3 Ways To Make Money In College

3 Ways To Make Money In College
make money

Today we are going to be talking about how to make money while you are in college as a college student. Before I get in to these 3 different ideas that I have for u, i just want to preface this by saying I am not going to be telling you to go out there and get a job working at the library or working at your college store, because literally, anybody can go out there and just get a job.

I have more of an entrepreneurial mindset and so what I'm going to be sharing with you is 3 ideas as far as thinking outside the box, and hopefully, since fewer people are doing these things you'll be able to make more money in the process.

I'm going to be sharing with you my top 3 money making ideas for college students.

1. Flip College Textbooks

A lot of people don't really think about this idea here, but college textbooks are extremely expensive. What you will find with textbooks is that the difference between what people buy them for and what they're willing to sell them for is a massive difference.

And if you can buy textbooks in cash from people and take advantage of people not wanting to list them online or get the actual fair price for this textbook, you can make a really good amount of money by buying textbooks for a low price and selling them for a much higher price online.

If you look on eBay, you'll find that textbook sells for anywhere from $85 to $100

If you're looking to make money by flipping textbooks, what you want to do is purchase textbooks from people for slightly above what the bookstore is going to buy them for. 

How are you going to advertise your service?

You can make flyers, go around campus, leaving a flyer that has your number that simply says Cash Paid for Textbooks. Text me with the name of your book and I'll let you know what I'll pay for it and them as people are texting you, offering you textbooks, 

You're going to look on eBay, and you're going to say, okay maybe you're buying for 20 or 30% less than what they're selling for on eBay or maybe you're calling up your campus bookstore and figuring out what they're going to pay people for that book and you're going to pay them just slightly more than the campus bookstore.

College student knows they can get more money for their textbooks by selling them on eBay, but 90% will be too lazy to do this, especially people who end up dropping out of a class.

If they drop out of a class, and they have all these textbooks and they're not going to be using them, they might be ready to just liquidate and take any cash offer you're going to give them on the spot.

What you're doing here is capitalizing on the laziness of fellow college students. You could also put an ad up on Craigslist Saying Cash for Textbooks, and that could be your method of advertising this business.

2. Be A Paid TuTor

If you are good at a certain subject in school you can make money as a paid tutor. In college, there was something called the LAC, (Learning Assistance Center) and people who had over a 90% in any particular class could register to sit at one of these tables and be a paid tutor in that subject.

The way that would work is you would be spending 3 hours a day in the morning in the Learning Assistance Center, but the college was paying you $10 an hour at that point in time to sit there, and the beauty of this was they were paying you whether or not people were actually sitting at the table.

I had a couple of friends who did this and they would literally just sit in the library for 3 hours, oftentimes without tutoring anybody, collecting $10 per hours. 

That's not the best method to make money. You could obviously make money doing other things that we're going to mention, as well as the flipping textbooks idea, 

But in terms of the easiest way to make money, if your school does offer that kind of program, being a paid tutor can be a pretty good gig.

And these days you can be a paid tutor without being face-to-face with somebody, just by using something like Skype or Zoom to be meeting with people, that way you don't have to be actively sitting with someone. 

3. Rent Out GraPhing Calculators

Obviously, this is a more business-oriented approach and you are going to have to have some money to invest in this business, so if you have no money to start, maybe this is not the best idea for you.

But if you are more business-oriented or entrepreneurial, this might be the perfect idea for you.

Every single year when school starts, people get a list of the items they need and frequently on that list, is the TI-83 or the TI-84 Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator.

So many people go out there and buy these calculators, but there are services online where you can actually rent these graphing calculators on a month-by-month basis, and what you could do is do exactly that, but just on a much smaller scale.

What I'm talking about is going out there and buy maybe 5 to 10 graphing calculators, advertising around campus that you're renting them out, and then charge people every single month when they're holding on to that calculator.

How much money can you charge?

We know a TI-84 Texas Instruments calculator sells for about $100 online, but you could most likely rent that calculator out to a student for about $15 per month.

