5 Apps That Pay You Paypal or Gift Cards: 5 Money Making Apps 2018

Today I would share the top 5 money making app that I found, that actually pays you. I understand we all want some extra cash and gift card, so decided to share these top app that actually earns you some extra cash and gift card.

I would have a link to download any app you see in this post


The first app I would be sharing with you is shopkick, the idea of shopkick is, you can go to stores you normally shop at, they would give you point for just walking in, as you can see, like Walmart, 25 points just for walking in.

You don't have to buy anything when you are in the store, and if you purchase something, they would give you a list of certain things and tell you how much you can earn by buying that, and you can just submit your receipts when you buy it.

They have a bunch of gift card you can pick from, and it really doesn't require much work, and I know this might be really helpful for some people. Download Shopkick for both iPhone and Android


This's actually a really popular app and I know a lot of people use it, you may have heard about this app before, but some people may not. It's like a cashback app, if you go through any of their rebate stores to buy some stuff, you just need to click on the plus arrow, and they would give you cash back for any items that you bought.

It doesn't require any extra work, you are buying some stuff like you normally do online, and you are getting cash back for it, they would just ask you to scan your receipt with that green button at the bottom, and within 24r, they would give you your cashback.

If you have a PayPal you can redeem that or if you want a gift card they have that option also. They give you $5 dollar if you refer your friends, and your friend you refer would get $10 into their account. Download Ibotta for both iPhone and Android


This app required you to do a little bit of work, but you can actually make a good amount of money. All you have to do is to zoom into where you live and see what job is around there.

All that little green you see in that screenshot is the job that is around, and if you click any of them, you could see the available job. For example, there is a job at Walmart, and it paid between $4 - $5. 

Most of them would just require you to take a picture of certain places. Download Easy Shift for both iPhone and Android


This app is very similar to ShopKick, there is button down that said In-Store. It shows you a lot of cool stores, and sometimes it lets you scan a product and earn some point or you can earn some point for just walking in.

You can also spin to earn more, and there is a survey you can take to get more point, also videos, you can earn point for watching videos and they have a feature that let you play all the video automatically, so you just need to put your phone somewhere and let it play all the videos itself, and they would give you point for that.

You can cash out for a gift card or to your PayPal account.  Download Checkpoint for both iPhone and Android


This final app is very similar to ibotta, you just scan the receipt and you get cashback. All you have to do it to just take a picture of any receipt that you get from a store. You can cash out on Amazon, PayPal, a magazine subscription.

If you use this app along with ibotta, you would get double money, if you scan your receipt on ibotta, you can scan the same receipt on this app, you can easily make some extra money here and there. Download Receipthog for both iPhone and Android

Alright, that is it for today guys, I hope you find some cool app to make money with your phone.


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