Make Money From Watching Netflix

In this article, I would be showing you how to make money for watching Netflix. I would be showing you multiple of people using this method, and a few ways to monetize different things, I would also show you some app and some stuff that you can use to help you find out the best way or multiple ways to do it.

1. Episode Analysis and Reviews Blog

 The first thing you can look at is creating a blog, and the thing you need to do are like analysis of the movie, tv shows, an episode of a tv show, like The top 10 scenes of an action tv show, or the funniest moment of a tv show, etc.

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You can get all kind of idea for content, but you need to update fresh content on a daily basis to turn it into a full-time income.

Create fresh content for every single movie and tv show episode, and a few examples are IMDB

Is were people can rate what they thought about a tv show or movies, you can get all kind of idea from

Another example is HuffPost, just go to google and type "HuffPost" to get some idea, and you need to be able to produce a blog post every day to make it grow faster and get the income that you want, especially if you want to go for full-time.

You need a website to do this, and you can use a website like and you want to make sure you have your own domain like or, you don't want, it doesn't look professional, make sure you have your own custom domain and you can get that from GoDaddy or through the Wix program.

2. Viggle

The second thing you can do is to download an app call viggle, you can go to, you can get the app for iPhone or Android device, and what it does is it allows you to stream your favorite shows and then you get point for doing that.

You can also get an extra point for answering questions, playing games and stuff related to your tv shows that you are watching. And then you can exchange your point for a gift card.

3. Affiliate Marketing

If you have a blog like I mention in step 1, you can make money from selling stuff related to that show or movies that you are talking about, for an instant, you can use Amazon

They pay up to 10% commission for stuff you help sell, and the way affiliate marketing works if you don't already know is you basically sign up for this program, you find the product on Amazon and you click to get the text-link and then when people buy something by clicking that link on your website or video channel.

You get a commision of whatever they pay for that product, so if they buy something for $100, but they went through your link instead of just going to their website, you get $10, out of that $100 sales.

4. Ads

HuffPost do the same thing, they have ads at the top, you can do that through google adsense, is the biggest ads platform on the internet right now, and it's free to signup, and then when your website qualify, you can apply and get ads ember on your website.

You can hire somebody to do that for you, or if you know a code you can do that as well. And then you can have ads on the top like HuffPost, and then when people see or click those ads you earn money.

5. Video Channel

Another way that you can make money for watching Netflix is to create a youtube channel, I would recommend you to take a look at WatchMojo on youtube, just to get an idea.

WatchMojo mentions a lot of tv shows and movies as part of their content, you need to make sure that you have plenty of subject for your youtube channel.

You also need to make sure that you know the copyright legal stuff that is involved, if you want to do a review of a tv show like WatchMojo, they know how to deal with copyright.

You need to know that before you start getting yourself into trouble on youtube before you start to use any Netflix stuff in your video and review them, make sure you watch some of the videos by video creators channel.

Just search for copyright video creators on youtube to know how to legally use copyright music, games, and movies on youtube, it helps you to avoid copyright problem because if you have copyright problem you would be able to make any money.

6. Look for Netflix Jobs involving "Taggers" or Categorization

You would watch every show and then tag it base on keywords, maybe it's a kids show, it's a comedy show, a romantic comedy, you have specific things that you need to use to categorize videos, and by doing this you help Netflix recommend shows to people base on what they watch better, so they are more likely to spend more time on Netflix to keep their subscription. You can go to

You can just search for taggers or videos categorization, and they also have a ton of job open right now.

That is how you can make money on Netflix and I am very sure you learn something new from this, do leave a comment if you have anything to say, happy earning.


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