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Walmart Work From Home Jobs (How To Get Started)

Walmart Work From Home Jobs

Let's keep it real, everyone Shops at Walmart at one point in time, but did you know Walmart has worked from home opportunities?, and if that's not a shocker, did you know you can earn up to $29 when people shop at stores like Walmart?. I'm going to about talking about how to work from home for Walmart. We all know that Walmart's a great place to shop but it's also a great way to make money with their company so I'm going to cover three ways to work from home with Walmart.

Let get started

1. How To Work From Home With Walmart

We all know Walmart is a great place to go shopping for some of the best prices and we've all visited Walmart and that experience can be really good or really bad. I'm not going to get into it but you know what I'm talking about if you been to Walmart and the type of people it attracts. In any event, Walmart is also a great place for you to work from home so if you go to Walmart and you scroll down and you click on the career section 

They have a job site like you would find like on or where they have all their jobs, so most people go there looking for offline jobs, but what they don't realize is that you can also find work from home jobs here at Walmart as well. So all you have to do is just type in "work from home", hit Search

Like any other job site, it will come up with different work from home opportunities. Just focus on the ones that actually say work from home.

Let's keep this in mind. When you search for a work from home job or any job sometimes jobs will not be available in your area. That's just a fact of life. It doesn't mean that this is a scam or all of a sudden this article sucks because there's not a work from home job in your area, you just have to come back and check on this website like you would in any other job website where you're just checking on a regular basis, and my advice is to check like multiple times a day because sometimes jobs get snatched up really really quickly. So I would just make it a habit to try to check in the morning, in the evening, in the afternoon, and just do that regularly, and then hopefully you'll find a position for you.

Unfortunately, with some of these work from home positions you really do need to live in the area that they've listed there so just keep that in mind just because it's work from home sometimes they want you to be closer to the area so that's just something to keep in mind. In any event, you would just click on the job like you would on any other job site and you read the information there

Because this is a work from home job, you're gonna have to wait to hear back from this employer after you apply.

2. Become A Walmart Affiliate

Affiliate marketing in the nutshell is basically like referring people to things. So chances are you visited a Walmart or a store, you found something, you told your friends about it, they got excited, and they went and bought it. That happens all the time with different things that we do, but you've never got paid for it. When you become an affiliate of a company you actually get paid for doing that. Becoming an affiliate of a company is totally free, you're basically just gonna sign up give them some information, you'll wait to hear from them and if they approve you then you're gonna have your own little affiliate link that you can basically promote on the web.

You can do it a number of different ways you can take your affiliate link and promote it on the YouTube channel. Another way of doing that is creating a website so let's say you're really into parenting you could create a website about being a parent, and then talking about some of the products that you use, and then you could take the links that you would be getting from Walmart and putting them on your website and then when someone clicks on it and buy something you earn a certain percentage for that. That's basically how affiliate marketing works. You can also promote your links on social media if you have follows on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Just keep recommending the product to them and they'll be happy to check it out.

That's probably one of the best ways to make a lot of money with Walmart because you can really earn a lot.

3. How To Use Ibotta To Earn Money With Walmart

The next way that you can earn money with Walmart is this company called ibotta. As you can see here there are all these products here at Walmart and Ibotta is encouraging you to buy these products, and if you do, you get a kickback.

You're gonna go and download the app and there'll be a link to that app down below, it's totally free to sign up and to download, and then you're gonna select offers in terms of like things that you're going to buy. At the end of the day, we're all gonna go shopping anyway but if you pick specific products you will actually get a cashback from ibotta.

You just go ahead and select those products and then once you've done all your shopping you're gonna take your grocery receipt or your receipt from the shopping place that you went. Up loaded it, and then you're gonna get cashback from Ibotta via PayPal.

That's it. That simple and the good thing about this is it's not just limited to Walmart they actually have partnerships with Target, Amazon, all these different places.

4. Earn Money With Walmart App

You can actually make money when other people are shopping at Walmart or other stores because they can download the app and then you can refer them to the app using your own referral link. They have like a referral program so what you have to do is basically click invited friends and it lays out what the referral program is and that changes from time to time, but right now you can get $5 an additional $10 bonus on your referral.

