Apps That Pay You PayPal Money For Free

Earn money for free

Today I am going to talk about 6 apps that pay you Paypal money for free. all these apps do work on iOS/Android, some of this app are also going to be available on desktop, so you can actually add them an extension on google chrome, it would make it easier to use it on your phone or on the desktop.



Ebates is simple and easy to use, you download the app focuses create your profile, and the way it works is that it has a list of a bunch of different company and it gave you cash-back if you use those company through the app.

What I mean by that is, for example, they have JCPenny currently available at 10% cash back, if you click on the link from the app or on the website, it would actually take you to jcpenny website and you would get a percentage back base on the things that you are purchasing.

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Every single company has certain rule and regulation when it comes to how much you get back and also to what the speculation is to be able to get that cash back. For example, if we click on JCPenny

It would tell you that you can earn up to 10lkoilooo% cash back and the different terms to be able to get that cash back. So make sure you pay attention to the different requirement to be able to earn that money back.

The nice thing is. if you are already planning on spending money on whatever ebate have available, that is going be nice money coming back to you.

  • Warning: When it comes to any of this app that earns you some cash back, make sure that you are paying attention and not overspending just because you are earning some money back. That can be a very dangerous pitfall that a lot of people fall into.

A lot of time it happens with a coupon when people end up spending more than they actually need only because they can't get those savings, so just because something is on sales or you can earn cash back, just be cautious.

That money goes to your Paypal account and you can transfer to your regular bank account.

2. TopCashback

Apps That Pay You PayPal Money For Free

This is very similar to ebates, when downloading the app, you will find a different company to earn some cash back for. When you click on those link it actually takes you to the actual website where you do your regular purchase and then earns some money back.

Unfortunately, you can't do both ebates and topcashback, because it does have a special link for each company, so make sure to look at both company to see which one offers you a better rebate.


Apps That Pay You PayPal Money For Free

I just recently download this app, but from the different people I have listened to and watch, they have some really good thing about this app. When you download this app into your phone, you are going to be able to accept a job where you can actually take photos of different product on the store or you can answer surveys. 

It gives insight to a lot of different company on what people like to purchase and the different things that are going on in the store all across the country.

What they really do is, they ask you to take photos of the different product around, maybe sometime the prices of the product, so that some company can get real-time information on how much things cost all across the united state, so that way they can better price their product.

You actually get paid for being able to take that quick photo or answer that quick surveys when you at the store or other places.

4. Swagbucks

Apps That Pay You PayPal Money For Free

The way swagbucks work is a little bit different, you don't actually get the dollar amount you are earning, you get what they call the Swagbucks, they have different way that you can earn money so is not just actual shopping, you can do surveys, watch videos, download apps, do some free trials, etc.

You can convert your Swagbucks earning into your Paypal were you can actually withdraw that money into your bank account.


Apps That Pay You PayPal Money For Free

When you have the app and create your account and then you go through the list of a different store they have, for example, I go through Winco and they have a list of items that you can earn cash back for. And when you do that cash back offer, you are going to go through all the different thing that you would like to receive money back for.

Once, you go to the store, you peak up the items, once you got home you can take a photo of the code on the product and then earn credit for the product that you purchase. Then when you earn a certain amount which is $20, you can redeem that money into either gift card or Paypal.

They have a lot of different option for you when it comes to being able to get money back for the thing you are already purchasing, and again as I mentioned earlier, just be very cautious with overspending on the thing that you can get cash back for.

6. SavingStar

Apps That Pay You PayPal Money For Free

This app is very similar to ibotta, you go through their app, find the different offer they have available, adding them to your redeem offers, purchasing the items through the store and then redeem them once you get home, and then building up your amount so that you can redeem into your Paypal account.

I haven't gone through much of the savingstar to know if they are also similar to ebates.

If you have any recommendation when it comes to apps that help you earns some PayPal money, let us know in the comment box below so that people can learn more about that app


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