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Earn $300 Online Without Investment By Doing Copy & Paste

Just copy and paste and keep making $300 over and over again without investing any money at all. Inside this article, I'm going to give you something that you can literally just copy and paste to keep making $300 over, and over, again. So just copy and paste this exact same thing. Follow each and every step shown inside of this article, and keep doing it over and over again every single day. You can solve this for absolutely free it's worldwide available and it's 100% beginner-friendly.

Let's get started

Bear in mind that this will take us may be up to 5 to 6 minutes to set up once and then we can do it over and over again in less than 60 seconds because I'm going to give you exactly what you can copy and paste. I will give it out that for absolutely free so you can just copy and paste it and repeat the process over and over again.

The first platform that we need go to is

Sellics is a multifunctional software design for Amazon Marketplace sellers, vendors, and agencies. It offers solutions for analytics, keyword rankings, proper tracking, managing pay-per-click campaigns. and much more. Obviously, this is designed for Amazon sellers. It's gonna boost your sales if you're already selling something on Amazon, now, this can help you get better rankings, ranked on Amazon, all that stuff. That will boost the traffic and it will obviously boost the conversion and make you more sales and make you more money in the future. It's really great software, and a lot of Amazon users, a lot Amazon sellers are using this software 

I promise you that we're not going to be investing any money into this. So you do not need to buy this software or anything like that because this is a paid software so you can't grab it for absolutely free. But if you stick with me, I will show you how you can use this exact same software without having to pay for it, but still on the back and make a lot of money 

You can definitely read more about it, find out more about it, but basically, this is just a tool that can help you boost your sales, that can help you make more sales on Amazon, that will make you a better seller and it's a great tool. 

Obviously, let's decide we don't want to pay for it, and we don't want to spend any money at all. So what we need to do is we need to go over to this scroll all the way down to the bottom of the website and we want to click on the "Sellics affiliate program"

If you stick with me, I will show you a very unique traffic source that will literally allow you to set up everything in 5 or 6 minutes and then make money. Make $300 over and over again. just stick with me and I will show you exactly what you can copy-and-paste to make some amazing amount of money. So it's a really great strategy, and I can't wait to show you 

So click on "Sellics affiliate program" that's gonna take you over to their page 

As you can see, you're gonna get %100 commission on every new customer you refer. So this is a really unique affiliate program so that's why I'm actually recommending this one because you are getting %100 commission on every customer you refer, and you know that other software is paying 30 to 40 or maybe 50 percent Commission. This one is paying %100 and that can go up to $317 per sale.

Not only will I show you how you can get hundreds of customers just to pay, but I will show how you can do it over and over again and how you can just copy and paste the work and basically enjoy the profits. It's literally gonna take you way less than a single minute to get a customer.

Just click on "become an affiliate", just sign up as an affiliate to this platform, and it's gonna ask you some basic information, just enter some basic information about yourself and just sign up to this, and yes, they pay through PayPal 

Create A Gmail Account

The next step is gonna be going over to and create an account if you haven't already signed up to Gmail. it's absolutely free, and it's always gonna stay free.

Once you create a Gmail account. I highly recommend creating an actual brand new Gmail account but that's all up to you you can even use the existing one

Once you do that, click on the "settings bar" and then open up "settings". 

That's going to take you over to the next page where we can create our absolutely free autoresponder because I promised you, it's gonna take you less than a few minutes to set it up, and without the autoresponder, you will have to do the work over and over again and spend a lot more time, but since you're reading this article. I actually want to show you how we can save a lot of time by creating an autoresponder for absolutely free

So go over to that page and you want to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the website and you want to find this "vacation responder" and it's gonna be "vacation autoresponder off", you want to click on "vacation responder on".

Then you want to select whether your first day is going to be today or some other day. It's really optional. I do not recommend you change this. So leave it like that. leave the subject like that also.

How this actually works is whenever someone emails you, this autoresponder will send them this message and they will be able to read that message. Inside of that message, we are gonna have our affiliate link. And then I'm going to show you where you need to actually paste your email so people can email you.

People that need to sell on Amazon that want to boost their sales need this, and they will email you and this autoresponder is going to do all the work for you. You do not even have to do any work at all after this.

Just copy and paste "this script", I don't want to write the script here because of plagiarism. But the script is actually gonna be this one 

You can just copy and paste this exact same script. You can change that a little bit if you want to so it doesn't seem like spam. You can customize it in your own words, say it in your own words, and that's what I highly recommend you do, but if you don't want to, you can just simply copy and paste this exact same one

You just copy this script, go back to your Gmail account, and just paste it. And then you just "click Save Changes"

Whenever someone emails you with this Gmail account they're gonna receive this message with your affiliate link.

