Earn $400 For Downloading This 5 Apps - Just Have It Installed

earn money for downloading apps

This is another article about earning $400 just for downloading apps and doing absolutely nothing, you can basically go to sleep and still earn money, I don't know about you but that sound really good to me. 

Let Get Start

You don't have to worry because this app is not going to drown your phone battery but it might just pay your phone bill.

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1.Panel App

You can earn up to $220 a year for just keeping this app installed on your phone, every month they would give you point which you can redeem for cash, all you have to do is to use the app in 5 minutes after you download it. After that, you will start to earn money forever.

You can earn up to $10 per month but if you refer a friends you can scale this up to $20 a month, first download the app but you will need to fill out some information about yourself to know who you are and it only takes a few seconds to do and once completed you would earn point every day as long as you have the app install. So go check it out at https://getpanelapp.com

2. Smart Panel

This program would pay you $180 a year for just downloading and then installing the app on three devices, if your brother as a phone or your sister as a phone, maybe you have multiple computers in the house, install this app on three devices and they would pay you $180 per year.

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The app spy on your activity, your search result and collect information but no personal information is going to be transferred over to the app, they just want information as is highly valuable for an advertiser who which to market to you later on.

You would make about $5 for each device they allow up to three devices totally around $15 per month. So go check it out at https://smartpanel.io/en-US/


This company pays you to unlock your screen on your phone, this is something most of us already do so why not get paid to do it. This one is only available for andriod devices the company want to pay you $60 a year for leaving this app install.

First, you download the app, then register it if you register with facebook they will give you more point after you have install it the company will start to display ads on your lockscreen after you unlock your phone the app credit your account, go check it out https://www.getslidejoy.com/use

4.Microsoft Rewards

How would you like to earn extra $100 a year for doing absolutely nothing, microsoft will pay you $9 a month just for browsing the web, that is what a lot us already do so why not get paid to do it. You can use any browser on your phone that uses the Bing search engine.

You will get paid for 10 searchers per day on level one, and then you can get paid on 25 searchers on level two, the level two is active by earning you 500 point per month so you can redeem your point for Xbox, gift card and lot more. Got to https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/rewards


This helps you earn money for shopping as normal, we all like to shop you can download the app and then link your credit card or debit card and then choose those store that likes to shop at, that shopping and the app are going to give you a point per dollar that you spend.

You can expect to earn 10 points per dollar that you spend, let say 5000 points would get you a $5 gift card or 50,000 points would get you a $50 Amazon gift card, go to https://www.earnwithdrop.com/

That is it guys now you can start getting paid for doing what you are already doing.

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