Somebody might not have the money to spend $100 on a calculator or they're just going to need it for one class and they would much rather pay you that $45 or $60 over that semester rather than paying $100 for a calculator that they're never going to use again.

You can set up an automated billing service, maybe you're going to use Square or Stripe. There's a number of different options out there, that way your customers are automatically billed, and you're also going to want them to sign some kind of contract that says if they damage or loss the calculator, they have to pay for the full $100 price of that calculator.

To learn more about making money as a college student, check out another relative article. 

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How To Start A Profitable ECommerce Business

How To Start A Profitable ECommerce Business
Business idea

Case you've been living under a rock, e-commerce is the future of shopping. In 2016 alone, Walmart buys e-commerce startup jet.com to compete against Amazon for $3 billion.

Macy's announced that they'll be closing 100 brick-and-mortar store so they could boost their online investment. And Amazon CEO Jeff Bezon passed Warren Buffett to become the richest person in the world. 

Here are 5 steps to create a profitable e-commerce store

The world is moving digital, here is what you can do to start a profitable eCommerce business

1. Logistics

Get all of your logistical stuff in order, come up with a name and I don't recommend having a name that restricts what you can sell, for example, let's say you want to sell t-shirts, you call your business lease t-shirts and your business starts to go really well.

6 month later you decide that you want to sell shoes and shorts, well, you might be shooting yourself in the foot by coming up with a narrow restrictive name, once you come up with a name then you need to purchase your domain name or your website.

I typically use namecheap.com but there are so many options so use whoever you want, once you purchase your domain name that's when you want to sake your domain name with an e-commerce website builder because if you try to build your e-commerce store from scratch you'll be paying thousands of dollars

2. What Do You Sell?

Once you set up your store you need something to sell. Well, there are 2 ways to make money through e-commerce.
  • Buying thing in bulk at a wholesale price and then selling it at a higher price which is known as the retail price. This is a traditional e-commerce store method
  • Drop shipping, drop shipping is when you partner with a manufacturer who will create products on demand, so if somebody comes on to your website and buys your product, well, the manufacturer is going to get an order, they're going to make the product and they're going to send it out to the customer while taking a percentage of your purchase price.
This way you don't have to worry about any sort of inventory management or logistical stuff, the manufacturer does all of that, plus you don't have to buy any of your inventory.

3. Get Traffic To Your Website

You need to start driving traffic on to your website so people can buy your products. You will not believe the amount of people that I have seen that forget this step, this is where you want to start blending social with your brand, it doesn't matter if it's Facebook, Instagram, twitter, snapchat, Pinterest or if it's a blog.

You need to be on social media, the way to build a following is by consistently posting quality content, once you build a following, you can direct your followers to your eCommerce store.

Here is a Quick Social Media Tip. 

Don't just post inventory pictures, that's boring, think from the mindset of the consumer and be the provider. What the people want to see in the news feeds, mannequins are boring, grab a group of friends go out to a cool location and take pictures of them using your inventory/using your products

Create content that people want to see and want to share with their friends, nobody wants to follow a page that looks like it's just posting ads.

4.  Don't Focus on Selling Your Products

Focus on building a brand and providing value to your customers. Let your value do the selling. Nobody likes to be sold to, it's inefficient process to sell by selling online, focus on building a brand that people love and want to support and then let your value do the selling

5. Get Other People To Sell For You

If you want to get a lot of sales quicker, get other people to sell your products for you on commission. These commission salespeople are called affiliate, affiliates are people that will sell your products and they exchange for a percentage of sales that they directly bring.

This is one of the best ways to grow your brand because affiliates will be spending their money and using their effort to sell your products and they only get paid if they make sales. 

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5 Steps to Get Your First 100k YouTube Subscribers

5 Steps to Get Your First 100k YouTube Subscribers

You want to start a youtube channel, huh, well, welcome to the world of being youtube, now you get to stay up late writing scripts and spend your days staring into a blank wall and talking into a camera. It's a pretty cool life I have today, every new youtube has the goal of hitting a 100,000.
There's no secret sauce to youtube or some secret recipe that if you do this and this you're going to skyrocket to 100,000 subscribers, it doesn't work like that.
Here are 5 things that I think are super important to growing and getting your first 100,000 subscribers on youtube

1. Find Your Voice

What are going to make videos about, and what value can you provide your viewers. Your viewers won't know if they should subscribe to your channel if your videos don't relate to each other, because if you have one video about dog breeding and another video which is a four-minute time-lapse of the Sun setting, they won't know what your channel is about and they won't know if they should subscriber to you or not.

