has meant some way there are so many memories, if it's nothing like that you can get that again because banks will finance you again after two years of a bankruptcy

You can go back and get an FHA loan after you've been discharged from bankruptcy in two years, so please don't do a chapter 13 bankruptcy

  • bankruptcy, If you do it check the chapter 7 unless you are in dire straits and you want to keep your home or you want to keep the car or you in a situation where you just have no choices, that's the only reason 

If you want to do chapter 7 look google how to do a chapter 7 on your own or I will do the research so you might find that information on this site very soon which means you don't have to do too much research

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