How To Make $500 Per Day With CPA Offer

What I am going to describe in this article is probably the easiest CPA method you’ll ever come across. In short, this is the simplest money making technique you’ll find online. Here  on you will learn a simple method to make $500 per day with CPA offer

How To Make $500 Per Day With CPA Offer

To implement this method you don’t need to:

*Have a website 
*Have any tech skills 
*Spend any money on advertising
*Have any prior experience
*Create videos
*Generate sales

First, let’s discuss the concept behind this method…

Tens of millions of people from all over the world search for coupons, gifts, freebies, sweepstakes or surveys online. These people are looking for free items, coupons, discounts, freebies, free samples, sweepstakes and survey opportunities to make (or save) a little bit of extra income in their spare time.

The companies and marketers that have understood the mindset of this audience and have provided what they want, have made fortunes for themselves.

There are several freebie sites that offer their members to earn cash, gift cards or popular gadgets(like iPhone, Pad, Gaming consoles, LCD TVs and digital cameras) in exchange of completing CPA offers, and they make tons and tons of money

I know at least 5 such sites that are making $10 million plus a year using this model.

Just think how much money you would make if you can present your CPA offers directly before this audience when they are actively searching for ways to get some kind of hot gadget/coupon/gift card etc!

in this article, you’ll learn what are the favorite hangouts of these prospects, where to find high paying, high converting offers, how to construct your promotional message and how to generate optimum results from your efforts.

Without wasting any time let’s get started right away…

To implement this method, you’ll need a CPA account… Don’t worry, I have found a very reputed CPA network where you’ll get accepted even without having a website and without a phone interview.

Yes, I am talking about This is a new CPA network and they are quite lenient with their approval process.

Here is how to get approved by them:

1) Go to , click on the “Publishers” link , then click the “Sign Up Now” button and fill out the form.

How To Make $500 Per Day With CPA Offer

How To Make $500 Per Day With CPA Offer

2) While filling out the form, choose “PPC/PPV/Display” in your promotion methods and “No” for incentive traffic.

How To Make $500 Per Day With CPA Offer

3) Now provide your website URL(if you have one).If you don’t have a website, provide a link to any popular weight loss, loan, dating, self-help site(use Google to find one such site. Be sure to include only a content site(no sales pages etc) with their “Whois” info hidden).

Next is the question “How did you find us?”…Fill out something like “Friend” or “Affiliate Marketing Forum” or “”.

How To Make $500 Per Day With CPA Offer

4) Now comes the most important part of your application. Here they ask about your “promotion methods”. Your answer will be something like this in the image below:

How To Make $500 Per Day With CPA Offer

5) Accept their “Terms&conditions” and hit the “submit” button.

How To Make $500 Per Day With CPA Offer

Now your application is complete. They generally approve new applications within one business day(I got approved within 5 hrs).On weekends it may take more time.

If somehow you don’t get an approval email from them within two days, add “AWMdennis” on your Skype contacts and let him know about your application.

Once accepted, you’ll be able to see the wide variety of offers and get your affiliate links. Here is how to get your affiliate link for the highest converting offers:

Just click on the “Top US Campaigns” or “Top International Campaigns” tab and you’ll see all the top performing offers.

How To Make $500 Per Day With CPA Offer

Click on any offer link and you’ll see details like this:

If you are approved for the offer, you’ll see the “Approval Status” as “Approved” and will be able to get the affiliate link and banners

How To Make $500 Per Day With CPA Offer

Here is how your short affiliate link will look like (you can add a unique SUB-ID for every source you are promoting it on):

How To Make $500 Per Day With CPA Offer

If you aren’t approved for an offer it’ll look like this:

How To Make $500 Per Day With CPA Offer

Just click on the “Request Approval” link and fill out the form like this:

How To Make $500 Per Day With CPA Offer

It should get you approved in just a few minutes (on working days). Sometimes the approval may take more time so please be patient.

However, if your request is not approved within a couple of hours, contact Dennis and let him know that you’ll be using freebie/coupon forums to promote that offer.

Let’s now implement our method…

For quick cash generation, we’ll be promoting coupon/freebie related offers. There are dozens of such offers in AdWorkMedia. To find these offers:

1) Log in to your account

2) Hover your mouse over the “Campaigns” tab and then over “All Campaigns”.Now click on the “Email Submits” and “Surveys&Freebies” link

How To Make $500 Per Day With CPA Offer

There are many gift card/coupon related offers (including a lot of international offers too) in the “Email Submits” section that pay between $1-$3.5 per lead. These are perfect for our method.

