3 Businesses You Can Start For Under $100

In this article, we are going to talk about the home businesses that you can start right now, even today for under $100. I would give you all the details you need in this article, so keep reading.

Businesses You Can Start

1. Online Teaching

You can become an online Tutor and you can do that through a company called Wyzant. A great way to earn an online income and help others reach their goals is to become an online tutor. Wyzant has been around since 2005 and it has been a growing company since then.

Wyzant is a tutor matching company. If there are certain skill and topic that you want to learn, they would match you with the right tutor, now wyzant is only open to US resident, and you must have a valid security number and you must be over the age of 18.

The great thing is that there is no requirement to get started to be a tutor, you might be wondering how much you can get paid. A tutor can set their own hourly rate from $30 - $60 per hour and wyzant are going to take between 20 - 40% of your rate, but it's base on the number of the hours you are tutoring through their marketplace.

The website said that a successful tutor can earn as much as $50,000 per year, so if you like to teach and you want to stay at home, you can check out their website at wyzant.com

2. Become A Touring Guide

Do you know your local area very well? If you do know your local area, Vayable is a website where people can go to find local, to show them around the city, and it's worldwide. You can do this from anywhere.
  • The platform is a tool that you use to connect with a customer, it allows both parties to have a safe and secure place to conduct the transaction. Anything else is up to you, you can just start your own little independent business right away.
The first thing you need to do first is to sign up for free and create your profile, vayable collect only 50% commission from your fees for whatever you are charging, you can make anywhere from $70 - $200 for just showing people around for a few hours.

If you are a created person, maybe you like to show people around, then head over to vayable.com and make a profile. It's free to sign up and this could be extra income for you and you also having fun at the same time.

3. Get Thing Done Around The Home

You can start getting things done around the home for people and start getting paid, taskrabbit.com is an online platform that connects people who need things done in their home. For example, you can install a tv, moving & packing, etc, it completely eliminates the need to spend money on marketing yourself, because taskrabbit is going to do all that for you. They are going to get traffic.

This is how it works 
You and the customer are going to agree on a price, you book the deal, and then you go to their home to do the job, and you get paid through the app.

Some people just need things done in their home, maybe go to the store, taking out the trash, etc, some people are unable to do something, maybe they are disabled or they have an injury.

They would just call you and say hey dude, can you go and do this for me, you say yes, then you get paid through the app. 

If you want to get out from the house and move around, just signup for TaskRabbit, it's free, you can try it for a week to see if you like it, and if you don't, you can just move on. 


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