How to Make Money Online - 13 Methods to Earn Passive Income Online

How to Make Money Online

I Have two main Goals with this post, the first one is to educate and motivate you to learn how to make money online. And the second is to be an improvement on the same topic, and hopefully, be accomplishing the first goal by educating and motivating you, and add a mix value throughout the post.

Active Income

The first part of this post will be about active income, an active income is basically exchanging your own time for money.

Passive Income Online

The last part of this post will be about passive income online. Which basically means it requires a little bit of initial startup cost time and resource, but very, very little upkeep once you set it up.

Let Get Started

Step 1. Data Entry, Amazon Mechanical Turk.

If you never heard about Amazon mechanical Turk before, well it's marketplace hosting by Amazon to do things that robots can't-do, that they have to have humans to do.

They outsourced to people with extra time, who want to earn a little extra money online, there is all kind of task on this website, anywhere from searching data, transcribing. Transcribing means watching and listen to a video or audio file and then typing it.

You can actually make between $30 to $50 per hour if you know how to do this correctly. And if you know more than one language, you can actually make more money on this website by translating stuff.

I have personally done this and I earn around $40 to $50, and I don't put much work into it. But my friend he works a full-time job and he actually does this for a couple of months and he earns more than $300 each month. So they're real, they do pay out, you just have to put the time into it.

Step 2. eBay, Always Fun And Bigger Profit

Another way to make money online is by You can combine eBay, Craigslist and Facebook market. Basically what you're doing is, you become an entrepreneur, buying low and selling high.

You can go to your local dollar store and find some cheap stuff, and then go to eBay and sell it for a bigger profit. Maybe it's a super soaker water gun

You buy it at the dollar store for $3 and you sell it on eBay for $23.

$20 right there for you, it doesn't even take you an hour of your time, anyway, there is all kind of marketplace out there, and if you learn how to leverage them, what sells best and where. You can make a ton of money slipping stuff.

Step 3. Doing What You Love

Survey and doing some tasks, taking a survey you can get spam in your email box, but you can make a ton of money on it. there is a website like cashcrate, you take a daily survey and you make money.

that's not all, you can also make more money by watching a video, playing games, visiting a website, completing offers, and lot more. Everything that you normally do online just for free, cashcrate will pay you to do those same things on their website.

You can't make a thousand dollars a month, but if you have a rent or some type of expenses that you need to take care. And you have some extra time, is a great way to fill that gap.

I use this site a couple years ago on my free time and it makes me a lot of money back then, just read this post How I Make My First $300 Online

Like I said earlier, there is a ton of way to earn money on this site, you can actually shop, if you gonna shop on Amazon and you shop through them, they would actually pay you a percentage of money for doing that. 

Step 4. Instagram Shoutouts

Instagram shoutout is really great but it does take a little bit of time to build up because you have to have an initial following. Eventually, you can get a bunch of following, you just have followed 100 people every day and some of them would usually follow you back.

If you do that over time, maybe a thousand times in one month. Eventually, you start to gain followers, and if you need to, you can actually buy them. But after you have that initial following, you can actually sell shoutout. 

If you get around 200,000 maybe half a million following, you can start asking people to pay you to shout them out.

If you have hundred thousand following, you get $50 for a shoutout, and if you have 1 million following, that's $300 to $600 for a shoutout. It depends on the following that you have. 

I have a friend who does it, he has around 2 million Instagram followers, you might think "hooooo" that's a lot of followers to get, I don't think I can ever do that. 

Well, he said the same thing about 2 years ago, and now he makes around $5000 to $6000 a month, just by doing shoutout.

Step 5. Freelance Job, Skill Require

One of the best marketplaces for freelance work is upwork. If you're a video editor, graphic designer, even if you like playing a video game or testing website, people who pay you to do these.

Also if you ever in a need of virtual assistant, upwork is a great place to go. Personal I use upwork to hire a video or graphic design work that I don't feel comfortable doing myself.