We want to be able to expect something so are you teaching us something? Are you a comedy channel or vblogger, your niche can be anything and once you figure out what direction you want to go then you have to be different than the other YouTubers
  • Here's the thing, over 400 hours of content are uploaded to youtube every single minute so if you want people to watch you instead of just scrolling right past you, you have to be different and give people a reason to watch you.
I know a lot of people like to say you should copy what other successful YouTubers do, but there's is a way to copy people when it comes to content. Instead of doing the exact same things as them, watch the content and get inspired by it and then make it your own.

Add your own spice and flavor to it, don't just do exactly what other people do because again, you need to give people a reason to watch your channel.

2. Partner With Other Youtube Channels

Collaborations are when you work together with another youtube to create content and then you promote and recommend each other's channels. Find another youtube channel with the similarly sized following and a similar audience as you and then you work together to create content and promote one another.

A common misconception about doing collabs is that if I recommend people to go to a different channel then people are just going to leave and watch somebody else then I'm going to fewer views, and that's actually not true. 

Your subscribers are going to be thankful for the recommendation and they'll come back to you for more.

3. SEO or Your Search Engine Optimization

This is how you tell google or youtube what your video is about, that way they know when they should put your video in the search results. The first thing you need to do is write relevant text that explains what your video is about in the caption or let say in the description box

You don't want to just write the same keyword again and again so that way your video appears for a certain search term because youtube is smart and if they feel like you're trying to play them they're actually going to lower your search results

You also don't want to write a word-for-word transcript or what you're saying, this used to be popular and a lot of YouTubers used to do it but from what I've read this is actually hurting people's rankings now, so don't do that.

You want to write a summary that tells youtube and google what your video is about and then you want to use the meta tags to tell google and youtube exactly what search terms you want your video to show up for.

The best way to find the right tags to use is by seeing what other popular youtube in your niche are using, you are not going to start and messaging YouTubers like hey what tags are you using cuz they probably won't tell you and they're going to think that you're creepy

You can use an app called Vid IQ to tell you that, if you don't have vid IQ or something similar you need to get it, vid IQ has a free version and then they have an upgraded version if you want all of their features.

It'll give you a bunch of analytics on your own videos and other people's videos and you can see what tags they're using so you can use them on your own videos.

4. Cross Promotion Channel

Share your your video on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, and mail it out to your mailing list if you have one, not only does this give you more views on your videos but youtube will see that your video is being shared and they're more likely to push video that is being shared outside of youtube
Youtube get paid when people come on to channel and watch videos, so if people are sharing your video outside of youtube they'll be more likely to promote it.

5. Make Me Want To Click Your Video

You can spend weeks scripting and recording, editing, uploading an awesome video, but unless your thumbnail and your title make me want to click it, nobody's going to watch it.

Thumbnails with faces work the best, especially when you can see somebody eyes and you don't want your title to be too long either you only want it to be like a phrase or two and you want the viewers to get interested in it so they have to click it to watch the rest.

You have to look at this from youtube's perspective, youtube makes money when people watch youtube videos, so if people are watching your content, again and again, they'll see that they're making a lot of money from your video so they'll be more likely to push your videos to other people.

The best way to improve your content is to examine channels that you like to watch, see how they do their lighting, they're editing, their cards, they're scripting, their background music, see if these are things that you can apply to your channel

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6 Ways To Make Money In Real Estate

6 Ways To Make Money In Real Estate
Real Estate

How do you make money in real estate? Well, there's a lot of different ways but if you don't have any money? Don't worry there are options for you, well, what if you have lots of money, still don't worry there are options for you too.

