Sunday, 18 November 2018

4 iPhone Apps That Pay You To Watch Videos

4 iPhone Apps That Pay You To Watch Videos

In this post I want to quickly show you 4 app that pays you for watching videos on iPhone, this is a free app, and I have written a post about 7 Ways To Earn Money By Watching Videos maybe you should check it out because that would be another great way to make extra money.

Watching videos is what you do normally on your iPhone, but today, I am going to share with you some app that you can install on your iPhone and then earn some money when you watch video on your iPhone using those apps.

1. Viggle

I have talked about this app on my last post, viggle is one app that pays you to basically scream your favorite tv show and answer some question, you get points that you can exchange for PayPal or gift card.

Sometime you might not find all the videos interesting, but since you want to earn some money anyway, you can watch the video for a point and then cash out through PayPal or gift card.

2. FeaturePoints

The thing about feature point is that you to try like 3 app before they let you watch a video, once you try the free app, then you get to unlock watching videos, taking surveys, playing games, etc.

What I mean about trying those apps is that you would have to download and install those 3 apps on your iPhone and then open the app for about 3 minutes, after that you can remove the apps from your device and start to earn some point.

You can use your point for Paypal money or gift card, they also have other available option to cash out.

3. AppTrailers

This app is available for iPhone and it allows you to watch trailers of tv shows, movies, game, etc, they all create trailer that makes you want to try them and that is basically a way for you to make money to watch those through the watch trailers app which is also completely free like others.

They have a game, quiz, that you can play to earn an additional point, but they are completely known for watching videos.

4. Perk TV

This one has been around like the other, but it's one of the most established, perk tv allows you to make money from watching the news, movies, tv show, game, and more. You might even discover some shows that you never would discover before.

After earning some point then you can exchange that for Paypal or gift card, it's just another app that pays you to watch high-quality videos on your iPhone.

You can download those apps on your iPhone app store, then you can start to earn some money. 

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