5 Ways Creative People Can Make Money

You are a creative person? How would you like to make some extra cash on the side just for being creative? In this article, we are going to talk about how you can make money for been creative and we would show you how to get started and where to get started

Make Money

1. Sell Your Art Online

If you are a classic painter or you just make panties for fun, one way to sell art online is to use artfinder.com with a global rate of 500,000 art lovers. You can take full control of your store, your pricing, and it completely free. You sell directly to the buyer and you earn 70% of the sales, but they only accept original and high-quality art.

2. Sell Your Photos Online

This website smugmugpro.com let you keep 85% of the sales you make with your images. Once you signup, you are going to upload your images, you select the product you want to sell and then choose your prices.

Another website is photoshelter.com, they say that their members have sold $3.7 million worth of photo through their account this year. The website gets the traffic for you, you just need to take a picture and post them on the site. You would get paid immediately through Paypal and they accept orders in 23 different currency

3. Sell Your Ebook Online

This website payhip is an e-commerce website that allows you to sell any type of downloadable materials including ebooks, you can create customs pages on the website for free and they would give you all the tools you need to sell your product.

payhip keep 5 percent of the sale and you keep the rest, if you want more traffic for your ebook, get your ebook posted on Amazon for free, using the amazon kindle direct publishing website.

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You would have full exposure on Amazon and you get to about 70 percent of the profit that you make.

If you are not a graphic designer, there is no problem, you can go to snappa.com and design a free custom ebook cover for free.

4. Sell Your Music Online

Are you a music writer or a recording artist? Here is a fun way to make money with your music. It also helps out your career as well, you can sell on bandzoogle.com and you get to keep 100 percent of the profit. You can create your own unique music site with the tools they give you. 

5. Become A Social Media Influencer

You can make money doing this, what you need is to choose a niche, something that you are already interested in and start to show people new and fresh thing on that topic. You can use pictures, videos, short post on social media to build your following and share your passion to attract attention because that is exactly what these guys are doing Brunchboys

They just take pictures of the different food they eat at a different restaurant and post it on their profile information, they have a link on their profile and that link go over to their website where people can purchase on their store, of course, they get a commissions or profit from some of their sales they produce from the store.

That is another great way to share your experience, After you have to build your following, you can start recommending different products and service and earn commission.


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