You can check that out yourself but once you've done that then you can basically take your link and copy that link and share it with people via email, social media, or on your website, and when someone signup and use your refer code you can earn some of this referral cash

This is a great way to make money for something that people are going to do anyway, they're going to shop. And it's not even limited to Walmart it actually can be used anywhere so this is the best way to actually make some money and this is something you can start right away whereas everything else you're gonna probably is waiting to get started with and it's gonna take time to learn some of these things like affiliate marketing so that's probably one of the fastest ways where you can actually start making money right away working from home with Walmart.

Hopefully, you find this article helpful

Top 5 Legit Social Media Jobs From Home

Top 5 Legit Social Media Jobs From Home

Do you spend a lot of time on social media? How would you like to make money for being on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media networks? In this article, I'll provide you some of the best paying social media jobs from home. I'm super excited to talk about social media jobs from home I know I spend way too much time on social media chances are you do too, now imagine you can actually get paid for doing that, and in this article, I'm going to show you five companies that will allow you to do that.

1. Upwork

The first company we want to cover is It's not an individual company per se it's a freelance marketplace, and what that means is there are employers and freelancers that go there to find work. So let's say I'm a small business and I'm looking for a social media person and I would go there and post a gig and then you can apply for it. The great thing about Upwork is it's international it has a lot of different payment options so people from all over the world can actually apply and work there.

For you to find a social media job just click the search bar, put it down to jobs, and then type in social media, and you can actually filter this down, they have all these little filtering options so you can check that I'll just be careful not to filter too much. 

But as you can see here they have some social media jobs so if I go ahead and click on it. It gives me all the details, but you can see you get paid hourly from $18 to $40 an hour here, and then you would just click on it, read the description very carefully because a lot of times employers will put specific directions there just to make sure that you're actually reading this. so that's a tip for you. Make sure you read the description carefully and you apply exactly the way they say.

You're more likely to get the job than people that are just blindly applying to everything. You would just click on apply as a freelancer and then just fill out the information for that.

2. 99 Social

When you have a social media account like a Facebook account and an Instagram you need to constantly keep posting new content to it. So 99social helps small businesses that don't have time to be on social media posting new content, what they'll do is they have content specialists that will go around the internet trying to find interesting content related to your business and post them on your social network with some a little bit of a content blurb. And this is a perfect opportunity for you because they need those people to actually go and post the content and find it.

You're known as virtual assistants and basically what you're doing is what I said is you're curating and writing engaging content for small businesses on their social media profile.


Some of the requirements that are listed there I'm not going to read through all of them I have a link to it down below. You must be able to do Google and Bing searches and search on the internet for blog posts, and other content pieces that meet your client needs, and then all that content must be new and then you're posting it on to their social media accounts.

Make sure you read this very carefully they have a little guide. There is an assignment that you should check out and then you click the Apply Now button and fill out that information.

How Much You Get Paid

According to Glassdoor, you can make anywhere from $12 to $13 an hour so it's not that bad.

3. Appen

They're known for hiring various work-at-home agents for different types of positions. They have different types of jobs so they have translation, transcription, and more importantly for this article, they have social media evaluation where you help to improve social media around the globe. They don't really go into detail as to what your social media position will be and what that involves, but we do know that they hire folks to do social media type of work there, and you would just go ahead and apply.

The good thing about this position as well is that it seems to be international, you would have to tell them where country you live, and then from there you can go and fill out the application.

How Much You Get Paid

According to Glassdoor, the salary that you can expect to make is about $14 an hour, sometimes $15 an hour so it's pretty decent pay for a work from home position.

4. Liveworld

They are a company that also hire remote workers, they tend to specialize in social media. This is one of the few work from home jobs that actually has some really good benefits. They have health insurance benefit, they have time off, and vacation, they have flexible hours, 401k. That's a really rare thing to find in a work from a home company so that already puts them ahead of some of the other companies I talked to you about.

They will have different jobs available at different times so you may be reading this article and these jobs may not be available, but at the time of this article this one is available

Always come back to their job site to see what the new positions are available.

