How to Make Money from Home Without Working - 10 Best Ways

If you are looking for a way to make money online without getting any job or starting any business, you might find this article really helpful because I'm going to show you a way to make money from home without getting a job.

I have listed option 1-5, all you have to do is to choose the best option that suits you, or maybe the one you find convenient.

Option 1#

The first thing you can do if you want to make money without hardly working is to get some data collection app on your phone. If you have an android phone then you have a few different app you can get.

1. MobileXpression Research

The app allows you to get paid, to allow them to collect data from the app you use on your phone. It just collect some data to better understand the internet and how people use smartphone

2. Smart Panel App

This app is very similar to MobileXpression Research, they also collect data and you get paid. 

Note: Neither of this app is going to pay you a whole lot of money, but you will make a few dollar to bay your bills

Option 2#

  • Create a user content site then hire someone to manage it.
  • Create a computer program to identify a problem, but you might have to update it once in a while if you don't hire anyone.
  • Create a site where you don't actually create the content. But you would have to work to create content if you don't have a site that is bass on users generated content.
A few example is

That is all user generating content, millions of people are posting different stuff on Reddit, other people are the one that creates everything and then reddit just hire a team that manages the site to make sure people are not doing what they shouldn't be doing.

You can hire people to do those things like Reddit does, and then you just enjoy the insane amount of traffic you got, and you can have ads that collect the money or monetize it with an affiliate link.

Another example is creating a forum where people can talk about specific things. If you do these, you don't want to be a real big general forum, you just want to be specific to a certain niche like warrior forum

The warrior forum is base on internet marketing, you can look at a few things with your free account, but to get the full account permission, you have to pay $10/month, and you will get a lot of interesting things inside to help you get better as an internet marketer.

If you're interested in creating your own forum, you can read this great step by step tutorial How To Blog- A Beginner's Guide To Start Your Own Blogging Today or you can go to and find a developer to help out.

Option 3#

Lockscreen Ads

They paid you after you install them on your phone, then you are done. They pay you a certain amount of money every day and you can cash out anytime.

6. Slidjoy- Lock Screen Cash

You just have to download and install the app on your phone, then you are done, they just put an ad on your screen and you just need to slide it twice to unlock your phone anytime you want

7. Fronto Lock Screen

You can also get paid with Fronto Lock Screen, is the same with slidejoy, and most people use the two apps at the same time. So if you want,  you can do that as well.

8. Get rid of old clothes, furniture, etc.

There are a couple of apps available for both Apple and Android device that help you to get rid of your old stuff. App like 5miles, 

They allow you to sell all kind of stuff from furniture, vehicle, clothes, etc, you just need to take a picture of it, and set the price.

Another one is letgo, is very similar to 5miles, 

You can sell your electronics, your sports stuff and more, all you have to do is to take a picture of it and set the price.

Option 4#

9. Rent your stuff out

If you don't drive all the time, or maybe you work from home most of the time and you don't have to drive every day, you can rent out your car on days you don't drive or if you have a second car, you can rent out one of them.

A good place to get paid to rent your car out is

Those are the option to make money from home without working and am very sure you will find it helpful


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