Obviously, we don't want random people, we want radical traffic that needs this tool that will actually benefit from this tool so they will keep using it so we can keep making Commission off of this.

How To Make Money With Your Sellics Affiliate Link

What you need to do once you set up the actual email is you would need to go to Just create an account on Amazon and just search for any single item you want to. And you know that on Amazon you can literally find tens of millions of items. Whatever you want you can search for it on there. Just as an example, let's search for "phone cases" 

Just open up any of these may be like this one, and you just want to find the actual seller

Click on the seller. That's gonna open up and their actual brothel where you can ask them a question. So click on "ask a question" and then you would send them an email

You can send them like, hey. I would not have a script for this one. After all, Amazon is gonna ban you if you just copy and paste the exact same script that I give you because a lot of people would use the exact same script, but that's why I recommend you just create your own script. Write it on your own and then you can definitely use it over and over again just copy and paste your own unique script,

You can just tell them, I see that you're selling phone cases on Amazon. I really like your store. I would love to help you by providing you with the number one tool to boost your sales on Amazon.

You're not allowed to leave any links. Just click "ask a question". Once you log into your account is gonna say an item for sale. Just select a subject and you will just write them a message

You're not allowed to leave a link or anything like that, and that's why we're actually just leaving them our emails. We can tell them like, if you want my help, you want me to provide you with a tool that will help you boost your sales, just email me at, and just leave them your email address. 

Obviously, they're gonna see a massive return on that investment, they're obviously making a lot of money on Amazon. Since they're selling something on Amazon you can see they have a lot of reviews and then you know they have a massive budget, and they're willing to invest just $300 to boost their sales. 

This tool will even have them get better results. They just need to pay $300 per month for this and you're gonna make $317 just for one person. 

As I said, just create your own scrip and just copy and paste it to all those sellers on Amazon. You can reach millions of sellers on Amazon. This is a massive potential. Once you have your own script, just leave that leave the same script to all of those sellers on Amazon and just copy and paste the exact same script and find those sellers on Amazon. It's literally gonna take you less than 10 seconds not even 60 seconds and you can just repeat the process over and over again you didn't have to invest any money at all, and this has massive potential. As well you're helping the people on Amazon get better results, you're helping them, you're doing something good for them on the back end. 

You're doing something good for those Amazon sellers they're gonna get a nice return on this investment and on the back end you're making quite a bit of money 

Best Paid Survey Sites To Earn $75 Fast _ Available Worldwide

Let's take a look at the earning potential of doing the surveys on this  particular website 

A short survey is going to take you no more than 15 minutes, and you can earn up to $5 for each one of those you complete. A mid survey, it's gonna take you up to 30 minutes and you can earn up to $15 or more for one of these. And along with the survey, these are more like group surveys that are going to take you 60 minutes, but you can earn $75 or even more just for one of these.

Imagine earning $75 just for one hour of work. That is completely possible on this website and I'm gonna be showing you exactly how in this article.

I'm going to be showing you how you can make up to $75 for a single survey on this website. It is called

They have a lot of different ways for you to make money on there but we're focusing on the survey aspect of this website. This website accepts people from all over the world and you can be working with big brands and companies from all over the world.

How Does Works?

You explore the jobs that they have available at the current time, you create a free account, you look for the jobs, and you pick and choose whichever ones you think you are suitable for. Like I said, the jobs are all over the world it doesn't matter where you're from, they accept anyone from anywhere.

First Step: Create a free account, and then explore the different jobs every single day. go back to the website every day because they will have constantly new jobs being posted 

The Next Step Is To Get Hired: You pick and choose the job you want, you get hired, and you start the work then. They connect you with the employer. You basically have to do nothing at all. They connect you, you do the work and you collect your earnings via PayPal or wire transfer or whatever payment method you want. They understand that a lot of countries don't have Paypal. In a lot of countries, you might not have a bank account so they will work with you and help you get your money in other ways.

Just scroll down and click on "online paid survey jobs" to learn more

I'm sure you've tried surveys before on numerous different websites but I'm positive that none of them pay as much as this website does. Like I said, you can earn up to $75 for a single survey on this website. You can see the pay rates right here

A short survey it's gonna take you around 15 minutes and you can earn $5 for one of those. $5 in 15 minutes of work. Do four of those now that's $20 per hour, and they're really simple. You just take some boxes, maybe write out some words. But this super easy they're gonna take you 5, 10, 15 minutes

]Mid surveys, you'll get engaged with surveys for up to 30 minutes. You can have up to $15 or more for these ones. So if you did two of these in an hour maybe even three, you could earn roughly $30 to $45 per hour doing these mid surveys 

You're also going to get these long surveys which are usually in groups like a video call or something like that, and they're gonna take around one hour usually, but you will earn $75 and potentially even more from this.

