10 Website Paying $50 to $300 Per Post

In this article, we are going to be talking about the top 10 websites that pay good money to write post an article online. For those of you that wanted a dream job of writing article and working from home, there is no investment required, no start-up fees, and the payout is very fast.

Some of your story and articles you write would be posted online and offline in a magazine, you can do this from home I would leave a link to all this website if you see the one that you like, then go ahead and check it out.

Work at home by writing Articles for Websites

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1.) Transitions Abroad

They are known as a travel publication and online information source, they aim to create an inspirational planning guide for traveling, they write a bunch of different article based around traveling, work, study and living abroad.

They pay around $50 per travel-related article especially article writing base on your own personal experience, the link is transitionsabroad

2.) Digital Ocean

Are you a tech person? If you are, digitalocean would pay you between $300 to $400 for every tutorial and short guide. They would even give you $75 to $25 to update an already existing tutorial. You can check it out digitalocean

3.) Chicken Soup for The Soul

Can you tell an exiting hot warming or funny story about something that happens to you or someone else you known, if your content is accepted it would be part of famous chicken soup for the soul book

I don't want to include this website because it's going to take a while for the book to be published even up to a year. But they would pay around $200 one month after the book is published, but it's great if you want your story to be published in print. You can check them out at chickensoup

4.) Fantasy and Science Fiction

This magazine is looking for a story about science-fiction, they prefer not to see more than one submission at a time for each writer, so keep that in mind, the problem is that you might need to wait for 8 weeks to get a response after you apply.

The payout is 7-12 cent for every word, but the payment is a capped at 25,00 words, which means that you can potentially make up to $3,000 per article. check out sfsite

5.) WanderLust

Wanderlust is a British based magazine that targets the travel market, so they love an article about a secret corner of the world, unwell known places, writers are known to receive about 220-euro for the features article, go check it out at wanderlust

6.) TheLayout

This is another website for those tech people, thelayout is all about the best and most useful content management system, mainly WordPress and CMC systems software, you can make an article or make a post between 700 - 800 long and expect to pay around $50 - $150, you can go ahead and check it out getflywheel

7.) HOW Magazine

Do you have any experience in graphic design, if you do, HOW is a popular magazine that has been around for years, but they are looking for a tutorial, guide, inspirations, showcases and much more. The column is typically ruined around 12 hundred words and you can expect to make anywhere from $250 - $800 for each of the submission that you do. You can go check it out at howdesign

8.) Backpacker Magazine

This magazine provides your reviews, tips, and tricks on a different product, stories, etc, you can get your story posted online or you can have your article featured in their print magazine. They pay you $1 per word and most articles are around 100 - 12 hundred word depending on the department. backpacker

9.) Cracked

This a massive and quickly growing human site that is always looking for good content, they are going to pay you $50 for four funny stories that you submit, or they would pay out a $100 for four feature links article. 

This link would take you to a page where you can submit an article cracked

10.) Girls Life

This one is for high school and college student, this magazine gives you useful update and advice on relationship, celebrity gossip, and much more. If that is something you know about or if you want to get into that the payment goes highest to $300 per article that you write.

You can submit as many articles as you want, girlslife

There you go guys, that is 10 website where you can post an article and make money with your writing if that is kind of skills that you like.

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