5 Passive Income Ideas For Automatic Money Online

In this article we are going to talk about another great idea to create a passive income online automatically, this 5 step may take a little bit of work but if you don't get lazy and you put more hard work to any of the 5 steps listed below, you will get a great result at the end.

Passive Income Ideas

1. Sell Digital Product On Etsy

If you miss these article Make Money Selling Printable Quotes On Esty just go and read it, Etsy is not just for selling your grandmother hand crafty goods, you can make a product on your computer and post them on Etsy for some automated cash flow. For example, if you sell a business card template


If you don't have any skills for doing any of this stuff, just head over to Canva, and download thousands of images template, change the color a little bit and then resell them on Etsy

2. Create Your Own Audio Book

If you don't want to show your face, acx.com allows you to publish your own audiobook to the world. If you have some special knowledge you can help people with, then put together an audiobook, to ensure the best quality you can use the USB microphone, something like this below, your sound would be great

Just go to acx.com to create your own audiobook online.

3. Write And Publish Your Own Ebook

This is a great way for creating passive income online, you write the book, publish it and then create automatic income online. You can beat the competition by creating a non-fiction book because fiction ebook is over saturated, but you can pick your own favorite topics and educate your audience on things like Online marketing, self-development, how to train your dogs, etc

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If you don't have all the information for the book, everything you want to know is on the google search. To design an ebook cover, you can use the tool Canva to design your ebook cover, then submit your ebook to kindle direct publishing platform, so that you can have your book publish on Amazon in about 24 - 48 hours and by doing that, your ebook can be accessed and found by thousands of people.

There is 3.5 billion searchers that are made on Amazon every day, so is a really great opportunity.

4. Create Your Own Online Course

If you have the technical skill, creating an online course on udemy is a great way to create automatic income. First, you would need some screen caption software such as ScreenFlow which work on Mac, also, if you have a pc you can use Camtasia, to compile together a set of videos that show people how to do something.

You can create a course in software tips & tricks, how to play an instrument, speaking skills, how to code HTML, etc. Udemy already has thousands of people visiting the site every day just to learn something new. So they already doing the marketing for you, all you have to do is to create the course, get it on udemy, start generating traffic and start creating sales.

5. Build Your Own SmartPhone App

You can build your own app, people do this all the time, you can create your own app using several online cloud base app builders. Such as appery.io, appypie.com, you can also check out appmachine.com

They even claim that you can do it in 5 minutes.

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