5 Ways to Make Money With Amazon

Make Money With Amazon

There are 5 ways to make money on Amazon. A lot of you will actually familiar with an affiliate program, but there are 4 other ways that involve e-commerce, website advertising, videos, and a t-shirt.
What I'm going to do in this article is to go over all the options

1. Amazon FBD ( Fulfillment by Amazon)

Basically, you decide what you want to sell then amazon package it and ship the product to your customers. 

Here is how it work

You sold product on Amazon fulfillment center, and when a customer makes an order, Amazon package it and delivers from the fulfillment center.

The product that is eligible for Amazon prime would be ship in two days with free shipping. When you see amazon prime or when you're ordering something with your prime membership, that's generally what is happening.

Now, the key to making this work is to figure out what to sell. There are tools out there that would help you do the research and discover what people search for on Amazon.

You also have to decide how much Storage space you need. But, you have to pay for that space, there's definitely a learning course to make this work. 

That will be my next tutorial, but first, you need to read this tutorial also The Secret Methods To Launch A Product To Rank On Amazon

Goto amazon.com/fba to learn more

2. Amazon Associates (Affiliate Program)

This second option is what most of you are probably familiar with, and that is Amazon affiliate program.

Mine most recently earning from Aug- 2016 is $522

How this program work is, you link to Amazon product in your blog post or your web pages, and when somebody buys, you would get a commission.

How does Amazon know if somebody bought a product? 

Your link has tracking ID in them, so is automated, is not like some men sitting in a basement tracking the sale with a button.

All of this is automated, as you all know this's called affiliate marketing, and it's the best way for most people to earn money online.

The commissions are very low. They started around 3%, but Amazon is very trustful, it's just a brand that people trust. 

Just to give you a point of reference, to make $522. I have to generate over 10,276 clicks, in 380 ordered

But I use Amazon because there is no affiliate program anywhere else for the product that I promote. So it's better than earning nothing.

Amazon also paid you when people signup for their free services

They also reward you for the volume of sales, the more your sales, the higher your affiliate percentage goes up. You need lots of sales to make decent money.

If you want to join, just go to amazon.com/associates, but you must have a website.

3. Amazon CPM

The 3rd way to make money with Amazon is actually part of the Amazon associate program. Once you get accepted into their program then you have access to this, it called amazon CPM.

They pay you for ads views on your website. it's very similar to Google Adsense, except they pay for impression or views not clicks, just like infolink, if you head about that before.

Adsense earning mostly come from clicks, they do have some CPM ads, but it mostly pays per click.

How it works is you past code into your website and they display ads that are relevant to your website. 

For every 1000 views, you will earn money, you can actually set how much you want to earn for every 1000 views on impression

I have tried this before, and to be honest with you, I'm not really making much money so I just remove it, I think Google Adsense is a great option. 

But if you got your account ban from Adsense, well, this could be another option, or if your Adsense application got disapprove for some reason.

Once you become a member of the Amazon associate program, you would be able to log in and access the Amazon CPM program

When you log in, you would see an option to create your ad code, and then you can get started.

4. Amazon Video Direct

For what I heard, this was created to rival the youtube partner program. But I've honestly not heard any success story coming from this method yet.

How it works is you upload video, movie shows, course, and you will earn royalties base on how many time your video is stream, and how your video is accessible.

For example, you can make your video available for free to people who are Amazon Prime members and make royalties for the views.

If you want to join, just go to amazon.com/videodirect, to know more about it.

5. Amazon Merch ( Make money Designing T-shirt)

You upload a design that you create using photoshop, add it to a shop, and when it sold, you would get a royalty.

Amazon would handle all the printing and the shipping, you just need to focus on designs. 

The biggest difference from others website is you have to get approved for the program, and it takes up to 6 months or more.

If you're an expert in graphic designer and you want to make some passive income, apply to their program by going to amazon.com/merch


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