5 Work At Home Jobs! No Skills Require

In this article we are going to talk about 5 work at home job that requires no experience, if you don't have any credential or college education, bachelor degree, etc, you can still start and apply today. You can earn up to $14 per hour, actually, there is one website that would pay you up to $50 an hour.

Work At Home Jobs

1. Customer Support

This website uhaullife.com is been around for years now, it's a customer phone job that would pay you to work from home, you can answer a question for customers who are calling in with enquiring about uhaul product and services. So they need people who can work at least 32 hours per week and some weekends, according to uhaul job description, the base pay is around $14 to $15 per hour.

Many people say that they really enjoy this job because it's not stressful compear to other phone work job, also the hour is very flexible,

There is a benefit as well, like, medical, dental, life insurance, you can go to their page at uhaulife.com, then click on view job listings, and you would see all the available positions that are available.

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2. Evaluating Searching Online

This company isoftstone.com pays you for evaluating searching online, you can earn $13 per hours which is paid through direct deposit once per month, you work as an independent contractor for the company, you can log in and work whenever you want, but they do require at least 10 hours of work per week, and you are limited to 25 hours per week.

You need to be a US resident who at least 18 years or older, you can check out isoftstone.com, is a company based in China but they have a location in the US.

3. Become A Community Moderator

This company Modsquad.com would pay you to become a community moderator, the type of jobs you would be doing are content and engagement moderating job, customer support, and social media manager. If you know twitter and facebook really well, then this might be something you might to look into.

For the social media positions, you will handle things like facebook and twitter and other social media, the pay rate is around $8 - $12 per hour, depending on the project that you do and the payment are made on 15 every month.

If you don't hear from them the first time you apply, try to re-applying later, some people said they reply after they re-apply the second time, so keep that in mind. You can go to modsquad.com

4. Get Paid To Test Newly Develop Website

This website startuplift.com, you can get paid to test a newly developed website, you don't need any experience to do this job. All you have to do is reviewing website and write a little paragraph about it, and the company would send you $5 for each one that you do. 

For example, if you write like 5 great answers to 5 open websites, you can easily make $25 at once. The payment is sent weekly through Paypal, it's not going to make you reach, but the $5 do add up.

5. Transcribe Audio Into Text

This website transcribme.com has been around for years now, I have talked a lot about this website on this site, I wanted to include it because it requires no experience and is a simple job to do, this website would pay $20 per transcription. You can start working with no experience

However, if you have the experience, you can submit a resume for a chance to earn up to $50 per transcription, transcribeme is open to worldwide, but you must be able to accept Paypal.

Transcribe is very easy as the audio file is very short around 10 - 15 seconds, all you have to do is just type what you hear, press submits and then move on to the next audio.

That's is guys, this is the top job you can do from home with no experience hope you find it helpful.


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