They have social media customer care agent position that you can check out, and you will be responsible for reviewing and taking appropriate action on social media posts based on the brand guidelines so depending on what people are posting on their social media profiles you'll probably be responsible for responding to that or taking certain things down if people are acting a little crazy on there. You also are responsible for doing customer care.

I've used social media to have customer service done for me where I'll contact them via their Twitter or Facebook and the people that respond are people like this where you can be that agent that can respond back to people so this is a great position for that and it allows you to be online talking to people on social media and doing some other things.

They've laid out some of the requirements there. They also have non-us resident options so this is a great international option as well for international brothers and sisters

How Much You Get Paid

According to Glassdoor the pay is about $9 hours so it's not really the highest paying work from home job, but keep in mind that you are also getting those benefits that I talked about earlier, so that kind of offsets the lower pay that you're making there, but they don't really pay that much.

5. ModSquad

This is another company that has great work from home benefits so they have flexible hours, medical benefits, 401k, unlimited vacation policy. So it's really really really good benefits that you can find there. They have various positions and these positions are international. 

Not all of them will deal with social media so just keep coming back to see what positions are available, but when I looked at this one here I believe there are some social media going on here

You'd moderate content, chat with customers, check bugs, and also check to see what's going on in social media so that you can respond to that. This one is another great one that you can actually take advantage of and I will link to it and the requirements.

How Much You Get Paid

In terms of the payment according to Glassdoor you are making about $10 an hour, so again, not the best paying job we saw before, but again you're getting benefits there so that's the reason why they probably pay a little less because you are getting some of those great benefits.


There you have it. I've given you 5 different options that will allow you to find a social media job from home. You just pick the one that's best for you. Some of these are international so that helps a lot of you out there and some of these provide health insurance so I think that's really good too. 

Top Apple Work From Home Jobs ($25 Per Hour)

Top Apple Work From Home Jobs

How would you like to work from home for Apple? You literally can get paid for using Apple products and helping other people use Apple products. In this article, I'm going to talk about a couple of different ways where you could work from home with Apple. I'm gonna show you the best way that you can make money with Apple

1. Apple At Home Advisor

Apple is one of the few companies that actually have stable work from home positions, and one of their positions is called an at-home advisor. And basically what that involves is helping people with Apple products, and you're doing this via telephone, chat, or email. So it gives you that flexibility.

First and foremost, you will be trained. Even if you're not really familiar with Apple products, you will go through training, and you'll get paid for your training. Which is a real real good benefit. The other thing that's going to be a wonderful benefit of this position is that you get paid time away. Most works at the home position don't necessarily do that so that's really cool. You get product discounts so if you want to buy an Apple product, you're gonna obviously get a great discount, and then you have career growth.

You start off as a home advisor, but then you can work your way up to a team manager or home manager. 

What does an at-home advisor do? You're just answering customer questions via phone or chat about their products and services accessories on software and hardware.

What type of products are you going to be supporting? Basically all of Apple's products. Apple Watch,  phone, the iPad, the Mac, Apple TV, etc. Whatever new things that they're going to have you'll be supporting that.

You're definitely going to be employed by Apple directly because you are an employee so you're not an independent contractor so you don't have to worry about taxes and things like that that's what happens with a lot of these other positions where you have to worry about that, you're actually an employee which is why you get some of those benefits.

Apple At Home Advisor Hourly Pay

Based on glassdoor's review you can get about $18 on average, but it's anywhere from 11 to $25. So it's pretty good money that you get for working from home considering that you're also getting benefits.

What Are The Requirements?

For you to be able to do this you need a quiet distraction-free room. It doesn't have to be a full office, but it has to be a room where you can close the door and it has to be quiet. You need to have a comfortable desk and a good chair for you. Hardwired high-speed internet connection. The connection must be able to maintain a consistent speed. 

You don't have to purchase your own computer and phone. This is another great benefit of working with Apple. They're going to provide you your own iMac and a headset. 

What Kind Of Hours Would You Be Expected To Work

You work normal hours. The shifts will vary depending on the needs, there will be additional work for holidays and key business hours so you can make more money that way too.

2. Apple Service Performace Partners

If you want to make real money with Apple you may want to consider joining their affiliate program.

