The Secret Methods to Launch a Product to Rank on Amazon

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I'm going to teach you how to launch your product straight to the top of the ranking on Amazon. This tutorial is about how you can build a weirdly profitable ultimate business from anywhere in the world and Leverage the insane traffic and infrastructure of Amazon.

In this article, I'm going to go dipper into the money stage of the business. You got your product, now, it's time to launch it and start getting sales and clamming up the ranking on Amazon.

The higher rankings you get, the more natural sale you would get from Amazon 320 million per month visitors. And all of them have a credit card in hand ready to buy.

Let Get Started

There are only 3 things to focus on to launch your product in the fastest way.

1. The Basics

2. Ongoing Reviews

3. Burst Of Reviews

Let start with the basics

Step 1. The Basics

Let ensure you that you have all the basics in place

If you get the basic right, the conversion rate is high as 25%, that means every 4 people who click to your page is going to become a customer of yours.

The basic really comes down to 3 things

1. Product Title

2. Great Images

3. Sales Copy

But let start with product title

1. Product Title

Your product title needs to active 2 goals. 

  • Keyword Rich: The part of Amazon search algorithm looks to the title to see if a product is relevant to the search.

You want to think of anything people might search for when looking for your product and get many of those keyword phrases in your title as possible

2. Clickability

However, the second goal with your title is to make a customer want to click on it when they see it in the search result surrounded by your competitors. This means you need to be creative about your title to get the balance right between keyword and clickability.

For example, check out this two title

The first is a standard title you may see across many amazon listing. 

The second is very well optimized, I'll show you how to do it.

Now, it might look wild been so long, but most categories on Amazon would let you have up to 250 characters in your title, and you need to use it.

Can you see how many different search term that title cover, however, I also keep the title easy to read and included trigger word that would attract the customer to click on it?

You can probably cover with hundred of side different keyword phrases now the customer might search for on Amazon, and your product would potentially show up in the search result, but thanks to its title.

Step 2. Great Images

The majority of amazon listing have bad images. Some even have 1 single image like the one below.

Amazon allows you to have up to 9 product images and you want to make sure that they are stunned.

The customer doesn't have the lottery of picking and touching your product like they do in the shop. Instead, they have to get the same impression from your images.

  • Your images need to confirm what they are looking for.
  • Will do what they want it to do.
  • It also needs to demonstrate high-quality product
  • Visualise how they would use that product.

Let say you want to make some hot cake and you head to Amazon to buy it. 

Which of this 2 product below would you buy just by looking at what they're offering in the images

The first has just 1 basic image, 

The other used 7 at of 9 available slot and show the product quality and a lot of packaging and what you can achieve with it. 

Which of this comes across as a premium product to you, and which would you pay more for, which you would like to click on if you saw both images next to each other in the search result.

Your images are your shop window. 

3. Sales Copy

The final basic that you need to get right is your product description. 

Some customer who would buy just because of the title and the images would also want to read the bullet point and the product description to get more information.

I can't break down every detail in this article, but I will just give you a quick Tips to write a good description for your product.
  • Concentrate on how the product would benefit the customer, not The Features
  • Focus on why the customer should buy your product, over your competitors
  • Include Proof & Statistics if relevant
  • Add a Free Bonus to help differentiate from your competitors
  • A clear guarantee


Now you have the basics in place, then you know your product would convert well.

Step 2. Ongoing Reviews

Now. it's time to kick-start your product in ranking with a few simple strategy I have proofing to be effective.

Amazon as build a business page on social proof, and I'm talking about customer reviews of product

Reviews are significant ranking factor amazon uses to rank result when a customer searches for something.

Secondly, reviews are big conversion factors as many customers read the reviews of the product before they commit to buying.

A newly launch product with no product review is not going to do very well on items front. 

Step 3. Burst Of Reviews

You need to create some burst and brand recognition about your product. And the way to do that is to give away a number of your product and ask for feedback in the product reviews.

You can give out a coupon code that allows people to buy from Amazon like $1.

Call all your family and friends, give them the code and get them to buy it, and leave a 5-star review. Also get them to pass it on everybody they know to do the same. The more the better.

As Amazon see sales with bigger reviews, they would push you up to the ranking, and as a result, you would start to get natural sales and reviews to keep the momentum going.


Now, folks, it's time to get out there and start making some money on Amazon, I have done my best to give you the secret method to make money on Amazon. Is time for you do the same for yourself on Amazon.

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