Success Will Never Come to Entrepreneurs Who Do These 10 Things

Success will never come to entrepreneurs who do these 10 things, whether you're talking about a football game or election, one thing is certain, there are going to be winners and there are going to be loser

Want to start the act of being a successful entrepreneur in your favor, start by taking note of the following 10 this you should never do!

1. Be Jealous

Seeing other people around you succeed should motivate you, even if they're your competition. Every person has the ability to be successful. And wasting time focusing on other people success or achievement, would just sink track your own progress

2.  Look Back

You're going to face hard time, difficult decisions, and even failure. Don't let bombs in the road stop your progress. Continue to look forward and never looking back.

3. Make Excuses

If you make a bad decision and something doesn't work out as plan, don't look for excuses, search for the cause of the problem and junk it up to a valuable business lesson.

If you're constantly making excuses for your mistake. You will continue to make them because you have problem identify the root of the problem.

4. Stop Learning

Your age, years of experience or level of success should never prevent you from learning.

We can all continue to learn and be inspired from other entrepreneurs, whether they are billionaires or those that just starting as entrepreneurs

5. Associate with Negative Individuals

People who constantly making excuses, complaining and having a negative outlook, should be avoided. Surround yourself with like line individual that has focus and demine as you are.

6. Wake up with a Plan

Time management is a crucial part of being an entrepreneur. To be efficient, you need to know what your goals are and what task you need to get done. 

If you're scrambling to create a plan of attack every day, you're going to be in trouble. 

7. Be Scared to Make Changes and Adapt

You need to be willing and able to adjust your plan and strategy to maintain success in the future. 

Imaging if apple never adapted and they just stop to making computers. 

After releasing the iPod, they started manufacturing smartphone, tablet, and they are now releasing their first wearable technology, the Apple watch.

Once just a computer company, it's now a consumer electronics powerhouse. 

8. Let your Bark Be Bigger than your Bite

Successful entrepreneurs don't sit back and talk about what they are going to do, they plan, follow through and conquer. Nothing is going to get accomplished just by talking about it. 

9. Focus only on Dollar Sign

Instead of chasing the money, focus on creating product and services that make a difference and provide value. If you do this, the money would come.

10. Failure

Most statics say that 8 at of every 10 new businesses fail. 

Successful entrepreneurs going through everything knowing that there is a chance of failure. If they fail, it views as part of their growth.

As an Entrepreneurs, these are 10 things that I think you should stop doing.


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