Basically what affiliate marketing is and what the affiliate marketing program is for Apple is that you're basically getting paid to refer people to a product. You can get paid for referring people to their iTunes music, their movies, their books, etc. You can actually make a lot more money than what they would pay you as an employee for a home advisor.

You can earn a 7% commission for movies, TVs, and book referrals that you make. And you can also earn 2% for their iTunes music. So that's how much you would earn for their affiliate program. And again, depending on how good you are at getting people to buy this stuff you can make a lot of money.


I just wanted to give you some of the best ways that you can actually make money with Apple and work from home with Apple. You choose whatever is best for you, but at least now you have different options and this is all legitimate.

Top Google Work From Home Jobs

Top Google Work From Home Jobs

If you want to know the top three ways to make money with Google from home without paying a fee or getting scammed then keep reading. We're going to cover the top three ways to make money online with Google. If you've been looking for Google work from home jobs this is the article for you.

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Many of you are probably familiar with surveys, but not Google's. They have a survey app that you can download and answer quick surveys for them. The app is available in the App Store and on Google Play so you're just basically completing short surveys and in return, you'll get either Google Play credit or PayPal credit which is real cash PayPal money that you can use to buy whatever you want for the surveys you complete. 

The topics will include things from like opinion polls, hotel reviews satisfaction surveys, whatever it happens to be. If you go into the Google Play Store you will see that it has 4.2 ratings out of 5 and there are tons of people that have actually tried this

For the most part, people are very very happy with this app. One of the things is you're limited to surveys only so unlike sites like Swagbucks, fusioncash where you can get paid for doing various things. With this, you're only being paid for taking surveys.

The problem with surveys is it's based on your demographics so you're not always going to get a survey. It's not like something that you can depend on for consistent cash. You're only making money if they happen to have surveys available.

The other complaints I've actually noticed when I was reading the reviews was that the points that you earn will expire. So that's a big complaint that people are saying, but overall, most people are happy with this.

2. Sykes Search Quality Evaluator

This is a company that offers work at home jobs and one of the jobs that they offer is called a search quality evaluator or web search evaluator and basically, the job is conducting searches on sites like Google and identifying if the search results are good. Because it's happened to all of us you did a search and all of a sudden the search results are crappy. This is your job to sit improve the search results.

One of the requirements for these is that you need to have your own PC. Unfortunately, they don't have a max, you need to have an activated smartphone or Wi-Fi. Your time is flexible which is good and you can work on your own schedule, but you have to work 20 hours a week. You need to have really strong computer skills, and if you don't, they're not even gonna consider you. 

The other limitation to this - is this seems to be only available in the United States.

How much are you making with this particular search engine evaluated job-based on my Glassdoor is saying it's anywhere from $8 to $11 per hour?

It's not going to be a lot of money but it's something.

3. Google Adsense

Google has its own affiliate program, and for those of you that don't know what affiliate is, it's basically when a company pays you for referring folks to them. Google's affiliate programs a little different they have something called Adsense and I'm sure you've seen this but Adsense is basically just ads that are placed on your website. So if you visited a website you'll probably see an ad on the side companies paid Google to place these ads on different websites and you can actually get paid for that as well. You need to have a website to kind of do this, and then you just need to add some code onto the website, write content that will bring people to your website, and then when people click or view the ads you make money.

Now you know the top three ways to make money with Google. I try to cover everything for everyone

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5 High Paying Work From Home Companies With No Experience Needed

5 High Paying Work From Home Companies With No Experience Needed

How would you like to earn up to $57,000 working from home? Best of all, it's totally free to get started. You don't need experience. You can get paid training and you can start today. We're going to cover five companies that are going to pay you the most working from home, and you're working at home job. They don't require experience, but again the most important thing is that they paid really really well.

1. Hirewriters

I know writers make a lot of good money here and you don't necessarily need to have the experience to write for people online it's not like working for a newspaper or a magazine. As long as you can pull together a sentence and follow directions you can write for different people there not everyone has the same needs.

