20 Exact Steps to Start Home Based Business

I got a ton of question about how to start a home base business. So today I will layout the ground rule and explain what you need in other to start a home-based business, then you can decide if running a home business is for you.

If you are serious about the idea of making money through a home base business, then here are the 20 exact step to start a home base business

1. Evaluate Your Talents

Keep in mind there is a huge difference between talent and things you enjoy. Just because you enjoy something doesn't mean you can turn it into a business. 

2. Assess Your Financing Needs

Starting a business from home can be more avoidable then starting a traditional business, you would still need money to get started.

3. Know Your Competition

If you plan on working from home locally. Look around town for other businesses offering the same services or product. You have to figure out if there is enough business left for you in your area.

4. Understand The Needs Of Your Market

Listen to what people say and what they need in the area.

5. Learn About Employment Laws

If you plan to hire an employee, or contractor working as part of your home base business. You would need to know how to navigate labor loss. 

6. Consider Some Of The More Common Ideas

If no business idea not coming to mind, think about some of the tried and through home business types

7. Consider The Space Required For Your Business

If you are planning on doing manufacturing, product storage, or shipping. You would likely need more than a desk to work on.

8. Figure Out If You Can Make This Business Profitable.

How much would people pay for your services? Can you make a good income off these?

9. Create A Business Plan For Your Home Based Business.

This is the blueprint for your business, it may help you think of things that didn't cross your mind about your business and help you determine what kind of start-up cost you are looking at.

10. Check Into Legal Barriers For Your Business

Some areas have certain rule and regulation for home-based businesses, and you need to check into those at your town and city hall, before investing much time and money into your business.

11. Figure Out If You Need Additional Insurance

Visit your local insurance agent to determine if you are in need of any special insurance for your home-based business. 

12. Invest In Your Home Based Business.

Before you get started. There is often investment you would have to make in your business infrastructure. 

13. Organize Your Business As A Legal Entity

When setting up for business, you have several options and determining the structure of your business. The easiest is to simply act as a "Sole Proprietorship" where you, the business owner are legally the business.

14. Set Up Your Home Office

To work actively, you need to have a dedicated business based on your home. 

15. Set Up A Dedicated Phone Line And Internet Service.

Almost all businesses would require contact with a customer over the phone. 

16. Get A Post Office Box For Your Business

This is specially important if you have business cards or would be regularly corresponding to the email.

17. Launch Your Business

If you have everything ready, launch your business or website and take your first customer. 

18. Market Your Business.

To bring in more customers, you have to market your business.

19. Adjust Strategies And Products As Necessary.

Respond to your customers. You should set a system or survey where your customers can rate their experience with you and your business.

20 Build A Trusting Customer Base.

By adjusting to your customer needs, and consistently providing good services or product. You get the best form of free advertising: Word of mouth recommendations. 

That is my list of starting a home-based business, am very sure you got some idea from it


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