Real estate is a whole industry of its own so in this article, I want to go over 6 ways you can make money in real estate

1. Real Estate Brokerage

The first way you can make money in real estate is about being a real estate sale agent. You don't need a whole lot of money to become a real estate sales agent but most people do require you to take a class and pass an exam, you don't need a real estate license to buy real estate

The license is, you can help other people buy or sell their properties and make a commission on that, they usually paid a percentage of the sales price of the home, if a home sells for $1,000,000, you'll typically make between $20,00 - $60,000, 2- 6$, depending on how many agents are involved in where you're located.

But you're not just limited to home, once you get your real estate license you can be a broker for any kind of real estate, you can sell apartment complexes, office space, land, it's a good way to network and meet people that are involved in real estate

When you get your real estate salesperson license you have to join a brokerage who's supposed to guide you and help make money because the more money you make, the more money your brokerage makes

That also means that you'll probably have access to a lot of free sales classes and training because your brokerage want to see you become very successful because that's how they get paid
I do want you to keep in mind that the world is moving digital so the demand for traditional real estate agents isn't what it used to be so if this is something that you want to do remember that you have to be creative.

2. Real Estate Wholesaler

When you wholesale a product you buy it for cheap and then you sell it for a higher price and that difference is your profit. It's the same with real estate except for this time you don't have to put in any money to buy the property, you let somebody else do that

To give you a simple example,  you'll enter into an option contract to buy a home for $100,000, you're not going to put in any money yourself but you're going to go and find the buyer for the home and once you do that you're going to sell down the contract to buy the home for $110,000

That $10,000 difference is what you get to keep, and if you can't a buyer, you get to tear up the contract and you don't owe anybody anything

You're not improving the property or putting in any of your own money, you're connecting people who can't sell their home with people who wouldn't normally buy a home. In most places, you do not need a real estate license to do this because you're not actually selling real estate you're technically just selling a contract

But you should always speak to an attorney in your area so you understand your local laws

When you're wholesaling real estate, you can't cater to everybody, you have to find a special type of buyer and a special type of seller.

3. Investing in Real Estate

When you invest in real estate you buy real estate for the long term while letting somebody else use your property in exchange for rent payment every single month

One way to do this is by buying single-family homes, you buy a home and that way, every single day a tenant lives in your home you get paid, but you're not limited to single family homes either, you could invest in any kind of real estate, you combine office space and retail building or an apartment complex, you buy this property once and then you get paid forever because the tenant use it.

Plus if you know what you're doing and you buy in the right area your rent payments are going to go up every year and your property will become more valuable, so not only can you make more money every year, you can sell your property for more than what you bought it for.

4. Property management

When you're property manager you're hired by the real estate investor to manage their investment, so you'll be the one in communication with the tenant to make sure that they pay rent on time, you'll be the one making sure that the bills are paid and you'll be the one making sure that the tenant is taking care of the property

Property management is a good way to get experience with real estate investing without investing your own money because you'll be the one running and managing the real estate investment.

5. Flipping real estate

You've probably seen people flipping homes on TV, you find a home that needs work and then you buy it and then you renovate and remodel it hoping you can sell it for a higher price. 

I'm personally not a fan of flipping real estate because it's so speculative and if you buy a home to flip it at the wrong time, you're screwed, you don't know how much money you're going be able to sell the property for, and every day you own the property, you're losing money so you want to sell it as fast as possible

That's why I prefer real estate investing, every day you own the property you get paid and you don't really have to do any work. Now there are people that make good money flipping real estate.

6. Real estate development

Real estate development is when you build something from the ground up and then you sell it or lease it or a mixture of the two. When you develop real estate you have to be creative and think outside of the box, it's like just starting a business

You're creating something new that doesn't exist and your job is to attract the most customers as possible, the more demand you can create for your development the more customers you will have and the more money you'll make

Development is different than investing because when you invest in real estate you're buying something that already exists. Yeah, you might do some rehab or some renovation, but for the most part, you're just buying an income stream

There's a lot of skill required to develop real estate because there are so many moving parts, you got to deal with architects, city planners, and contractors who all have their own opinion, but you can also make the most money because you're creating something brand new

Real estate has opportunities for everyone, you just have to find what's right for you because there's really no limit to what you can do in real estate, and as they say, rich people keep their money in real estate 

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How To Pay Fewer Taxes Legally

How To Pay Fewer Taxes Legally

Tax season is around the corner which means it's time to take your wallets out of your pocket and hand them over to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) but luckily there are some ways to legally pay less money in taxes. I'm not advocating hiding your money or lying to the IRS, no, there are provisions in the tax code that allow you to pay less money in taxes.

