5 Places To Make $100 Legally Working from Home

How do you like to make $100 without your friend finding out? in this article, am going to show you 5 places to make money legally working from home, there are so many opportunities to make money online, but the real problem with some people is that they don't where to get started, so in this article I will show the top places to make $100 very fast and legally.

Working from Home

1. ListVerse

Listverse would pay you $100 if you can write interesting top 10 post. Here is how it work, you write your top 10 list, for example, 
  • 10 mind-blowing thing that happened this week
  • Top 10 amazing recent revelation
  • 10 extraordinary dogs that save a life
  • 10 serial killers of the old west
When you write your top 10 list, then you send it to them, they would reply to your post and publish it, they would send you $100 into through Paypal.

2. Fiverr

You can sell your voice on Fiverr, a lot of people think Fiverr is not a good place to make a living, because you only make $5, but it's not like that anymore, there are people on Fiverr that are just talking in the microphone and people are paying them starting from $100 even more. Maybe to do commercial, video voice over, for a website, and lot more.

Working from Home

You can do this, you can sell your voice on Fiverr starting at $100

3. Sell Your Urine On Craigslist

I saw an article on HuffPost that say, Florida man sells his own urine on craigslist for $20 per ounce. The question is, why would someone want to buy your pee? 

Those who are subject to drug test might not be able to pass those test with their own urine, so they are going to buy your urine to ruin those test. And the guy who sells is own urine on craigslist was making some good money on it.

Selling your urine online is legal or not, if you want to do this, you must check your state first, I don't advice you going on craigslist without checking if it's allowed in your state.

4. TaskRabbit

You can make up to $100 per person that you visite in your local area. You can help them to move furniture, packing boxes, you can put some pictures on the wall for them, anything that people need to be done in their home, you can visit them and help them to do those things, and you can make a $100 for doing this.

Working from Home

Some tasker turning this into a full-time job, earning like $2000 a week, this guy above is making over $2000 a week for helping people doing some stuff at home.

That is it for TaskRabbit, you help someone in your local area and you get paid. There is a little app you need to download and then you basically look for a job on the app that is around in your local area. Then you just go ahead a apply for that different job.

5. Decluttr

You can sell everything in your closet, you can sell all the old stuff you probably not using anymore, old CD, DVD, Games, Bluerays, old books, if you have tons of book you are not reading anymore, just put them in the box and then ship them off to this company and they would send you money through Paypal.

You can sell your phone, blackberry, Samsung, iPhone, HTC, LG, Nokia, you can sell a desktop, laptop, tablet.

You can sell anything on declutter, and they would send you money through Paypal. 

I love those websites because is a great way to make extra money from home, you can check them out to see which one works for you


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