There's a lot of potential on this website that's why I wanted to show you this. So if you are interested in this, just click on the "Apply Now button"

It's gonna be completely free to apply, just type in your email, your password, etc. Or whatever they ask for, and just apply to this website, and you can start doing the surveys on there. They're gonna have frequent surveys every single day. Just keep checking every day. Wake up in the morning, see if there are any surveys, and keep coming back and checking what's available for you at the time.

Some days you might get 0, some days you might get 20. It's gonna be dependent on how busy the website is at the time. 

Check Out Other Surveys Site


What I would recommend you do is get on other websites while you're waiting for surveys to appear on there. Because like I said, sometimes they will be none, you have to wait a couple of hours for one to appear and in the meantime, you can come to another website like and start doing some surveys on there as well 

There are loads of other ways to make money on this website here Swagbucks. So go there and create a free account. This is one of the most popular most famous gets paid to websites in the world. There are so many people on this website making money already. They've paid out four million dollars to their users on this website alone, and they give out 7,000 free gift cards every single day. So this is a great way to supplement your income as well as using this 


Again, if you get bored of Swagbucks, you've run out of things to do on there, find another website like

This one is exactly the same as Swagbucks about all sorts of different things for you. Surveys, games, quick points off of walls. Both of these websites Swagbucks and getpaidto, very very similar. You're not gonna earn the crazy amount of money like $75 per survey on this website, but you can earn roughly around $1, maybe $1.50 per survey on these websites. So it's a great little extra supplement to using our first website.


That's perfectly all I wanted to show you. This is pretty simple. Just sign up to all these websites and follow the steps on there. I just want to show you talentdesire because it is really good, they pay very well, and then they accept people from all over the world. So check it out, you're gonna love it. Use other websites as well just to supplement it and you're gonna make a decent amount of money every single day. So that is it for this article

Earn Money Online With Paypal _ Earn $700 In PayPal

How would you like to make thousands of dollars online and get paid straight to your PayPal account, but as well, do something good for this planet? "Yes," you heard me right. You can make money online by saving this planet from the comfort of your home. This is absolutely free, no investment needed, and it can be done almost from any country in the world.

Let's get start

First of all, this is a relatively new website and it's something we have not used before so you need to read this article so you will know exactly how this works, and don't worry, it's not gonna be any complicated strategy where you have to use different platforms or whatever. This one is actually gonna be very simple.

Now, this works in a lot of countries and in a lot of small countries so I think it's worldwide available, but you will need to check it by yourself if it does work in your country or not

This is

I guess none of you have heard of this one. So let me explain what this is.

Well, kick booster is a place where big companies and business owners come before they launch some new products to run different crowdfunding campaigns. And that means that they want to get enough funds to launch that product and they want to see if that's something that people actually like and then we as everyday people with no skills or experience needed can go over there, sign up for free, promote those campaigns and get paid. 

There's going to be one campaign that I found does good for this planet, and by promoting that campaign, you're literally saving the world. Don't worry, I will show exactly how to do everything 

One common mistake that all newbies make when they come to this website they are unable to make any money from it because they pick some campaigns they're not guaranteed to make them money, but I'm gonna show you one simple trick to get campaigns that are guaranteed to pay you.

Now, you just want to go over to and you want to read more about it if you want to, of course, it's really optional, but I highly recommend you read more about it. They've been working with some big companies. It's a really legit one. I've done a ton of research, both business owners, and both people, everyday people like me, and you go over to promote those campaigns. This is just like a sales page for those companies. They want to pay us to promote those campaigns for them.

What do you want to do is you just want to go over to kickbooster and you can either click on "get started" or you can just click on "affiliate marketers"

I will click on "affiliate marketers" because that's what we will become. This is the page for us 


Make money by sharing the projects you love. So you can pick whatever campaign you prefer, but for this article, I have something that I found that as I said, can save this planet and it's really good. And from that, you can actually make a lot more money, and as well do something really good.