In this article, I am going to go over the 4 things that you can do to pay less money in taxes. You might not get to take advantage of all the things that I'm going to talk about in this year's tax cycle, but you should consider doing them now, that way you can take advantage of them next year because taxes aren't going away

2. Start A Business

I've talked about this in one of our recent articles 5 Reason Why Getting a Job Is RISKIER Than Starting A Business
but the United State is changing the way that they tax small businesses. While you won't see the effect of these changes until it's time to pay your 2019 tax bill, you have to start making the changes now, that way you can actually realize these effects and take advantage of them when it's time for the next tax cycle.

Right now if you have a small business you're good to reduce your taxable income through a handful of deductions because the tax code says you can, but with the new tax plan you should be able to get bigger write-offs next year

Now, I'm not going to go through all the details of the new tax plan in this article but essentially if you have a small business pass-through entity like an LLC or an S corporation, you will be able to get a larger standard deduction next year and you will be able to depreciate certain assets faster than you could before, or in plain English you should be entitled to more deductions

The best part is you don't need to be making a ton of money to take advantage of these deductions even if you work a full-time job and you have a side hobby that pays you here and there, you can still qualify as long you classify it as a business.

2. Net Your Gains

If you've been invested in the stock market for the last few years there's a good chance that your portfolio is in the green, meaning you made a profit, so good job. Well, when you see your stocks or any other investment for that matter, you have to pay taxes on the money that you made, but you can offset some of your gain or your profit if you also have a loss of the same kind and you sell that losing investment during the same year

Now, if you think that that losing investment is going to be profitable later on and you don't want to sell it right now, don't do it, this is just a tax strategy, but if you do plan on selling both stocks or both investments, you can offset some of your gains by selling the loss during the same year

Let's say you've been invested in the stock market for a few years and you've made a $10,000 profit with stock A, and at the same time you had a $2,000 loss with stock B

Now, if you plan on selling both of this stock then you should sell them during the same year, this way you can offset some of your $10,000 profit with the $2,000 loss, this way you only have to pay capital gain taxes on the $8,000 of the net profit.

Which you don't want to do is sell stock B for a loss on the December 15th and then sell A for a, gain, on January 15th just a few weeks later because these are two separate years and you might not be able to offset them

Like always i am not an accountant and i don't know your personal situation so you should always speak to an accountant and an attorney in your area so you understand all the local laws and regulations and so they can come up with the best tax plan for you.

3. Stop Paying IRS More Than You Need To

Something like 80% of American taxpayers overpays on their taxes. 8 out of 10 people, if I was selling you a notebook for $10 and you gave me $20 and told me to keep the change, I'd be very grateful, but you don't get to give me $20 if it's on sale for $10, and I get it the IRS tax code is thousands of pages long so for you to know every single deduction that you're entitled to unless you're a tax expert so you should hire a tax expert to help you

4. Pay Your Taxes On Time

When you don't pay the IRS on time they don't really get upset at first, they just slap you in the face with a huge late fee. If you don't file your taxes on time the IRS will charge you 5% a month in fee every single month that you're late up to 25%, that's more than most credit cards, and if you still don't pay the IRS after getting all these late fees then they'll keep knocking on your door and they'll either force you to pay or they'll throw you in jail

Your 2017 tax returns are due by April 17th to put it on your phone, write it on your computer, your calendar, put it wherever you ought to put it so you make sure that you file them on time because if you keep racking up these late fees pretty soon you won't have any money left to your taxes.