This is a place where people come to and you basically write for them. It's totally free to join and you can get paid up to $20 per article for a client, and you're not limited to one client you have multiple clients that you can apply to. You work as much as you want. You write about whatever topics you want to write about on. You can get bonus payments from the client also.

Different types of jobs that you can do there's proofreading, researching, article rewriting, and you get paid every week on a Friday and I believe they do this by PayPal. So that's one company that you can join. 

The requirement is that English has to be your first language, you have to be able to sit down and write English because that's what most of the people are looking for so you can start with this particular company hire writers


It's very very similar to hirewriter, you basically are going to sign up it's totally free. You can earn up to $80 for just writing 500 words. That says you get better and better because with both of these websites you start off as a very beginner and then as you work your way up you are able to make more money writing and that's the same thing in this situation where when you get to the higher level you could actually charge more money for your writing services.

In the same situation, you can write as much or as little as you want, you get to pick it and you choose the topics that meet your background.


This is a tutoring website and you don't have to have a tutoring experience to do this. What it basically does. It allows people from different countries to speak like a native and the best way to speak like a native is to talk to people that are native English speakers. They have tutors from all over the world, the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, etc. And then you are connected to students that want to practice the English that they're learning, and they do this by just having normal conversations with you. 

You're getting paid to chat with people all around the world and more importantly, no experience necessary. So what you'll be doing as I mentioned earlier is you'll chat with students. They will track your time because you're gonna log into their system when you're doing this and cambly will track your time and then they pay you $0.17 per minute so that works up to about $10 to $20 per hour and then they deliver your earnings every Monday via PayPal so you can get paid weekly and you get to really control the time that you work.

Anytime, anywhere, you make your own hours, you get to work as little as much as you want, and then you can log in online whenever you have some free time, and then you can start talking within a few minutes. So you basically control your time with this company, you're not being dictated as to when you can work and when you don't have to work which is a nice perk of this work at home job.


This one is like a bonus because you can do two types of jobs with There's a transcription, and there's the caption. The general benefit of either one of these positions you get to create a flexible work schedule, again, in the same situation, you get to work as much or as little as you want whenever you want. So I'm picking work at home jobs that you're in control of, and you don't have an annoying boys tell you when you can work and when you don't have to work so that's another benefit of this particular company.

There are tons of projects there so they have a lot of work for you so it's not one of those situations where you won't be able to find some work to do there because it's a big company and a lot of people hire them to do the transcription and captioning work. You will definitely have a lot of customers to work with.

You get paid weekly, again, another great company that will pay you weekly by PayPal so as long as you're able to accept PayPal then you can be part of this particular company but one of the things I wanted to point out to you is that they accept people from all around the world which is awesome. That's something to keep in mind for my international brothers and sisters that are all over the world that want to work from home. 

With the transcriptionists, you're going to be listening to audio or video and then you're gonna type what's being said. Signing up is really simple you just sign up to get approved to transcribe. You're gonna take a little grammar quiz and submit a transcript sample to demonstrate your English skills and your grammar skills and then if you're approved, you get to start working right away the next step at that point is you just choose whatever available transcription jobs are there, and as I said earlier there are hundreds of them so you just select the one that you feel that's fit for you. You can do ones that require more work, a little work, but that's all up to you, and again, you're getting paid via PayPal.

It's just listening to audio and then you're just typing it. That could be like a voicemail message or maybe there's a meeting that's happening but that's really how transcription tends to work.

Now caption is a little different. It's the same situation where you're going to take a little grammar quiz, they're gonna submit a caption sample that you have to sit there and demonstrate your English language and grammar skills, and then if you approve, again, the same situation, there are hundreds of caption jobs where you can sit and choose whatever one that works for you and your schedule. You're paid weekly via PayPal on Mondays. 

5. Apple At Home Advisor

Chances are you may have some type of Apple device whether it's an iPhone or maybe you have iMac or you have a MacBook. Either way, a lot of people have Mac products, and not everyone knows how to use them, or even if you do know how to use them sometimes you need some help and what you'll do is contact Apple online or by telephone. Those people that are actually helping you tend to be working from home, and they are working as what's known as an apple at home advisor. You're basically providing support to these people with the Apple products that they have from their home. 