But you can sign up to upwork as a freelancer, which means when someone posts a job and you do it, bum, that's $60 in your pocket.

Another cheap marketplace is Fiverr, there's a lot of people that use Fiverr because the service is cheap. And you can make money by selling your services.

You can do SEO work, graphic designer, video editor, transcriber, article writing, and lot more. 

Another way to make money with Fiverr that a lot of people know about, and if they do know about it, then they usually raking a ton of cash. And that is

To buy services from Fiverr for $5 to $10 and then sell them to businesses who don't know how to get the same services that cheap, maybe an $100, $200, even $400. 

I have seen some guys who would go to a company and say, hey I would make you a logo for $500, and when he takes that, he go to Fiverr to get a great logo for $10, and he just make like $490 profit.

I have an article about this method, read Make Money Online - Make $500 A Week In A Few Minutes Per Day once you learn how to do this, you can make a ton of money.

Passive Income

Let talk a little bit about passive income 

Step 6. Passive Income Online - Selling Photos.

The first way to make passive income online is by selling your photos, how cool is that there are all kind of website out there that would pay you a percentage of how much money they earn from selling your photo

If you ever try to buy a photo on site like stockvault, gettyimages, shutterstock, you would realize that's $100 for one photo, that's because that site pays a percentage of that money to the person that took that photo.

And you can do the same, you can take one photo and sell it on shutterstock, is a good place to sell your photos. And who knows, someone might buy your photo every day and you get $50.

That is the glory of passive income

Step 7. Passive Income Online - Clickbank.

Clickbank is a marketplace of other peoples product, What you do is, you make a whole bunch of content and you lead people to your affiliate link, and whenever someone clicks on that affiliate link, you get a percentage of the sale.

If they pay $300 for the product that you are promoting, you would earn $150. Some people make over $60,000 to $80,000 online through selling others people product. 

Step 8. Passive Income OnLine - Amazon Affiliate

The way Amazon affiliate works is, you put a link in your description of your youtube channel, blog, or some of the website that you have. Read How To Make Money Online - A Beginner's Guide

What happens is, whenever someone clicks on that link, they'll get a cookie on their browser, which means any product they buy on Amazon for the next 24-hours, you get a percentage of it.

For example, if you're promoting books on your website, if someone actually clicks on that link and went to buy a camera, now, you personally didn't sell a camera, but Amazon will reward you for directing the person to Amazon.

The more click you can get on your Amazon affiliate link, the more money you would earn. Even if it's not selling your product.

Step 9. Passive Income Online - Selling Digital File

Another way to make passive income online is by selling digital file. And one of the best site that I found to do this is

Usually, they take a commission of whatever you sell, maybe 2% to 5%, but you could create a small little course, or you can have website template, or your own WordPress theme and sell it on that website and make money.

Step 10. Passive Income Online - Building A Youtube Channel

When you build a youtube channel, you can make a lot of money with ad revenue, but it takes a ton of views. But you can actually make a lot of money if you sell stuff in the description of your video.

You might get 10,000 views and that might earn you a $20, but if you get 10,000 views and 10% of those people buy a $300 product that you're promoting in your video description, that's gonna earn you a way more money than the video.

When you build a youtube channel, you have to be passionate, I can not stress this enough because there are tons of people who get into youtube and would make a couple of videos and they fall out because they're not passionate about it, they just give up.

Believe me, it took 80 to 100 videos before your channel can hit the golding start. If youtube like your video, they would start promoting it on the front page.

Summary Of  Active Income Online

1. Amazon Mturk

2. Retail Arbitrage

3. Surveys

4. CashCreate

5. Instagram Shoutouts

6. Upwork

7. Fiverr Freelance

8. Fiverr Reselling

Summary Of Passive Income Online

1. Selling Photos

2. Clickbank

3. Amazon Affiliate

4. Selling Digital File

5. Building A Youtube Channel

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