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What Banks Don't Tell You About Debt

What Banks Don't Tell You About Debt

Wouldn't it be nice if you could have all the nice things that you wanted right now without paying a single dollar? All you have to do is find what you like and then do what everyone else does, "Finance it" as much as people like to tell you that money isn't important, the reality is money issues are real and they are destroying lives and families all over the world

Financial problem is arguably depending on which server you read, the number one cause of "Divorce" in the United State, financial problems can cause a huge amount of stress and tension because it costs money to eat and it cost money to feed other people, to drive a car, and it cost money to do everything else

According to the federal reserve, 46% of American cannot afford a $400 emergency without going into debt, so money problem is more real than ever right now. You and I might say that is crazy, bank are saying whoa that's amazing because now when you want to buy something 

Guess what where you're going to get the money to buy it.

I'm an entrepreneur and I understand that businesses have to make money to survive and banks, well, they make money by lending money, however, this does not mean that we should all just sit here and be financially stupid so banks can come here and just skin us all alive

Here are 4 things I need you to understand about debt and credit and I guess money in general

1. Because The Masses do Something Does not Mean As Good.

  • Right now American have more debt than ever, 80% of Americans living in debt.
The average American household has over $8,000 worth of high-interest credit card debt and we as a society are becoming more and more reliant on debt every single day
Americans as now have over 1 trillion dollars of credit card debt, housing debt, auto loan debt, and Stuart loan debt, They say that modern slaves are not in chains, they're in debt, and this is why I mean it is impossible for a society to sustain itself forever when people are drowning in debt

2. You Can Get Paid To Be Different

Let me show you two different alternatives

At the end of every year, the majority of people get a fat bill from their lenders saying this is how much you owe us in interest

On the other hand, you have minority people who don't get a bill they get a fat check from their credit card companies, do you want to know why? It's because they never carry a balance, see credit card companies understand that if they perks like 1 or 2 percent cash back, 8 out of 10 people will try to take advantage of this money-making opportunity

Then you have to pay 20 to 25% interest for every dollar that you spend. 

Read How To Pay Off Debt on a Low Income

Here's how you can win the situation

If you can control your spending and you will only buy things that you can afford and you will pay off your entire balance every single month, then you can get paid for your regular spending, 

But if you cannot control your spending then get rid of your credit cards and pay with cash. 

3. The Credit Card System Is a Big Game

The credit system is one big game where you have one loser than winners. Your credit score is a number that rates how good you are in a debt and then it ultimately allows you to get access to even more debt

  1. How Your Credit Score Works
  2. How to Check Your Credit Score For Free
  3. What Is Considered A Bad Credit Score
  4. What’s Considered “Good” Credit?
Your credit score is kind of like Valentine's Day, everybody has their own theory as to why it exists, but nobody really knows and nobody really likes spending money on it but everybody feels obligated to participate. 
Credit card bureaus and lending agencies are making billions because they created a game out of helping people buy things that they cannot afford.

Yet somehow even while making billions of dollars they still can't manage to keep your information private, but I guess that's a topic for a different article.
Unlike what the majority of people say, you do not need to finance your car, you actually should not ever finance your fridge and you can actually have a great credit score while paying off your credit card balance every single month.

4. Wouldn't Be Great If your Money Made You Money

We have talked a lot about investment on this website and one of the most common questions that we get is how can I consistently get a good return on y money.

Read 5 Secret To Get Out Of Credit Card Debt

Investing your money is great and I think it's something that everybody should do but if you have high-interest credit card debt it doesn't make sense to go out and invest your money and get a 6%, 7% or even 12% return on your money when you have to go and pay 20% in interest to your bank.

Read How to Get Rid of Credit Card Debt Fast

Go out and pay off their credit card debt as fast as possible first and then go and invest your money and build your wealth

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5 Reason Why Getting a Job Is RISKIER Than Starting A Business

5 Reason Why Getting a Job Is RISKIER Than Starting A Business
Business idea

You want to start a business, why do you want to do that. Starting a business is risky, how are you going to start a business if you never started a business before. People always say that starting a business is risky, but if you look at the current state of the job market and you look at salaries and you look at the cost of living, getting a traditional job isn't that safe either.