Click on "become a booster", and now we will need to enter our first name, and your email address, you can leave the referral code blank because it's optional then create a password for yourself, click on "I have read and agree to the kickbooster Terms of Use" which we can read if you want to. And then just hit submit and that's it

You will be able to log into your account. This is how it's gonna look like once you create an account


They're going to pay you only through Paypal so you will need to have a PayPal account for this. Unfortunately, if Paypal is not available in your country or you don't have Paypal then I'm sorry, but you won't be able to make any money from this. I mean, you won't be able to withdraw any money from this platform because they will pay you directly to your PayPal account so you will need to enter your Paypal email address so they will know where to send the money.

Just click on "find campaigns to boost in the marketplace" that will take us over to the marketplace where we can find thousands of different campaigns

Here's the deal. This is where it says, the goal of that crowdfunding campaign was to reach $10,000 and they've already reached $123,198, which means, it's guaranteed to pay you if you promote it.

But when that campaign has not reached its goal, and you promote it, and you make some sales, you might not be able to get paid

That's the mistake that all newbies make. They go over there and they choose campaigns they have not reached the goal. And by doing that, they're risking. They're not only risking, but they need to wait a lot more to receive their money because they need to wait for that campaign to hit the goal, and maybe that campaign will hit the goal in six months, Falmouth's, or maybe never. And they never get paid for that. So you really want to focus only on campaigns that have reached the goal 

For example, the raise goal for this one was $10,000 and they have already reached $14,000. So you can promote this one, and you can promote other ones that as reach their goals as well

What is that campaign that it promised you that it's gonna help people and that is gonna help save this planet, but as well make you a lot of money on complete auto-pilot


Just scroll all the way down and you want to find "Rebo bottle". So here's the campaign, "do good for the planet and get rewarded for that"

This campaign's goal was to reach €15,000, but it already reaches almost 190,909, so you know that you will actually get paid from this one as soon as you start getting sales. So you're kind of like doing affiliate marketing for those campaigns and from this one, you're making %15 Commission's each time you make a sale 

You just want to click on "boost campaign", of course, you can pick whatever campaign you prefer. I'm just using this one as an example because I really like it, but you might be able to find something that is even better or that sometimes pays even more than just 15%. So that's all up to you. I'll just do this one as an example. Click on "boost this campaign"

They will take you over to this page where you can find out more about the actual product, and what exactly you are promoting.

All you have to do is click on "help boost our campaign", then they'll take you over to another page, you will just hit "continue"

Here's your affiliate link your unique referral link for this "rebo bottle: "do good for the planet and get rewarded for that"

So you just need to drive traffic to that referral link right there and when someone goes to that referral link, they're being sent to the sales page for that bottle where they can read more about it, they can find out more about it, they can watch a video to see how it actually works and how that actually saves the planet 

Where To Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Link?

Go over to, and you don't even have to show your face you can create a screenshot video just by going through the sales page of this bottle and you can name your video like "save the planet", "do something good for the planet" and stuff like that. Tell people how this bottle will benefit the entire earth, and trust me, people, that love earth, and people that love this planet will be able to find your video by searching on YouTube. They'll find your video. And if your video is high-quality and you have your referral link in a description of that YouTube video a lot of people will actually go through it, they will click on it, they can go through the sales page, they will invest some money into this.

It's proven that people are investing money into this because as I showed you like over €190,909 has been invested in this campaign so a lot of people would like to invest in this because, once again, you're doing good for this planet and a lot of people would feel good after investing money into this

This is a great passive income source because you just need to upload that video once, create the video once, post it on YouTube, and it's gonna stay up there forever online. People in like a few months or maybe in a few years will still be able to find your video. They will be able to go through the sales page and buy from your referral link and you're gonna make money from that again, and again, and again.

So that's one of the ways to do it, and one of the best ways to do it. You make money complete autopilot because even if your video gets just 1,000 views, you don't need millions of views, even if you get just a thousand views you still stand a good chance to make a lot of money because you're making %15 commission on any referred customer you get to the rebo bottle

But if you don't want to create any YouTube videos then you can also just go over to This might be even a little bit easier, but it will require a little bit more time and effort. So you can just go over to Facebook, for example, you can search for "earth lovers", "Planet Lover", "earth communities", and stuff like that. And sort by groups

You'll be able to come across thousands of different groups that gather people. Those are communities where you can find earth lovers. So, people that care about this planet, they come and gather in those groups, and all you need to do is join all these different groups, you will join all of them and inside those groups, you have thousands of people.

Don't spam your referral link, but actually try to provide a little bit of value, talk a little bit more about a rebo bottle and how that will actually help this planet, and just leave your referral link. And when all those people that care about the planet see that, they will be thankful for you promoting that campaign, they will be able to click to your for a link.

That is my tip on how to make free money with Paypal. You can promote other products if you want to. Good luck