10 Best Paid Apps For Taking Surveys

Best Paid Apps For Taking Survey

If you don't understand, a survey is an easy way to make quick money online because you can answer questions and then get paid for it, the thing that I really like about taking a survey is because of their question base on your lifestyle.

For example, if you love watching movies a lot, you can take a survey about movies and the question is about how often do you go to the cinema, your favorite tv show, it's about stuff that is entertaining to you.

So if you are a smartphone user and you want to earn some extra money through your mobile phone then this top survey app will be very helpful for you.

The sad thing about surveys is that there are many scam website and app out there who claim to be legit but after earning some money in your account, they would ask you to pay some amount before you can withdraw your earning, or the withdraw button may even disappear or not clickable.

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I have done some research before listing this top survey app, and if you are a reader of this blog, you would know that all the content publishes on this site are unique and trustful.

You have to be careful when downloading those apps, because when you go to play store and search for the app, you may find hundreds of them, and you might be confused which one to download. But I have provided a direct link to get those apps to your smartphone.

1. Zap Survey

Best Paid Apps For Taking Suvery

This app has a very good rating, not a lot of users really, but it's still a solid app and they have frequency surveys and that is very important because it allows you to make money very quickly and also reach their minimum payout very fast.

You can also make some donation by doing this survey to children in need, they give the charity and you also make money, it's not like all the money you make goes to charity, they do give some money to charity when you do this survey and you also keep what you earn.

That is why their popularity keeps growing more and more, but you get paid really well in your first survey at least $6.00, but they would give some money to charity maybe 3% of what you earn.
Download Zap survey

2. InboxDollars

Best Paid Apps For Taking Suvery

This app is nice because not only do they let you make money from taking surveys, but they also give you a lot of other ways to make money, you can also make money checking emails, searching the internet, watching videos, referring friends to use it, etc.

Inboxdollars is one I recommend as far as giving a lot of option well also offering surveys. Download Zap survey

3. Surveys On The Go

Best Paid Apps For Taking Suvery

The reason I like this app is that is highly rated, surveys on the go allow you to make money specifically from surveys. they specialize in surveys they don't give you a lot of other option, it tells you what you have to earn in terms of dollar, instead of earning a point.

They don't overcomplicated, they just tell you how much money from the currency you use would be pay to you when taking surveys. You can make decent money if you just fill out all their surveys. Download Zap survey

4. Google Opinion Reward

Best Paid Apps For Taking Suvery

Google is going to deliver a decent product considering they are one of the biggest company in the world, they have a reputation they hold as a company. They pay you with google play credit instead of cash, if you want to cash your money through Paypal or gift card, google opinion reward might not be an option for you, because they only pay you with google play credit.

This credit can only be used to buy anything on play store, but, all of your entertainment need can be met by google play because they offer video games, music, books, tv shows, android app. Your credit can go a long way toward this type of stuff.

Download Zap survey

5. iPoll

Best Paid Apps For Taking Suvery

This app has been around for a while, they are one of the top survey specific apps that pay. When you create a profile then you can start taking surveys. You can search for something specific if you want to do surveys on a specific type of categorizing, which is really nice.

keep it in mind that you have to actually go to the ipoll website to redeem your reward. Download Zap survey

6. YouGov Daily

Best Paid Apps For Taking Suvery

YouGov is lesser known than those apps I have mentioned so far, but they have daily surveys you can do and it's still a really nice app, but one thing I love about YouGov that make them a little different is you can see how other people answer the questions, and that can actually give you more incentive to keep doing it, because you are interested seeing what other people think besides just yourself.

They don't really have many users as other but they are still effective. Download Zap survey

7. i-Say

Best Paid Apps For Taking Suvery

You may have heard i-say mobile, it's actually called i-say rewards your opinion now, but they have been around for a while and they specialize in surveys, they would give you a notification on your lock screen for a new survey you to take

They tell you how much your point can get you as you take more surveys, and it also shows you the progress bar of how far you have to go on your survey which nice, if you are timing yourself or you are waiting in line somewhere and you are trying to get through the surveys very quickly, it actually tells you your progress.
Download Zap survey

8. QuickThoughts

Best Paid Apps For Taking Suvery

This app pays you amazon gift card so you don't really have a choice of how you get paid, so if you are looking for PayPal money or you are looking for actual check in the mail, then this is not going to be a great app but if you use Amazon which has everything you could ever want to buy, then you can get a lot of amazon gift card through quick-thought because they have a lot of sources

Which means they have a lot of surveys meaning you can get a lot of Amazon gift card. Download Zap survey

9. CashReward

Best Paid Apps For Taking Suvery

What I like about cash reward is that they offer 5 different payout option like Paypal, payza, ppm, amazon gift card, WebMoney, and their minimum payout is only $1. You can also make money from other things just like inboxdollar.

Downloading the free app, watching videos ads, playing free games, by doing this, it allows you to reach their minimum payout very quickly as low as $1. Download Zap survey

10. SurveyMini

Best Paid Apps For Taking Suvery

Is not a well know app but they have a very good rating, they offer different gift card on the store to redeem your reward. Is a highly rated app because a lot of people have tried it and then give their thought on it.

They also have a promotion that means you can really win big if you are lucky. Download Zap survey

Alright, folks, that is my top survey app I would recommend you to check them out and don't forget to give your thought about those apps, taking online surveys will not make you rich. But it would make you the money you need to pay some bill or buy some stuff on online. Happy Earning.


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