You need to work from your own home office so that means it has to be quiet. You need to be able to close the door, and you have to just have a comfortable situation where you don't have kids running around screaming at the top of their lungs. You'll also need a headset, but they will actually provide you with an iMac and a headset which is pretty cool so they're actually giving you a computer and some equipment to work with this particular company.

They will train you which is awesome you'll actually get paid to be trained. A lot of companies don't do that, but you will get paid to be trained. You'll still be connected with other co-workers that can help you during your work hours so you can speak to your manager via video conversations or chat tools.

Some other great benefits. You get product discounts and then you have the ability to grow in your career. A lot of work at home jobs don't allow that, but Apple does because they have multiple different positions.

On average according to Glassdoor. Folks that are at Apple at home Advisors earn close to $60,000 a year. 

That's probably one of the best work at home jobs I've seen especially when you consider all the other benefits that you're getting from them in terms of paid training, paid time off, discount, and career growth. 


Hopefully, you have some different options here. I've covered multiple different companies that you can get started with without having any experiences that will pay you a lot of money from working from home

Top 5 Best Work From Home Jobs For Mums

Are you a stay-at-home mom or dad looking for jobs at home? Do you have young kids but still need to make money without worrying about them playing in the background or maybe you just don't want to sacrifice missing those precious moments with your kids. Whatever your reasons there is some great work at home jobs for moms and parents. In this article, I'll reveal some of the best stays at home jobs for parents just like you.

I can totally appreciate the stay-at-home parent lifestyle. You've basically made the decision that you want to stay at home to be with your children so that you don't miss their moments or it's just purely out of the function that you can't leave and go out to work. Either way, we have you covered. In this article, I'm going to relay five different stays at home jobs or opportunities that can help you make money while you're taking care of your little ones.

A couple of things to kind of keep in mind is I try to make sure that these jobs are international. Unfortunately, not everything will be available everywhere. 

Finally, because these all work at home jobs, you're going to have to apply to them, and with work at home jobs for the most part you're not going to start right away, you're gonna have to wait to hear back.

1. Social Media Moderator

I don't know about you, but a lot of times I've to deal with companies. I'll reach out to them if something's not working properly or something's wrong with my account so what I've learned is that if you reach out to people on social media like Twitter, they tend to respond really really quickly and the reason they do that is that they've hired dedicated people to kind of monitor what's happening on their social media feeds to see if people are complaining or saying things that are positive. These social media people are very very important because they can help a company lose or make money. 

One of the companies that we're talking about is liveworld.

They have a job where you have people that will monitor social media and act as a social media moderation person, customer service, live chat agent. So this company helps train these folks and hire them. Liveworld actually offers these positions.

They have one that's bilingual that's helpful for you folks who are able to speak multiple languages and that might be living in an international place, and they have just regular customer care. Both of these jobs are done remotely. It's part-time work from home position, and you are basically performing social customer service. Your primary responsibility will be to review and take action, track, or escalate social media user posts according to brand guidelines. Where you're looking at what people are saying and making sure that you're responding to the content, and initiating conversation responding to customer questions. Some of the things that you would just expect that a customer service rep would do.

you can see here how to apply they have an application for US residents versus non-us residents so you just click on the one that fits your needs here so this is helpful to my international brothers and sisters.

What are people saying in terms of salaries for a liveworld. You have a number of salaries. So we're talking about social media moderator. According to Glassdoor, you could make about on average $11 an hour and the total salary could be about $22,000 per year.

The reviews aren't really all that positive. Some people like it. Some people don't. They're basically saying that you don't get paid as much as you should consider the work. So that's something just to keep in mind. What I've noticed is that when people complain about salaries and pay, it all depends on what your needs are, and your experiences. Some people come into the idea that working from home you're gonna get paid the same amount of money that you get paid offline. That's usually not the case you actually get paid less so just keep that in mind and take that with a grain of salt in terms of the pay.


2. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is basically what it sounds like you're writing articles for websites. So as you can see below there are all these different companies here that are hiring folks to write for them, and you can see that they're available all over the place.

You can make some decent money doing that so this particular company is offering $100 to $300 per article and there are different topics that you can cover here.

