How To Find A Niche For Shopify

Find A Niche For Shopify

There is a massive amount of money to be made on Shopify, people have become a millionaire in a few months. But finding the niche is one of the hottest pacts. If you can find the right niche? Your advertising is a lot easier and you would make a lot of money if you find the right niche.

On today article, I would be showing you step by step to get the right niche for Shopify.

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Niche Finding Criteria

When you are looking for a niche, there are few criteria you need to follow, but you don't have to follow this exact criterion, because some people have their own, But this is what I follow.

Cheap with good markup opportunities

A product where you can buy for cheap and you can make a lot of profit from it. If you find a product for $1, you can usually sell it for $30 if you find the right audience

Passionate following

Then you want to find a product that has a passionate following, this is very important, you can't just find a random t-shirt on aliexpress and try to sell it with no audience in mind. No one is going to buy it, so you need to find a passionate following.

Big enough audience

You need to then find a big enough audience, no point in selling a product to a small audience because you cannot really expand your advert to become popular, it becomes very hard once you run out of people you advertise too, so you need to find big enough audience.

Think Viral!

Try to find a product that you think it would get viral, the more engagement you get on your Facebook advert, the more click to your website.

Can you expand?

Can you expand the product or niche? Because if you can, that is a good thing then you can expand your opportunities, your website, your product range with Shopify

I am going to show you the process that I go through to find very good niches to sell with Shopify store

The first thing I do is I write down my ideas, you can write down some niches that come to your mind or doing the research for example

  • Moms
  • Dogs
  • Sports
  • NFL Jewelry
  • Goth
  • Gaming
  • Camping
  • Fitness
  • Travel
  • hunting
  • Fishing

The first thing I do is I go to then type in my ideas, after getting the product that I like to promote, I then go to aliexpress to get that product for a cheap price with free shipping

Niche For Shopify

You need to understand that finding a niche it not going to happen in seconds or a day, you really need to spend some time finding the perfect niche. You could find a niche within an hour but after spending time making a story, spend time on Facebook ads, you might not make any sales if you pick the wrong niche. So you want to spend more time finding the right niche then you would spend less time trying to sell the product because the product would sell for you.

That is the point of this, you want the product to sell for you, you are just going to troll some ads and once it gets viral, you are not going to do much, you can just sit back and watch your ads make money for you.

The next step which is the most important step is to find the right audience and you can do that with Facebook ads because that is where you are going to advertising your product. If you don't want to use Facebook, then you can use any other platform to advertise your product, the point is, you have to do an advert if you really want to make a lot of money with Shopify like this below

Find A Niche For Shopify

You can actually promote your product for free and still make some money, but doing some advert would save you the stress, you can join bunch of facebook page related to your niches and post a link to your product, visit forum and create a new topic then use the link to your product as your signature, doing SEO, etc, 

On any platform you want to use to advertise your product, you have to make sure you do the audience setting, it is very important.

That is how you find a niche for Shopify and I hope you find this article very helpful


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