That's why I believe that getting a traditional job is actually riskier than starting a business and I'll show you why 

1. Getting Hired Does Not Give You Job Security, Starting a Business Does.

Back to your grandparents time, you were just competing against people in your local community, that's just how things worked. You worked real IFFT and that was it

If we fast forward a generation or two, the world became a lot smaller with globalization and then you weren't just competing against people in your community, you're competing against people from all over the world.

If we fast-forward to the present day and to the foreseeable future, not only are you competing against people all over the world because you can outsource anything to anywhere now, but you're also competing against robots and automation

If your job pays you a $100,000 a year plus benefits, plus paid time off, plus weekends off to do a job, they can spend $500,000 up front to automate or even a million dollars up front to automate

Guess what's going to happen to your job. Sorry, George, you are fired.

I'm not trying to be cynical but let's be for real right now, we're in the beginning stages of a digital revolution where big businesses are trying to be leaner, because they don't want to have to pay for your benefits and your pensions, your vacations and all of that stuff and so they're trying to automate whatever they can

If you're an entrepreneur, well, now you're in charge. You don't have to hope and pray for your boss to not go out and find somebody on the other of the world to do your job cheaper, and you don't have to hope and pray that your boss will find a way to automate your job or hire a robot

Guess what's going to happen to your job. Sorry, George, you are fired again.

Without getting too deep into this you don't have to just drop everything and leave everything to go and start a business, you can start something on the side and work slow and part-time until you're ready to quite other things if that's what you want to do

2. Let's Talk About Your Money

Life is getting very expensive because the price of things keep going up with inflation and the amount of money you're making from your job is nowhere near keeping up. In today's time, people are graduating with more debt than ever and they're getting paid the same amount as before and the cost of living is breaking record highs

I am no genius but that doesn't seem like a good thing, there will always be a limit to how much money you make when you get a traditional job. There's only so many hours in a day then you can exchange for a dollars.

When you start a business there's no cap because you're not trading your hours for dollars, if you were selling notebooks, you are not limited to selling just one notebook an hour, you can sell 10 notebooks an hour or a hundred notebooks an hour, even while you're sleeping
We all only have 24 hours in a day, if you spend all of your energy and focus at your job you know the maximum amount you'll be able to earn.
But if you reshift your energy and focus into your business now the opportunities are endless.

3. The Option For Freedom

Right now in America, Americans are working way longer than expected because life is a lot more expensive than we thought, it was going to be and if you're not working, you're not getting paid.
  • Again where do you want to focus your energy, your time and your effort, a job or a business? Both of them are hard in their own way but they both have different potential outcomes
Starting a business is not easy, let's make sure that's clear, but now you'll be putting your energy into something and your focus into something that will give you the opportunity to have a lot more freedom later on.

But what if your business fails

What if you don't fail and your business succeeds then what, I mean you don't know until you try and even if you do fail I can pretty much guarantee that you're going to learn something very useful that you can apply to something else, and if you're not willing to learn, try and work then you will fail.

4. The Cost To Start A Business

Starting a business is expensive. Before we get there, let's talk about the cost of getting a job, if you follow the traditional route of going to college and then getting a job, it's going to cost you, and according to collegedata.com a moderate college budget for the 2017 and 2018 school year was over $25,000, that cover your tuition, your housing, books, foods, etc.

Now take that $25,000 and some change and multiply it by 4 years of your education and now this is going to cost you over $100,000
  • According to Time Magazine, there is some good news, college graduates who are graduating in 2017 and 2018 could be looking at the highest starting salaries out of college at $50,000 a year or just over $4,000 a month after spending $100,000 and 4 years to get it

5. Let Talk About The Cost Of Starting A Business

Now with social media and the internet, it is now cheaper and easier than ever to start a business fair less than a thousand dollars if you have the right mindset

It's very possible and there's a handful of companies that you've probably heard of that started with less than $1,000

Subway, Hp, Dell, all started with $1,000 or less.

That's it forks, now you can decide how you want to leave your life if want to keep working for your boss or starting your own business at a side. If you like this article do follow us on the social network
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