How To Make $500 Per Day With CPA Offer

There are 225 offers under the “Survey/Freebie/Sweepstakes” category and many of these offers are having very good EPCs. We’ll be using these offers with our method.

Millions of people from all around the world search for coupons/gift cards online and with proper placement of your offers among these people, you can easily make a killing.

Coupon and freebie related forums are the favorite hangouts of these people. So what we’ll be doing is a search for ‘coupon forum”.

How To Make $500 Per Day With CPA Offer

There are over 76 million results for “Coupon Forum”. Let’s visit the first link

From the no. of posts, you can see that this is an established site and gets a lot of traffic. They have a special section for “Online Coupons and Deals”

How To Make $500 Per Day With CPA Offer

This section is a lead goldmine for us. Under this section, you can promote CPA offers related to freebies, deals, coupons and gift cards, contests, games, and sweepstakes etc.

How To Structure Your Posts To Generate Maximum Attention:

This is the “make or break” part of the whole exercise. Like with any other method you need to write your posts in such a way that they get maximum attention from your prospects and convert that traffic into leads.

Forums are essentially places for social interaction and you are likely to see much greater success if other users perceive you as one amongst them (than as an affiliate marketer desperately trying to push his offers).

Once you register at some of these forums (I would advise you to register at 30-50 of them. Use Roboform or other forms fill up software for quick registrations),wait for 5-7 days before you promote anything(if you start posting your affiliate offers right away, they may delete your posts or even ban you from the forum).In this duration try to contribute as much as you can. 

Participate in discussions and build your post count to at least 15 posts. 

Once you have built some reputation, create a new thread, letting others know about your free CPA offer.

How To Make $500 Per Day With CPA Offer

Create a title like above, check the countries where the offer is available and write a brief description of the offer.

How To Insert Your Affiliate Links:

This is very important. You should never post naked affiliate links as this will invite a prompt deletion of your posts.
Instead, use the hyperlinking feature. Here is how to create a hyperlink:

How To Make $500 Per Day With CPA Offer

Just highlight the word (left click and move your cursor over the word) where you want to insert your affiliate link

Now click on the “link” button:

How To Make $500 Per Day With CPA Offer

A pop-up will appear. Insert your affiliate link in the box as shown below:

How To Make $500 Per Day With CPA Offer

Hit the “OK” button and post your thread.
Here is how a well-balanced post would look like:
“Yesterday I came across this site where they are giving away $1000 VISA gift cards. these cards is available to use at any online or offline retailer.

To get your free $1000 gift card, just go HERE [insert your affiliate link in the hyperlink format] and follow the instructions. You will get your gift card immediately. I got mine card yesterday.

This offer is expiring soon so take advantage of it right away.”

That’s all…Now copy the post and paste it on other forums too (I generally post an offer on 40-50 forums).

By posting on 40-50 forums, you can expect to get several hundred (even thousands) visitors to your CPA offer every day(till your posts get buried in the heap of newer posts).

The traffic from these forums converts very heavily(you can expect conversions of over 10% for email submits) and depending on how many offers you post in a day(and how many forums you post them on), you can expect to make several hundred dollars a day in CPA commissions.

Now you have a plan of attack to take leverage from the enormous amount of traffic these forums get and instantly convert it into CPA commissions.

These forums should provide you with enough traffic to make $500 and more a day on your own. There are thousands of high traffic coupon forums and with 3-4 outsourcers, you can easily scale it up to generate $1,000+ a day.

Expanding Your Reach and Getting More Traffic:

Another excellent place to promote these offers are “freebie forums”. These forums are also thronged by millions of people. A quick search for “freebie forum” returns over 5.6 million results:

And many of these forums get massive amounts of traffic…

How To Make $500 Per Day With CPA Offer

The MoneySavingExpert forum reaches to over 157,000 monthly people in the US alone and as you can see from the screenshot below, many of the threads there receive thousands to hundreds of thousands of views:

How To Make $500 Per Day With CPA Offer

By posting about your offers in such forums, you can expect to add several hundred dollars a day extra in your income.

Just follow the procedure described above (for coupon forums) to siphon massive amounts of traffic from these forums to your CPA offers and generate huge commissions for free.

Now you have everything that you need to make $500/day or more with this method. Start small, build your reputation and then scale up big(you can hire a few VAs for this purpose).

In the past one month, I have made over $2,000 with this method alone. The most I have made in a day with it is $350 and I am certain that anyone with a couple of outsources and a bit more dedication will be able to generate much more a month.

I just review a secret method those people making big money online will never share with you. follow us on our social media page and subscribe via email to get more secret way to make money online. more tips coming soon tomorrow keep visiting...


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