That's something that you can do as well because there's always people looking for writers for their websites like this website that I'm visiting now, they're all driven by content so they need people to write for them and it's not always the owner that's actually writing the articles. They have people that they actually outsource the articles too. So this is a great way to make money from home if you are a decent writer.

Another thing to keep in mind is you don't necessarily need to have a writing degree per se or an English major degree. When it comes to writing online, they tend to be a little more open to having people that have the experience, and not necessarily like perfect writers so it's something that you can do even if you don't necessarily have like a perfect English background or a degree or anything like that.

The thing I don't like about writing for other people is they dictate how much money you make. Although this is pretty good, for the most part, they're telling you how much you can make then you got to deal with clients and if they don't like your writing and they're going back and forth so that's a little annoying. But you can still make decent money if you like writing.



3. Bookkeeping

There are people that need bookkeepers to manage their stuff. As a business owner I have a bookkeeper that does all my bookkeeping for my business, and she does it from home and she also has an office too, but this is a profession that can be done anywhere, and if you have experience being a bookkeeper this company here belay solutions offers bookkeeping jobs. Unfortunately, itis seems to be only in the United States so just keep that in mind, but this is the type of work that you'll be doing, day-to-day tasks, journal, data entry code. etc

Bookkeeping is another great work from home job for stay-at-home moms or parents that want to make money online

How much are they paying for being a bookkeeper? 

According to Glassdoor here they say that you can make up to $2,000 a month and in some cases, you can make anywhere from $9 an hour. 


4. Broadcast Service Caption Editor

If you've ever watched TV you have the option or even watch a YouTube video you have the option of turning on closed caption CC C, and basically what that does is it transcribes what the person is saying so you're watching a video, and I know this has happened to me when I'm watching certain shows where the person has a really heavy accent I can't understand what they're saying, so I'll turn on the closed captioning and I can read what they're saying in my native language which happens to be English, but there are places where they need different languages so they need people to actually type this stuff up, and that's what closed caption is. There are companies that are willing to pay you for this and this is what Aberdeen broadcast services offer.

They are currently hiring and they have live real-time broadcast capture there so whereas some things are already pre-recorded, and then the person gets to type it in.

With live real-time broadcasting, this could be someone on the news channel that's reporting something live and you have to be able to type that up as the person is speaking so that's what live real-time broadcast captioner is. and below is the requirements that they're asking for

If you actually have experience doing this, this is a great way to make money online.

According to how much you earn from this is about $16 per hour so it's a pretty decent salary that you can earn doing this assuming that you do have the experience.



5. Proofreading And Editing

Proofreaders basically make sure that you avoid grammar and spelling errors and punctuation errors. I know on my blog I have tons of them but it doesn't really make a difference because most people just care about the value that I'm providing. But for the websites, it made me very very important to have perfect grammar and English, and that's where you come in and you can be a proofreader and proofreadingpal actually hires people to do this.

They have two proofreader system where one proofreader will look at the document, then they have another proofreader to check it just to make sure everything is okay. And you can earn anywhere from $500 to $3,000 per month so that's pretty good.

For you to actually work for this company though you do need to meet certain qualifications, and the qualifications are listed there, you either have to have a graduate degree with a minimum of five years of professional proofreading and editing experience. Or you're currently enrolled as a graduate or postgraduate student in an accredited university and have a minimum GPA of 3.5. So they have really high standards in terms of working for this company which makes sense because you want someone that's actually very capable of making sure that everything's okay, so that's why they have these high standards and then they have other qualifications that you can check.

They're not playing. If you're gonna earn up to $3,000 a month they want to make sure that you're the right person so if you have the experience with writing, and proofreading then this is a great opportunity for someone that is a stay-at-home mom or dad or parent.

In terms of what people feel about this company, 57% of the people do recommend this company so for the most part people like it, but like every other company there are complaints that folks have, but for the most part, most people seem to recommend this company.



Hopefully, you got value out of this article. I covered multiple ways for you to sit there and make money at home as a stay-at-home mom or a stay-at-home dad because I don't discriminate, and I know you are out there too. You have multiple options and hopefully one of these fits for you